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Originally Posted by jorca2 View Post
I'm sorry, in Spanish, I could explain perfectly. I have tried the stock steam version first, modifying the compatibility from the .exe. in windowed mode since Fullscreen doesn't work. the result is that either it looks big or the window looks very small. I have tried the mod fix changing the two files, starting the bat, with the same result. then installing a clean version with mod GWX, exactly the same..
I haven't gotten around to using JGSME. The main problem is in the resolution of the initial menu where the mouse cursor does not go down completely, not being able to start the mission.
Only i would like play sh3 with GWX mod
There in, lies your problem... & notice that you did not answer... what is the source of the copy of SH3 that you have... & where did you install it.

Is it a disk copy of SH3, downloaded from "Steam", Ubisoft... another game developers game launcher...

SH3, (or any other game, for that matter... even if it a newer game) should NEVER... EVER... be installed & set up in either of Window's "Program file" locations. i.e \Program files or \Program files (x86), as that is Window's User Account's rabid pit bull guard dawg territory... & it does NOT like anything in its domain, being tampered with... pure & simple.

It will roll back stuff & in some cases, not do a good job on that... to sometimes catastrophic consequences.

Is best, to use jsgme... as it is your friend... & for good reason... if you ever... ever need to undo what mods you've done to it... then is but a simple matter to de-activate the mods & can if needed, run a check to make sure that the base SH3 copy, is untainted... most especially, useful... if you use either Steam or Ubisoft, as your source for SH3.

Believe that other game launchers will do that, as well... of the user/gamer, being able to cross verify the integrity of the game... for that matter.

Even if not using 1 of them, (game launcher's such as Steam or Ubi... for example) to install... it is but a simple matter to rerun a disk copy & have it overwrite the install, thereby ensuring that the files & such in the game folder... are pristine.

Use of jsgme, cannot be strongly enough... recommended... over just drag & dropping mod folders & files into your copy of SH3... cause if anything goes wrong... then you have to entirely nuke the SH3 install.

Another good, useful tool to have in one's arsenal, is MultiSH3. This nifty tool allows for a completely separate game saves folder to be set up... thereby, keeping all other copies of SH3 from 1 another. Even, including if all you're going to roll with, is just that 1 modded version of SH3.

Then, there is the matter of using either a 4GB patch kit or Large Address Aware... used to tell your Window's operating system, that "hey dummy... this app/program/game... is allowed compete unrestricted access to run with 4 GBs of RAM..." NOT that it'll use all 4 but, is there so that should it need to, it can.

Myself... I use LAA as most refer to Large Address Aware, as... as it is relatively simple to use... 3 steps & done... & should you need to, which is rare... is but a simple matter to rerun it & can even tell the tool, to force the .exe to stay locked into 4 GB RAM access mode.

Can't understand just why it is... with your running just SH3 stock, that it won't go into full screen mode... as it should. It could well be, that something got short circuited in the initial install... & a simple dump, wipe & reinstall would resolve that.

before running SH3 the 1st time, should you dump & reinstall... would suggest, going into SH3's .exe "properties" & ensuring that at base minimum, the following steps are done...

In "properties" the main page that'll open up (after right clicking on SH3.exe & selecting that option in the pop-up menu), is the General tab.

On this page, you'll want to look down to near the bottom for "read-only", & ensure that that box next to it, is NOT check marked. If it is, uncheck & click "apply".

After that, go into the "Compatibilities" tab section...

Here, set compatibility, to hmmm... Win 7, or at the furthest... XP (complete with last service pack, which... if memory serves Me rightly... should be... SP3.

Before setting the .exe to that, would try running it at least once... in stock mode & see how things go from there. Can always, BEFORE modding it, change the compatibility to Win 7, at the least... & work down the line if needed to. Ending with going no further than XP's choices.

After deciding how to proceed on that score... look fuerther down the compatibility page & locate, "Run this program, as an Admin"... check mark that box & click... "accept".

With that, should be free & clear, to exit the properties & start SH3 up, to finalize its new set up.

Meaning, going into the options menu & see of making changes to the crew's voice keeping it in your language or having them speak german... to setting it up to run in full screen. clicking accepting those changes, before exiting out of options & then exiting the game...

On the next start up, it should then run, in full screen mode.

Again... hope this info proves useful in getting you up & running... ship shape with SH3.

Hopefully, this helps... & didn't lose you, sitting there scratching your head, trying to follow along.

M. M.
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