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MrKWMonk 05-01-10 06:17 PM

U-6, a Type IIA boat, just returned to Kiel from her 6th patrol mid Feb 1940. Got the game last week this is my first SH3 campaign.

A mixed patrol with only mediocre success in and around AN41.

After arriving on station without incident hit a small freighter during a submerged daylight attack. She looked to be going down with water over her deck so I headed away but never got a credit.

It was very quite apart from one aircraft alarm. A few days later spotted a coastal tanker making 9kts. Being daylight I closed and submerged but my intercept was off and as the angle on bow got worse I fired a single shot at ~4000m which missed.

There was then a report of a task force heading to Aberdeen. I wasn't able to catch up which wasn't a bad thing I guess as they were hugging the coast where it's only about 50m deep.

On the way back to AN41 around midday during a raging storm and in all the vast ocean I manage to cross paths, within visual range, of 3 RN destroyers. The first 2 or 3 DC runs were close enough to rock the boat but after I got down to 100m and went to silent running it seemed they couldn't get a good fix on me. After about 2 hours I was able to sneak away west. So U-6 survived her first brush with the Royal Navy.

Spent a few more days patrolling and with fuel down to 25% was just setting course for home when we spot an Empire Freighter. Make a night surface attack and get 2 torpedoes into her. She settles, listing heavily to port but doesn't roll over. I keep an eye on her for a while and not wanting to miss out on a credit again I circle around to her starboard side put my last torpedo into her and she goes down.

On the way home we of course ran into a large Polish freighter at night and 6000m range but with only 20mm and bad language to throw at it it's their lucky day.

Arrived safely at Kiel 36 hours later.

Enjoying the game, wondering why it's taking me so long to finally get it! Am not minding the type II patrols at all, is helping to make me feel like the inexperienced new captain I am learning the ropes before I get my hands on the bigger boats.


KL-alfman 05-01-10 06:20 PM

exciting patrol you had! :up:

sink em all :salute:

Snestorm 05-01-10 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by MrKWMonk (Post 1379633)
Enjoying the game, wondering why it's taking me so long to finally get it! Am not minding the type II patrols at all, is helping to make me feel like the inexperienced new captain I am learning the ropes before I get my hands on the bigger boats.


You're doing great, and have a good approach to the game.

Anytime you're feeling doubtful about your successes, you can go to, and compare your results with the real U6, or any other boat. I think you'll find your results to be more in line with historical accuracey than you now percieve.

krashkart 05-02-10 09:57 AM

To: BdU
From: Bernard, U-122

On our last patrol, Herr Kaleun made a pit stop at the head after setting course for a coastal freighter we had disabled with a stern shot. Upon completion of his objectives in the restroom he decided to brush his teeth, and in that time our sub crashed into the freighter, which in turn tore away the attack periscope and caused a great deal of hull damage. Myself and the crew are begging you to please transfer that idiot to a desk job and send us a competent commander!

To: U-122
From: BdU

Negative. All other assets are committed. Continue with assigned patrol as fuel and ammunition permits.

Several Days Later.....

To: U-122
From: BdU

Kapitanleutnant Krashkart, you have been awarded the Kriegsmarine Bronze Cross for Personal Hygiene, and the Deutschland Pink Tiara for Vanity Under Fire. Admiral Donitz himself will be present upon your arrival to Wilhelmshaven. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

STEED 05-02-10 11:47 AM

I got two IXB's in October 1940 doing well so far. :)

Weiss Pinguin 05-02-10 03:35 PM

Nein, nein, nein, nein!

I finally reach the target-rich ED sector, and a storm comes barreling through. I've been sitting through several days of rain and zero visibility, but at least I caught a fleet tender just before things really got bad. A while ago I stopped for a soundcheck, heard a merchant that had just passed us. Even if I had tried to intercept, the rain would've made an attack impossible.

