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Originally Posted by Bubblehead1980 View Post
I agree. Really has added a whole new life to SH 4 in TMO, on the US side of things, to be able to pull off night surface attacks as the did at realistic ranges.

Hopefully can do so on U Boat side. Main things is nights will have to be made darker, since they are way too light in SH and every mod ive seen (havent tried dark waters yet but assuming so, I recall OM was light) and then a matter of adjusting visual sensors to interact properly with the darker night.

Took a couple months of tweaking and testing to get it right in TMO lol but since have the knowledge now, prop wont take as long if its possible. Will get started soon.
I am pretty sure that Niume would appreciate this as much as I do. Since TMO and KSD are both using SH4 it might be easier for you when you already have the things you did for TMO at hand
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