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Default weekly update

Hello everyone!

This week Axel has reworked the crew-parts of the netcode, and removed an obsolete event system in server behaviours, and has started to investigate the reappearance of an old bug. I've been working on colliders for the new interior and Koji's working on the corvette and the merchants.

Oscar has added magnetic torpedo triggers, new game options and new mission editor settings.

The new game options are:
Realistic torpedo reload time. - 15 minutes per torpedo.
Torpedo failures. - Trigger and magnetic failures.
Limited torpedo accuracy. - Torpedoes are limited to 1 degree of accuracy.
Torpedo trigger depends on angle.
Disable automatic navigation. - If this option is active, the U-boats map position is never updated.

The new mission editor options are:
Convoy spawn distance.
Force manual navigation.
Force real morse.

A new test patch will be available soon.
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