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Originally Posted by shoiga View Post
I can't hear torpedo tube open sound!

I replace vanilla sound to this

(the voice says "ready!" in Japanese)

But At first, when I push Q key, game freeze & crash.
So I changed it from stereo to monoral. When push Q key, game still work but I cannot hear tube opening sound.

What can I do?
Don't know... ALL... the particulars, of swapping sound bites out in SH3/4 or 5... but know that it is a whole lot more than taking out 1 (a .ogg or..wav or whatever other .??? naming it all goes by) sound & swapping it for another, but... is other things that have to be done as well... even up to & including changing the sound channel... mono or stereo... Length of a sound bite, also comes into play here &... iirc how many hz's it is, as well... am sure someone well versed in sounds on here... will clarify this.

Sorry I can't be of more.. assistance, than that. but.. that's about the extent of My knowledge banks...

M. M.
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