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Default Command Displays and Message Box Too Small

Originally Posted by gandyrail View Post
Got SH4 running with Win10 on my laptop.
Everything looks to run ok but the command boxes, rudder, speed, and course; including text box are very small. Screen look great.. is there a solution.
jumping in here.....

what you call the command box sounds like where your orders display.
you can move that box by clicking on the little X and dragging it around the screen to wherever you want it to go.
you can also make it taller, vertically, by placing your mouse on either the top edge or bottom edge and clicking and dragging up (or down).
there is a limit to its size and you will see that when the box ceases to become taller.

as far as the compass, EOT (engine order telegraph), and the depth gauge are concerned, the mod set you are playing determines their size. some mod sets have additional mods for larger gauges. Capn Scurvy made a bunch of mods for various mod sets. Search the DOWNLOADS forum for a larger gauges mod for whatever mod set you are playing.

good luck, Herr Kaleun!

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