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Originally Posted by Alienbird View Post
Alright, well I caved and bought SH5 and got this mod, for 10$ I figured eh, I could spend it on worse things. And for 10$ the lack of more than one class of boat can be ignored, be it unfortunate. (What can I say, I love that Type XXIII.)

Anyways, a question. Is there any way possible to make the map tools lines, for the ruler, compass, protractor and etc, any different or brighter color? I just can't see them after placing them on the map, the faded gray is just too light, or washed out, or what ever for me to see. If I could make them a bright red, or blue or green it would be great. Any way to do this? I notice if I right click on the tool I get options to adjust colors, but upon "x"ing out of the window, nothing happens, and the color stays the same.
See The above post !! this will change everything using the options file editor
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