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Yes, Das Boot crew is a bit messed up, I could deal with that in the future...

Regarding binocular view... If you ever used binoculars you must agree with me that the views from your screenshots are much more realistic then default "two circles" solution. I use binoculars a lot when I pay a visit to my parents in the country side and I always see only one circle, not two...

Default underwater visibility in SH5 is totally unacceptable . I decided to use old Sober's FX2 solution because it's only one which will give us illusion that we can see something underwater but in a fact, we can't. This is very important for realistic gameplay. But it's not good for movie making , I agree...

Regarding "simple navigation" patch... It can't be done with single simple patch because most of the files needs to be manually deleted from the archive. This means that you'll have to wait until I create new archive and re upload it again.
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