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Default Optimized ARB WideGui 1920x1080 for WAC5.2

Hi !

Optimized ARB WideGui 1920x1080 for WAC5.2 =
All the best enhancements available now for WAC5.2 in 1920x1080 resolution !

Last update 28 January 2019 :


1- copy your sh3.exe (already patched with h.sie) and
paste it in the mod in "Full Map and Chrono Patch" folder.

2-launch "FullMapAndChronoPatch.bat" to patch sh3.exe

3-copy now this same sh3.exe and paste it in the mod at same level as d3d9.dll and d3d9.ini

4- then activate the mod with jsgme. (Always after "WAC5 H.sie Supplement to V16B1")


-Draggable and fonctional stopwatch wich can stay in position and start and stop everywhere in any screen.

-Strategic map F5 and attack map F6 displayed in FULL SCREEN.

-TDC button ON/OFF (Ctrl+T) added on Attack Periscope, on OBS Periscope and on UZO.
-Uboat compass rose when zooming at map F5 and F6 (if you don't want it delete data/Submarine folder)

-Video added in main screen

-Binoculars view : graduations deleted, it is easier to see planes (Wetzlar 7x50 nether had graduations at WW2)
-O2 h.sie gauge added (no more CO2 gauge)
-Canon deck : we can select all types of munition.
-More mouse shortcuts on left side panel (uzo, radio antenna, radar, flag)

-All wac5 screens are in the mod !

-Precise Zoom scroll view control from x1 to x12 ("ctrl + mouse wheel") on attack periscope, obs persicope and uzo (normal zoom levels without "Ctrl+mouse wheel" are unchanged)

-Salvo selector numbers visible at periscop view F3, at tdc view F6 and at uzo view.

New keyboards commands (english + german) and Help Menu F1 updated (english menu + german menu) with :
-Uzo view with "U"
-Fast time increase with "*"
-Enslave TDC at periscope on/off with "Ctrl+T"
-Identify target with "shift + L"
-Solution target with "ctrl + L"
-Depth under sub keel with "ctrl + C"
-Precise Zoom from x1 to x12 with "ctrl + mouse wheel" (see above)

-no more the repetitive written message "no officer at helm station" when raise up or down the attack periscope with "page up" or "page down" alone key
-RecManualPanel on left side of periscop view f3 : a summary of targets ships, indicates weaknesses of ships (if you don't want it, delete RecManualPanel in data/menu/gui)
-Orange marker on the surface when the sub is underwater (if you don't want it, delete UMark.tga in data/Misc)

-Karte 1 (convoy routes) on map F5 overview is in english writing (no more in russian writing)
-The second WAC5 mines map added at F5 map (top left clic and drag on marqued corner "M2")

+ OPTIONAL MODS in "optional" folder (copy in MODS and activate with jsgme):
-Color Dials with Dark Compass
-Color Dials with Light Compass
-Console without Swastika.
-Commandes clavier franšais WAC Optimized (for french players only)
-Pictures auto plot kiel canal begin position

Big Thanks :
to Ahnenerbe for his WideScreensGUI 1920x1080 wich is THE BASIS
to Wurmonkel for his Ahnenerbe_WS-GUI_1920x1080_fuer_CCoM_11.1
to Brodaga for his ARB WideGui 1920x1080
to Tycho for his full nav map and his functional dragable chrono
to OLC, Hitman, Mackman94. All their nice tools are in the mod !
of course to Hansolo for his wonderful WAC5 !
and to all modders and sh3 lovers


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