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JohnWoo 05-18-10 07:16 PM

A little illustration of the attack

pickinthebanjo 05-18-10 08:40 PM

U-53 Shadowing a convoy north of Ireland in late 39'. Been following it for about 9 hours waiting for dark, after a course adjustment I think I have it now and I'm making the attack

pickinthebanjo 05-19-10 12:39 AM

Finished the attack, fired three torpedoes all three hit. Sunk an ammunition ship and a small cargo ship (tramp?)

unterseemann 05-20-10 05:08 PM

17 sep42
U-125 (Kptlt Dieter Haguenau) is back to Lorient after patrol 3
35 days at sea- Patrol zone: Western Approaches
11 ships sunk for up to 65.000 tons (0 warship)
No damage, no casualties

Career total after 3 patrols: 26 ships sunk ( no warship) for 148.194 tons.

Jimbuna 05-20-10 06:21 PM


unterseemann 05-25-10 06:16 PM

Patrol 4 underway.
Kaleun just buy a new camera...

Herr-Berbunch 05-26-10 06:38 AM

Patrol 3 out of Bergen, hopefully will find something to sink this time as on Patrol 1, nil - but I almost got everything in Lerwick but thought I'd hang on for something meatier only to find zip (not including DDs - I avoid like the plague), Patrol 2, nil - I came across one merchant and was observing when something else got it first!

Better look this time out...

RConch 05-26-10 06:48 AM

U 45, Type 7C, sailing down the West coast of Afrika toward EK 74. No sinkings as yet. Crew in excellent spirts so far.
May 21, 1941.

Brag 05-27-10 11:19 AM

Good visual report :salute:

RConch 05-27-10 02:31 PM

June 7, 1941
U 45, Type 7C
Oblt. Karl Wolff

Left St. Nazaire May 10, 1941.
First to EK 74, found nothing after 6 days.
Next down to near Freetown, constant crash diving due to radar equiped Cats and Hudsons. No traffic found.
Headed North to EK 44 and sunk Granville type.
Only other accomplishment is a wicked case of sunburn and heat rash.
Will resupply from Corrientes on return.
Need new gramaphone records.

28 days at sea so far.

frau kaleun 06-06-10 11:06 PM

U-51, Type VIIB
2 U-Flotilla, Wilhelmshaven
Kptlt Kurt Dennert, Commander

Having my best career so far this time around... our 2nd and 3rd patrols (and first two assignments as a frontboot) netted us close to 45000 GRT. Mostly lots of smaller prey taken down with 1 good torpedo hit plus the guns, and occasionally with guns alone if the conditions were right.

Our last patrol turned into a long two-parter, with a one-day stopover in Las Palmas on Feb 4/5 1940 to resupply at the Corrientes. Just prior to that we'd intercepted a big juicy convoy coming north out of Freetown, no military escort, just one small armed freighter who couldn't keep us from sinking 2 large merchants and two ore carriers with a combo of eels and guns.

After leaving the Corrientes we returned to the same area after receiving a report of another northbound convoy out of Sierra Leone; when we made contact it turned out there was an escort this time around, but this amounted to one Black Swan leading the procession which we sank without her ever noting our presence. From there it was like shooting fish in a barrel, and oh what lovely big fish they were! We proceeded to put eels into as many as possible, leaving the wounded dead in the water or straggling far behind while we continued in pursuit of the remainder of the convoy. Some ships burned and sank while we were off attacking others, some required a little more attention... but after all was said and done, we'd taken down a large cargo, 4 ore carriers, and a 8500 ton tanker in addition to their hapless caretaker.

We turned for home with nothing much to speak of in the way of ammo left to throw at the enemy, but were lucky enough to pick up a hydrophone contact while running submerged NE of the Shetlands. When we surfaced and chased her down it turned to be yet another ore carrier, which succumbed to what was left of our firepower in due order.