In the words of the immortal Old Man, "F@ck and d@mn this sh!tty weather!"

gazpode_l 05-02-10 08:14 PM

Well my career o u-65 is over after my second patrol! we had already nearly wrecked the ship on a silly encounter with an asw trawler when we surfaced right next to him and he rammed us, gouging a nice hole in us and blasting away 8 of my crew! :damn:

Then TONIGHT i was running north when I encounterd a convoy - we got engaged by the lead escort - a flower corvette..

We crash dived and crushed to death as we passed 65mtrs. :stare::o:doh::dead:

I guess I will be queuing up gazpode II when I next get the chance to play in mid-week as i'm away at the lover's tomorrow and out rest of week!

rudderless 05-03-10 01:02 AM

Patrol 18
U-66, U-Flotilla Saltzwedel
Left at: January 25, 1941, 01:40
From: Lorient
Mission Orders: Patrol grid DJ19

3.2.41 contact report from Bdu:
Westbound convoy Grid CG 95
Weather perfect.
Contact with convoy 1600. 1 Empire, 3 medium and a number of smaller vessels.
Fwd tubes set magnetic, a salvo of 2 each for the medium and empire.
Stern salvo at the granville.
First salvo missed the medium. All tubes reset to impact and shallower depth.
One hit on the granville and 2 on the empire.
Took some damage from depth charges, managed to sneak away.
1738 Ship sunk! S.S. La Estancia (Granville-type Freighter), 4708 tons
1758 Ship sunk! S.S. Garm (Empire-type Freighter), 5555 tons

Managed to keep contact astern of the convoy through many course changes.
Just after dark we were jumped by aircraft.
One moment we were cruising along admiring the stars when a bloody searchlight lit us up and they bombed the crap out of us. The attack scope is stuffed, deck guns all gone. Luckily there wasn't a great deal of flooding and we managed to fix the engines, observation scope and tubes.

Regained contact in Grid CG 94
Managed to get around the escorts into a good position ahead of the convoy.
Set a fwd salvo of 2 magnetic. Conditions ideal for a run under the keel, range approx 2500.
2 hits a fwd of aiming point but all good.
Worked into position on next medium.
Fired 2 for 1 hit, didn't look to damage her much at all.
Took some more damage from the escorts, 3 of the buggers had us pinned. We are holding the old girl together with chewing gum and spit.
The 1 hit damaged her enough that she dropped astern of the convoy.
Finally managed to get up to her after being chased deep a couple more times by the escorts, no more damage luckily.
4.2.41. 0005 Grid CG 94 Ship sunk! M/V Enseigne Maurice Prehac (Medium Cargo), 5396 tons
4.2.41. 0533 Grid CG 94 Ship sunk! M/V Baron MacLay (Medium Cargo), 5397 tons

We are making our way home, hopefully get another ship or two without incurring any more damage.

KL-alfman 05-03-10 01:45 AM

U-48 (Oberleutnant Joseph Kleer)
2.Flotilla, Wilhelmshaven

after patrolling our assigned grid AM23 for a week with not traffic and very bad wheather U-48 is heading on a course SE to patrol the Approaches east of Rockall's.
so far only only 2trawlers were sunk by deck-gun around the Orkneys.
hopefully, radio will tell us about a near-by convoy soon.

edit: hehe, 1,000!

Lord_magerius 05-03-10 10:33 AM

I brought Rudolf Strasser out of retirement, in January 1944. Got sick of looking after all those kids at the academy :O:
Assigned to 7th/13th with U-1116 a shiny new VIIC/42 :D We left on January 6th to patrol grid AM41, came across a couple of small freighters and coastal merchants which we sunk no problem :O: Got to AM41 and recieved a contact report of a task force heading straight for us. We sat at periscope depth for about 6 hours when the familiar sound of a destroyer was picked up over the hydrophones. 20 minutes later the task force entered visual range 6 destroyers and 1 Casablanca class. Set up a shot on the Casablanca, all 3 eels hit her perfectly and within 5 minutes she was at the bottom. Managed to evade the destroyers by diving down to 230m and deploying decoys. Headed north to the Rockhall Bank where we intercepted a convoy, took out one destroyer that had clocked us and an ore carrier. Things got too hairy to carry on so we dived to 230m again and ran like hell. Took slight damage from depth charges. Headed back south to return to base, picked up a V&W and two coastal freighters. Sunk all three and headed home with 30000 tons chalked up :D

KL-alfman 05-03-10 11:39 AM

excellent work for being already in Jan1944!

