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Originally Posted by Treetop64 View Post
Recently DL'd Epic Mod 2.33. Been running some quick missions, mainly cold war era ASW.

Elite difficulty, 1:1 scale and time. Playing a Riga FF against cold war era US subs, either a Skipjack, Permit, or Sturgeon. I'm going along at flank speed 28 knots and yet somehow I'm still able to passively track a US sub - a Sturgeon most recently - that's idling along at 5 knots, below a layer, and at more than 15 kilometers away? He's too far away for active, even when I'm stationary.

These are the only kind of custom single missions I've run and the result has been the same every time. Reliable tracking of silent running US subs at impossible ranges, with the surface ship moving at speeds that should render it blind.

Also, forgot to mention; US subs are firing torpedoes seemingly at random, in any random direction, with the torps going in a snake pattern as soon as its fired.
Proof that the mod is extremely biased and favors your opponent every single time.
Epic Mod has been stealing from Dot Mod on numerous occasions. Will the Subsim mods allow this blatant violation of Dot Mod's right to ownership to continue?
It is incredibly disheartening to see the moderators stand by while Epic continues to steal from Dot Mod. It is not fair to the creators of Dot Mod and the people who spent countless hours designing the brilliant features of Dot Mod. I sincerely hope that action is taken in the near future to prevent this from happening.
At the very least, the moderators could revoke Epic's "Best of 2020" award for obvious reasons.
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