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Jimbuna 06-09-09 03:29 PM

One for the kids :DL

Paul Riley 06-09-09 03:47 PM

YESS! love it! :har:

In fact,forget the kids! I want one!

Paul Riley 06-09-09 03:51 PM

I know what me and my crew will be doing this halloween of 39,if we make it :rotfl:
I'm gonna pester Doenitz for costumes for all the men,and plenty of Becks! :D

nikbear 06-09-09 04:08 PM

Kaleun Georg Willhelm Schulz.

6.3.40. 2324 Patrol 4
U-64, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: March 6, 1940, 23:24
From: Wilhelmshaven
Mission Orders: Patrol grid DH99

8.3.40. 2256 Grid AN 51 Ship sunk! SS President Madison (Large Cargo), 8393 tons. Cargo: Textiles. Crew: 46. Crew lost: 16
9.3.40. 0317 Grid AN 1 Ship sunk! SS Auditor (Medium Old Split Merchant), 5596 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 57. Crew lost: 51 0631 Grid AN 18 Ship sunk! SS President Taft (Large Cargo), 8394 tons. Cargo: Trucks. Crew: 62. Crew lost: 34
2101 Grid AN 16 Ship sunk! SS Bill (Small Old Merchant), 2455 tons. Cargo: Foodstuffs. Crew: 34. Crew lost: 21
2247 Grid AN 16 Ship sunk! MV Obsidian (Large Tugboat), 422 tons. Crew: 37. Crew lost: 27
10.3.40. 0432 Grid AN 14 Ship sunk! HMS Somali (Tribal class), 1850 tons. Crew: 232. Crew lost: 51
11.3.40. 0204 Grid AN 13 Ship sunk! SS Chelsea (Medium Old Split Merchant), 5597 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 47. Crew lost: 17
0818 Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! MV Argentina (Medium Split Merchant), 5896 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 46. Crew lost: 0
Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! HMS Bishopdale (Fleet Tender), 16902 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 42. Crew lost: 24
0831 Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! SS Anten (Old Composite Merchant), 5361 tons. Cargo: Bauxite. Crew: 53. Crew lost: 6
Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! Grimsby class, 990 tons
Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! SS City of Manila (Empire-type Freighter), 6780 tons. Cargo: Textiles. Crew: 46. Crew lost: 21
Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! HMS Valiant (HMS Warspite), 36450 tons. Crew: 959. Crew lost: 939
Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! MV Lorraine (Large Tanker), 10800 tons. Cargo: Gasoline. Crew: 59. Crew lost: 36
Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 14
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonage: 115886 tons

Finally found and nailed a Warspite Class:rock::yeah::salute::03::D
And from a 'Supposed' Neutral convoy as well:o:hmmm: So pleased:yep:

AndyW 06-09-09 04:22 PM

U-200 reporting in
Radio message of U-200 (Type IXD2) under command of OberLtn. z. See Heinrich Schonder (2nd patrol). Enroute from Lorient to Penang, 56th day at sea:

1003 22AUG 1943



The "Brandenburgers" have been landed to hopefully blow up the Durban swimming dock. Now let's cause havoc in the Indian Ocean!!:rock:


Paul Riley 06-09-09 04:27 PM

f### yeah,sounds great! raise bloody hell! :arrgh!:

Sockeye 06-10-09 01:00 AM

Just got back from a patrol in the littorals off of Hartlepool in good ol' U-2321 (NYGM's XXIII mod pasted on top of GWX 3.0). Fourteen days overall in February '45.

Spent most of the time avoiding hunter-killer teams and small patrols, but ran into a convoy headed south in AN51. Two columns of five freighters each, and the usual six escorts. We just happened to be in a perfect position to attack from the starboard beam; approached at 50m's depth and creeping speed until the leading and starboard beam escorts were put astern. Full-speed ahead, up to periscope depth and turn into the convoy on a 90-track; slowed to take two shots at a freighter in rough seas for one hit.

Released a Bold, took a sounding, and dove at full speed to scoot out the convoy's port quarter, giving the narrow silhouette to the trailing escort. No sign of detection, so we hung around for three hours to watch our victim slip under by the stern. By that time, the convoy had long vanished, but a seventh destroyer came in from the west to investigate, so we slunk away on a general course for home and Stavanger.

2800 GRT :up:

nikbear 06-10-09 05:55 AM

Sockeye,would you be so kind as to explain how you got the TypeXXIII to work with GWX:06: Would love to give it a try someday,its a cool looking U-boat,but just 2 eels:nope: Man thats a downer:03:

Sockeye 06-10-09 10:19 AM

Actually, the only thing I did was enable the "FuMB37XXIIINYGM" folder pretty much as-is from the NYGM 3.1 patch (the latest version I had at the time). I enabled GWX's Late War Sensors Snorkel Antennas beforehand.