We finally arrived back at Willy with another 89000+ GRT to our credit, and a total of 34 merchants and 1 destroyer sunk for 136000+ GRT overall. Iron Crosses were handed out en masse, several members of the crew received well-deserved promotions, and I achieved two of my three main goals for this career: a Knight's Cross and a promotion to Kapitanleutnant. (My third goal is to live long enough to make the transfer to a French base - wish me luck!)

We left on our current patrol at the end of March 1940, and after finding and sinking one large British cargo ship on our way through the North Sea, we ran into terrible weather which kept us submerged for hours at a time. We had multiple hydrophone contacts, most of them moving not much faster than we were due to the weather, but spent a great deal of time intercepting the potential targets only to find out they were either neutral ships or our own German merchants.

Consequently we were still making our way north for the inevitable swing around the Shetlands when we received a report of Royal Navy ships leaving British ports and heading, it was believed, for Norwegian waters. We resolved to take our time and stay closer to the Norwegian coast on our way north, preferring the deeper water there anyway, which served us well when operations began against Norway a few days later and the order went out to defend Narvik if at all possible.

By the time we were entering the Vestfjord, British task forces were already moving in and out of the area seemingly at will; we missed a chance to pick an Illustrious-class out of one when the sharp eyes of an escorting destroyer's lookouts forced us under before we could get close enough and in good position from periscope depth. They made what I would have to call a lackluster attempt at pursuing us, throwing a few depth charges at where we'd been when they'd spotted our 'scope but not coming near enough - even when we were still only 20-30m down - to do any damage.

Once we'd escaped from that little adventure we had reports of multiple RN task forces moving in and out of the area, but they always seemed to be too far away and moving too fast in the wrong direction for us to have any hope of intercepting them. Then we got a report of one heading on a course that would take her due south of our current position in about 12 hours. A few quick calculations and, why yes, I think it's doable! We plotted an intercept course and went to periscope depth about 2km from the expected intercept point and almost immediately picked them up on the hydrophones. At least seven, maybe eight ships... and when they finally came within view, there they were - a parade of destroyers with the HMS Warspite steaming along happily in their midst.

Now this, I thought, is personal. We'd gotten a report of a task force coming northwest out of the Irish Sea back in Sept 39, on our first combat patrol; and, miracle of miracles, when the report came in we were in what seemed like a good position to intercept it. We did get within visual range, and identified the Warspite as part of the task force; we even managed to get within 2500m of her, coming in at an almost perfect right angle to a course from which she seemed to have no intention of deviating. I'd fired a spread of four eels that seemed like it couldn't miss and then gone deep to await the expected retribution from her escorts. And waited... and waited... and... NOTHING. Not a single hit out of four torpedos fired. And given her speed, no chance in hell of catching up to get another shot at her.

But this time it was different. Checking and doublechecking, watching her approach nearer and nearer as I popped the 'scope up and down in the rolling waves... and... LOS! Then dive, dive, dive for all we're worth, and wait, and wait, and... YES!

I don't know how many hit, or where, but it was enough. She went down while her angry companions began crisscrossing the waters, dropping depth charges, and pinging away at their attacker. But by then we were 100m down, running silent, and getting the hell out of there.

And thus it was that I sank the first capital ship of my (and U-51's) career. :yeah:

Now I just gotta survive past June so I can see France!

Hugo Stiglitz 06-07-10 02:34 AM

I just started playing this sim recently and my first career just ended badly. I was operating a VIIC, U-98, out of Brest with the first Flotilla. Set sail on 3 September of 41, and headed around the west coast of Ireland. I sunk several small merchants on the way with the deck gun and eels, and popped a C class destroyer with an eel, poor guy never knew what hit him. I then got a report of a large convoy headed into Liverpool off the north coast of Ireland. I plotted my intercept path southward, even though I only had 4 torpedoes remaining.

However things quickly went bad. I had been running on the surface to recharge my batteries from the last engagement with the C destroyer, when I ran smack dab into the convoy. I apparently my intercept course was a little too good and I encountered them sooner than expected. The problem being, it was foggy and I the part of the convoy I just ran into was a corvette. I issued emergency dive and flank speed, as he was just 4000m away and already headed straight for me when my watch officer made the sighting. I managed to evade the corvette, went to periscope depth, and fired off a 4 shot spread into the convoy.

