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Originally Posted by Polak2 View Post
Many interesting questions and observations. Meanwhile here is the list of the old graphic cards recommended by the game authors themselves:

Thanks for that info on old cards. I've got an Intel 740 AGP card coming next week so I'm going to try D3D out under Windows 98. I think that'll be the end of my M1TP2 hardware research. I need to work on gameplay.

This evening I played a few missions in D3D with M1TP2 V1.2 on a PC running Windows XP. When I finished, I plugged the Aptiva with 3dfx carids in SLI and played a few missions in glide on that PC.

There is no difference whatsoever. None. FWIW a Geforce3 200ti will run the game perfectly under D3D in Windows XP.

I tried some "battle drills", too. Hit backspace to pop smoke, turn on the thermals to engage and....your freaking blind. You can't see them and they probably can't see you. The "Align Hull to Gun" command - I was right, that doesn't work in the heat of battle.

I didn't know this before but it looks like M1TP2 will run on just about any PC with a 3d card running Windows XP. The missing "Quit" button is the only quirk. That's nothing! There's no difference between D3D and glide. I wish I'd known that earlier. I think that's what made me not want to bother with M1TP2....I thought one needed a 3dfx glide card and thought the game needed Win98 to run properly. Not really the case....

Still working on Fraps. Still playing. I have NOT defeated all campaigns on "Normal" or "Hard" yet. I did it on "Easy" mode, though.
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