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Originally Posted by jorca2 View Post
The problem continue. I can't resolve it
What mod set... source of your sh3 copy... where installed... is the .exe, patched or are you using large address aware with the .exe in question.

How about sharing the jsgme mods activated...

which can be pasted here in a reply, after clicking on "tasks" in the center of jsgme, scrolling through the sub menu that pops up... & selecting "export" then in the sub menu that will show while hovering the mouse over "export" of "to clipboard".

Selecting that, will then "copy" the mods that are activated by jsgme so that you can then, paste that list in your reply post.

All basic info needed, to know what you're rolling with, so as to offer up a solution or solutions... as the case may be.

Other than simply saying... boo hoo hoo... My mod set, ain't working & don't know why... and NOT providing any info then expecting answers without having all the pertinent info so as to be able to do so.

M. M.
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