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Originally Posted by zeus View Post
Vdr1981, Open horizons II?
Originally Posted by sober View Post
Re TC settings and NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0_Real_Navigation
This is my experience anyway . If you want the game to drop down to 1TC before you hit land while in real nav then max 256 and don't use travel mode . So I would have Maximum=256,512 . After 3 years I figured out that radio report to work with TDW New UI options should be your max travel setting otherwise if in non travel mode every radio contact report will drop the TC to 32 . Its just a suggestion .
Tnx Sober, I could fix that...
Originally Posted by Sjizzle View Post
good one but i recomand you to use TDW_UI's 7.4.2 not cos 7_5_0 is test version and why not OH II 2.3.1
u can use my charts mod also ...
7.5.0 works just fine...Latest OHII isn't fully ready yet,check the main thread...
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