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Default The Official Uberboot development thread Q's & A's screenies video

UberBoot 2.5 final beta limited release announcement.

Latest version available here for a limited time
shiii projects including uberboot will be taken down from
my filefront at the end of summer.

Attention all Mush Martin Mods are no longer posted to file front.

Uberboot currently still under development, However Ive been getting a lot
of questions about it lately and when I post an answer it tends to run on, so
I always feel like im hijacking someone elses thread.

So this is the Official Uberboot development thread such as it is.
Here you will find UberScreenies from testing, and The Promotional
Video "Outgunned" by Mr Fleck. as well as a brief history of the
Uberboot mod, and its status now and as we go along.

The evolution of Uberboot mod.// Uberboot started out as hacking around with a way
to entice a none subdriver buddy into learning to love SH3.
What started out as a quest for more firepower and aircraft,
turned into quite a journey.

I had no previous modding experience and just read and trial and errored my
way. in searching online for mods I came across subsim for the first time.

After realizing that the fulfillment of a dream was possible I started to
learn to mod. slowly albeit. so as I could get River class Frigate type 2
put into the game something I had wanted in SH3 from the first hour I played.

Uberboot was never supposed to be a mod and I didnt really think of it as one
that I could package up. I figured that if no one had really put in a new sub
up to then there was a reason, either I just hadnt found it or There was something
they knew that I didnt.

I released my first two mods a few weeks apart and got to learning more about
modding and generally making a post pest of myself about the forums.

while talking once to Cybagirl she asked when it would be a mod.
up to that moment I hadnt really thought about it, it was just
my custom ride at home on my own machine.

however I had learned enough about mod archetecture at that point that I suddenly
could see how to do it where I hadnt known how before.

after a three day flurry of activity I had the first attempt, which was called.
"Type IX_XI_Uberboot_v1.1Beta"
figuring that 1.0 was the homebuilt none packaged version.
after getting it out to some others for testing along with a mission.
a small trickle of data came back.

Uberboot at this stage had and has many shortcomings and compromises.
first most obvious of these is the deckguns and their layout.
In the original design for the Type XI Cruiser sub had had twin 4" mounts
on deck for and aft of the tower. I was not able to get this working.
so I had to settle for standard 105mm deckguns set to synthesize the fire
of the twin mounts with their firing rate and salvo pattern.

I cant help but feel that the willingness to compromise and accept some
shortcomings made it more possible what I was trying to do was
create an IN Game experience. not an historically correct model.

I cant help but feel that to a large degree that goal is accomplished
those that have taken the Uberboot for a spin say that the surface
combat experience is unlike any other experience in sh3.

I know their are the Historical sticklers here on the forums and
the purity they encourage shouldnt be discouraged all are welcome
here but bear in mind if you dont like the mod or dont like the
idea of the mod you dont have to download it. nobodies going to
spoil the game for you.

Originally as put out the first time Uberboot had
problems with its rear deckgun that were generated
by the fact that the guntype had had to be placed
on the wrong mount type and the aft platform railing
was to high as it wasnt originally intended as a
deckgun location

The aft railing has succesfully been fixed.
and the problems associated with the aft
deckgun mount still remain to be solved.

although it has the wrong ammo supply the aft
gun works perfectly fine and is manned by the
AI Crew. the front deck gun fires unmanned at
the moment and is slaved to the same target
as is designated for the aft gunners however
when the player mans the forward deckgun
you can engage two seperate targets with fore
and aft deckgun.

Uberboot is meant to be a surface raider.
to make the player experience balanced
uberboot was toughened up to be able to
take a little more punishment than usual
in an SH3 sub.

She can still be sunk. she is not totally impervious.

Uberboot is based on the original design for the type
XI cruiser sub concept ordered in 1939 by the kreigsmarine
and finally cancelled in early 1940 with no boats commisioned
or completed.

This is not that design its not really even meant to fight
exactly as that one wouldve although I can do that if popular
demand dictates it.

no its meant to fight as a more viable surface combatant than
the actual type XI would have been. in order to balance the
experience for the player and make it worthwhile to learn
a new way of fighting a sub in sh3, it does of course fight
in the same style as a cruiser sub would it just has a little
more survivability than it should historically as well as
horsepower speed weapons speed ammo supply crew training.
and a few other sundry items.
For the record Uberboot does work fine as a regular sh3 sub.

Please post Uberboot questions and comments on this thread
Suggestions are welcome.

Here are some screenies from often hair raising testing

and Here is the link to the Official Uberboot promotional
video by Mr Fleck entitled.

A higher quality version of "Outgunned" is available on
mr flecks file front here.
RIP Mush


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