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Originally Posted by Brodie9666 View Post
So your telling me that the only ways I am going to be able to play SH5 is to either, play a broken un-modded Steam Version or to buy yet another SH5 but this time on DVD?
Basically yes. Steam is utter crap. I despise anything like it (origin, etc.). I don't nor will I ever support crap like that. By not holding a physical copy of the software in your own hands you are at the mercy of whomever as to when they will let you play/use. They ultimately have the power to also stop you from ever playing/using it again (if they go out of business or decide they no longer want to support that piece of software). Why people use/support this crap is beyond me.

When Microsoft finally goes to the way of 'the cloud' like it intends to do I hope it's the death of them. This whole cloud thing is the most idiotic thing in the world! I swear people are either way too desensitized or they love sharing information about themselves to anyone/strangers. Using 'the cloud' is like broadcasting to the world ALL your personal information. Facebook, Twitter, etc. are the same. Wake up people. If you keep buying/using this crap then it will never go away/end. Everyone wonders why the US is so 'insert favorite explicative here'. It's all this Steam, Origin, Facebook, Twitter, Cloud crap.
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