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Originally Posted by Pilot_76 View Post
Hi skippers,

This has been posted a while ago by me, and I'd like to give it a shot again.

I want to design a TDC training mission and once the mission starts a random ship will show up in a random position and within X distance from Ownship (our Sub) following a random waypoint.

How to design in such a way that the mission will choose a single ship from a list? My guess is that if I assign a percentage chance from a lot of units the game will spawn many units each one with its own percentage. So I will end up with many ships at once. I want just one from a list.
i believe you will have to build a GROUP (RGG) and use the parameter that will limit the Maximum number of ships spawned.

so you create a Group, add various ships with spawn percentages, then set the Max parameter to one.

i am not sure what would happen if the percentages worked against you and zero ships were spawned.

anyway, that's how i would do what you are trying to do.

good luck.

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