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Originally Posted by vit90 View Post
Hello! I have a problem. I am installed this great mod, everything is fine almost one! My mini map, which avaliable in bottom of left corner is disappeared, i see only a borders of this mini map, but nothing in center. When i press M i see full map, it's working fine, but when i wanna use mini map in periscope for example, i see only a borders of map, not map. If someone knows what the problem, please help me. Thanks!
In advance to answer your question pls go to C;/ubisoft/silenthunter/data/applications/OptionsFileEdititorViewer .. Undr the tab TAI Map Options change the map to be workable if you dont know how to start this program please go to this thread

the viewer is already installed in applications folder once you have this done you can change the options on the TAi map top show that map >>
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