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Hello everyone ,

I am trying to install this fantastic megamod but I can not figure out how to do Step 5 :
"Step 5:
Properly activate TDW generic patcher and load "Snapshot 7_5_0_v17.gps" snapshot. The patcher is allready placed in the main game folder. (Skip this step if you use Steam version)"

and Step 6:
"Step 6:
Go to data/Aplications/OptionsFileEditorViewer and start OptionsFileEditorViewer.exe, set correct path for menu.txt (data/menu/menu.txt) and correct SH5 installation path. Click top "open" and browse data/scripts/menu for Make at least one change, just in case...Save"

Can someone help me?

I have the game digitally downloaded from Ubisoft.

Thanks in advance

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