Once again I immediately came under attack, this time by a J class. After about 45 minutes of maneuvering the magic BB finally got me. I was 100m down running silent trying to sneak out of the area when a depth charge got me on the stern, never was warned by the sonar man. It took out both rudders and props so I had no steering and was causing major flooding. Damage control was unable to stop the flooding and U-98 and all hands on board were lost on 7 Sep 1941, after sinking 191,454 tons of allied shipping and downing 7 aircraft.

I don't think I did too bad for my very first career. I probably played that last patrol a little too aggressive, but I'm sure it made the BdU proud. :arrgh!:

Sailor Steve 06-07-10 09:22 AM

23 August 1939
U-30 (Type VIIa)
Flotilla Saltswedel, Wilhelmshaven
Oberleutnant Karl Fischer

Have just arrived at Grid BF16, awaiting further orders.

(How many more times am I going to start the same career over? I've been doing this for five years now!)

frau kaleun 06-07-10 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by Sailor Steve (Post 1413812)
(How many more times am I going to start the same career

I'm taking the 'over' on this one.


Sailor Steve 06-07-10 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by frau kaleun (Post 1413826)




Girl, you don't ask much, do you? :D

raymond6751 06-07-10 10:50 AM

I'll never get anywhere!
I've got 5 careers going now; 2 SH3, 2 SH4 (one German), and SH5. My problem is that I'm addicted to mods. I'm always starting over to see the new stuff. I have never once finished a career, and rarely more than two missions. In fact, I'm downloading NYGM 3.0 for SH3 right now. :hmmm:

Dissaray 06-07-10 12:01 PM

My current patrol is off to a roaring start! I have conclusivly proved that I can't tell the differance between the Dutch and French flags after engaging and sinking an empire freighter, which I thought only the English used. I also have conclusivly proved that the 10.5cm can, in fact, sink a schooner in two shots. I also just learned that it can cut a Q ship in half in a few good hits at the water line if you engage from around 500m. Unfortunatly I haven't found any targets that could prove a chalange just yet. My orders take me to the south west tip of the Rockwall Bank, maybe some thing fun will hapen there.

Lost At Sea 06-09-10 12:35 PM

May 29 '40
Sailed to the English Channel from Wilhelmshaven in a VIIB. Operation Dynamo in full swing and contacts are all over.

Visibility poor, wind speed 15m/s and precipitation heavy.
I can hear them but can't see them at 600m .

Darn :-?


Alpha Von Burg 06-11-10 04:39 AM

Early January, 1940
Radio report, U-48

Had just arrived at AM53...
Ship sank... about 6...
Fuel... not a problem...
Crew fatigue... a problem...
Weather... Cloud cover... light, presipitation none, fog... light...
Ammunition... sadly only 3 eels left (there were a few, no a lot of duds and torps bouncing of the keel)

Mainly no problem but the crew endurence...
Hope to get back to Kiel in one piece...

jasonbirder 06-11-10 05:13 AM

Noob alert!
My very first Silent Hunter III patrol...
(after training and practice single missions)
Realism 81% Type VIIB Home Port Willemshaven...
Headed out to a patrol grid in the Rockall Bank area...
Lots of neutral shipping encountered on the run North and West - US and French predominantly...Heading to pass north of Scotland between Orkneys and Shetland...first encounter with a British Flagged fishing vessel...engaged and sunk on the surface with Deck guns...Then encountered two separate lone a Coastal Tanker and one a tramp steamer...sank both with torpedo's after submerged attacks...both had been located by hydrophone followed by a surface run to an intercept position...
Encountered a V&W class destroyer in the Fair Isle area...steaming along fat and happy in Fog...a four torpedo spread (overkill I know- but the destroyer frightened me) at extreme range resulted in one hit and the the destroyer sinking!
Expended an awful lot of torpedo's for very little tonnage - but pleased to head back to Willemshaven with an undamaged boat - 5000tonnes+ and a warship to point on my conning tower!
Bring on patrol no2

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