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Originally Posted by KaleunMarco View Post
50 inch monitor, eh?
that is larger than my 1080 dpi television, and i watch that from 10-12 feet away.
50 inch monitor at arm's length? i am a child of the 50's, the radiation from the monitor, alone, would kill me.

*wipes away tears of mirth* wheeeewwwhhhhhh... ok, now that I can breath. Thanks for that belly laugh, KaleunMarco.

When I was using it, in monitor mode (as well, as for My consoles.. see PS3, & the like... I also used it for watching movies... heck, still do, along with normal TV. Just not as a monitor or gaming.

My... *sighs* gf, hijacked it... for just standard TV related viewing.... awww women... Can't live with 'em, sometimes... can't do without 'em *shrugs*

M. M.
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