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Originally Posted by Jean Led View Post
I tried again. My save that was working kept crashing as soon as I neared the convoy. I loaded a previous save from 1 hour in game time before. Was working fine until I went to intercept the convoy again. I approached at 40 meters in low time compression, when I went to periscope depth and started getting a firing solution it crashed again.

Its in the AM grid in november 1939 i believe. There is a convoy with a Nelson class battleship.

In my first attempt I could attack it without crashes, but all the saves afterwards were corrupted.

Im thinking of deleting the main folder and the folder in documents and retrying a new campaign and see if Im plagued with those crashes still.

I really really like the interface and the attack periscope.

I also run dark waters with no crashes fyi. But I had that issue previous to getting dark waters.

But maybe the fact I put them in that arrangement below caused it to be more instable?

OS (C: )/ SH4 ATO/ and here the two separate folders)

Just... outta curiosity...

You are, using multiSH4... with your different SH4 mod sets there (namely KSD II: Ace & Oper. Monsun: Dark)... I pray, Yes...???

If not, then that can & could well, cause issues... if they are trying to share the same save folder.

M. M.
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