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hans jenisch
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Hi .
Today i managed to find an sink my second battle ship , the first battle ship was an american battleship going into scapa flow caught them napping about 18 km sse of scapa flow main entrance , my second battleship was very elusive indeed , yesterday i found and sunk the duke of york , it was in scapa flow at anchore , did a save once in position to sink her , then fired four torps at 5 sec intervals , she sunk but tonnage bar failed to give credit , tried a replay from my saved position , but no battleship , very annouyed , i tried again by going back to my other saved game just as i left port , arrived at scapa flow on the 31 oct 1942 , duke of york was at anchore , once again i sneaked into scapa flow , and lined up , fingers crossed that this time it would count i let the torps go in the same pattern as day before , she once again sunk with 4 hits , this time tonnage bar credited the hit , campaign complete with all crosses filled in , just hanging around till start of next campaign .
the duke of york is the same class as the king george v battleship.
regards hans jenisch.
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