Zedwardson 05-03-10 02:44 PM

Well my first campaign ended last night, Otto Van Graff and U-46 where off of Bristol, July 1940, and came across two torpedo boats, was able to hide in the very shallow waters, but when I came to the surface to get out of there, a ASW Trawler was on top of me, firing within a hour of surfacing, I moved to avoid this, and I ran into two more groups.

Ended up having two Torpedo boats, a ASW Trawler, a flowers Class, and FOUR V&W class ships on top of me in no more then 40 meters of water. My first escape was foiled by dud torpedos (fired three at a V&C that was blocking my escape, and two duded, and it survived the one strike.

The they had me circled and closing in, the first round of depth charges damaged my rudders, and I knew I had to do something drastic, I told my men I hoped they told there families and girls back home that they loved them, and went to flank, surfacing, hoping to at least be able to zigzag into deeper water. Never made it to the surface as one of the V&Ws dropped depth charges right on top of me.

Starting a new one tonight, of course, tempted to mod my recently purchased game with GWX and SubCommander.

KL-alfman 05-03-10 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by Zedwardson (Post 1381220)
Ended up having two Torpedo boats, a ASW Trawler, a flowers Class, and FOUR V&W class ships on top of me


you sure like the challenge! :up:

welcome to SubSim! :salute:

Lord_magerius 05-03-10 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by KL-alfman (Post 1381071)
excellent work for being already in Jan1944!

Thanks but I did cheat, originally Rudolf Strasser was sent to... wherever it is that you go when you retire. Just started a new game with the same character in Jan 44 to simulate coming out of retirement :)

Zedwardson 05-03-10 10:22 PM

Well, I installed Sub Commander and GWX :|\\

Karl Myer is my new Campaign Captain - Commander of U-17, and has finished two patrols.

At the outbreak of the war he found a rich little 10,000 ton British cargo ship trying to get home. It never did, Two eels, on midships, and one in the rear. It slowly slid under, didn't get a chance to give out a distress call. The remaining three missed or duds, but he came home a hero welcome.

2nd patrol, AN21 - in a storm was jumped by a A&B, and even though I called a crash drive, it raked me with depth charges, I lost my Radio and Sonar man, plus another crew member, and had three more hurt. I had to stay under and craw at 2 knots for three hours before I was able to get away, since I didn't know how bad the hull was, and I was down six men, I returned to port empty handed. :down:

But hey, I survived a true depth charging, was really unsure if Was going to make it out alive. My officers, both Commissioned and most of my NCOs kept the ship together as most of my men where freaking out. These will be noted when medals will be given out. :salute:

JohnWoo 05-05-10 05:42 PM

Oberleutnant z. See Kurt Gies, captain of the U-52.

Just finished my 1st war-time patrol in 1939, with a total of 99971 ton sunk. Not a bad start, if I say so myself :DL.
I even wrote an AAR about it, for those interested:

KL-alfman 05-05-10 05:49 PM

great you did in your harbour-raid! :up:

Jimbuna 05-05-10 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by JohnWoo (Post 1383309)
Oberleutnant z. See Kurt Gies, captain of the U-52.

Just finished my 1st war-time patrol in 1939, with a total of 99971 ton sunk. Not a bad start, if I say so myself :DL.
I even wrote an AAR about it, for those interested:


Leg 05-05-10 07:09 PM

18 september '42 leaving La Spezia to patrol north-east africa coast; the Mediterranean experience is getting interesting.... in 3-4 patrols there I've sunk the King George V, the Nelson, a Dido and a Fiji class.

frau kaleun 05-05-10 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by jimbuna (Post 1383321)

Last time out I torpedoed England and she sank.

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