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Alright, well I caved and bought SH5 and got this mod, for 10$ I figured eh, I could spend it on worse things. And for 10$ the lack of more than one class of boat can be ignored, be it unfortunate. (What can I say, I love that Type XXIII.)

Anyways, a question. Is there any way possible to make the map tools lines, for the ruler, compass, protractor and etc, any different or brighter color? I just can't see them after placing them on the map, the faded gray is just too light, or washed out, or what ever for me to see. If I could make them a bright red, or blue or green it would be great. Any way to do this? I notice if I right click on the tool I get options to adjust colors, but upon "x"ing out of the window, nothing happens, and the color stays the same.
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