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Originally Posted by Kal_Maximus_U669 View Post
Hey Mad Mardigan
you are really unlucky after your discs it is the computer ... now for the loss discs to give it is rather annoying .. but for the gear it feels good to update its config especially for your eyes is offer of new possibility technically .. visually speaking .. which are always the goods come I always appreciate to reassemble a config. Especially since its still hanging out with me .... it's a bit like you it is wrong that its "Gun" to change ... you should type in some Samsung some cheap screen still sends heavy .. ips I recommend for a better colorimetry and other advantage ... there are more options that you are looking for there are cheap ones on the net ... go, my friend, courage, business is picking up ...
well remember some time ago you had me ask for a "16km atmospheres config" via mp if you are interested i have the new version .. let me know

via mp..KM_U669
Just to let it be known... My disgust with hp, *spits* is not in regards to the monitors specs or qualifications... it is with regards to their ethics & practices with regards to their... products, of which hp *spits* is NOT the only side of them. There is also Compaq, which is under their direct control & leadership... or lack of "honorable" leadership.

Used to be a time, when I was an ardent supporter of all computer things from them... up until I got a laptop... that was... for polite way of putting it... not worth a rat's back side leavings...

With the interactions that went on from that... debacle... left a permanent, bad taste in My mouth, regarding any product from them... of which I will not buy directly from them or any store that deals with them.

Buying products, from... used resuppliers.. see, thrift shops & the like... is the only way I will do so. Because if its available there... can safely assume the product is useful, as I know they don't sell things that are... rat's backside leavings.

Ok, with that... don't want it being thought of, as derailing the intent of the thread. So... will end there.

M. M.

p.s. You have DM, Kal...
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