Then just start the game, select 1945 and the 13th Flotilla at Stavanger, and off to the east coast of England.

The only issue I'm having at the moment is with SH3 Commander. After enabling the mod, flotillas aren't showing up correctly there, but it doesn't seem to be a problem as long as the campaign is started in-game. Working on this is a bit beyond me though.

nikbear 06-10-09 05:39 PM

Thank you for the info:up:

Pohl 06-10-09 06:20 PM

downgraded to Windows XP, and my career got lost but I just started it so nothing of value was lost :up:

onelifecrisis 06-10-09 09:04 PM

The Chase
Right, it's pointless story time!

Sit down kids. Are you listening? Good.

I've started a new career (see my sig). 11th Flotilla (Norway) starting in June '42 (which is when that flotilla first began operations). VIIC.

The first patrol went fairly well but was unremarkable. The second patrol went better, except for one time when my scope got detected by radar during a night attack and the destroyer snuck up on me. I only just noticed it in time and had to crash dive to avoid being rammed. That none of the ensuing depth charges even damaged me was probably a minor miracle, though I dare say my port knuckle helped. :smug:

My third patrol - the one I'm here to blab about - is currently in progress. I was sent to patrol some deserted grid 500km north of the coast of Scotland. I managed to find a convoy in the area and sank two ships for about 20,000 BRT before the convoy escaped into shallower waters. I also found a lone Small Merchant and sank it with a single aft torp. But then... nothing. Days and days of searching the area around my grid and not a hint of anything.

Finally my radioman picked up a task force, but it was a few hundred kilometres west of us and heading directly away from us at 9kts. Still, I set a course after it at a casual pace. Initially I had no intention of catching it - I just thought perhaps there'd be more traffic to be found near it's reported location - but just before we reached said location we picked up the task force again. It was still heading west, and still doing 9kts. It hadn't picked up speed, and it hadn't changed course. I decided to take a chance, and we went full ahead and gave chase.

Over the next few days the TF did change course a few times but my radioman managed to intercept one more radio transmission from it. I adjusted our course and eventually we got close enough to pick up radar signals. One of the radar signals was closing awfully fast. Suddenly... aircraft spotted! We crash dived and avoided any harm. I checked our location. We'd already chased the TF a third of the way across the atlantic (and burned a ton of fuel in the process) and I thought there was no way there could be land-based planes that far out. I reckoned that there must be a carrier in that TF. There were also plenty of destroyers, judging from the sonar contacts heading to the location we'd been spotted.

That slowed us down, and after that flanking into a firing position was not easy, what with the TF moving at a decent speed and changing course now and then (not to mention the swarm of by radar-equipped destroyers and planes that buzzed around it) but eventually we managed to arrange a midnight meeting with our prey in moderate winds and clear weather.

Unfortunately I didn't have accurate target course data; by now we were in the middle of the Atlantic and I only had a rough idea of the target course and speed based on RWR-detected radar signals over the last hundred klicks of the chase. I cracked my knuckles and broke out the U-Jagd tools.

I knew the buggers had radar and plenty of it, so I had to keep my scope exposure to a minimum. I prepared a position from which I could gather course and speed data as quickly as possible and then turn parallel to the course of what I could now see was indeed a Bogue Class carrier. Readings taken, I turned the boat into a firing position and took the range to the target. Full four-torp four-degree spread, open tubes... wait for it...

That's when I heard the destroyer. Damn! I fired. The tubes seemed to take a lifetime to empty. I turned the scope. There was a DD bearing right down on us; they'd tracked our scope on their blasted radar again! I crash dived. The DD suddenly accelerated and depth charged us at what was practically point blank range. I turned the U-boat hard. DC's exploded around us, and at the same time we heard the first of the torps slam into the Bogue Class, followed by the second. The other two torps missed, but the explosions from the Bogue Class didn't stop. She was done for. We, somehow, were not. We had escaped the DC attack undamaged. That's two lucky escapes in two patrols. At this rate my DID career won't last long if I don't learn to be careful with that scope!

We dove deep and evaded the DD's (who must have been really annoyed, given how long they persisted) and we're now heading back to our patrol grid at a considerably less fuel-guzzling rate than we left at. We still have a handful of torpedos left. Who knows, maybe we'll see another carrier? To be honest, though, I'm hoping we don't.


nikbear 06-11-09 05:49 AM

Living life on the edge there OLC:o Hope lady luck stays with you:salute:

meduza 06-11-09 06:23 AM


Originally Posted by onelifecrisis (Post 1115608)
Right, it's pointless story time!

That's my favorite kind. Keep them coming!


Originally Posted by onelifecrisis (Post 1115608)
Who knows, maybe we'll see another carrier? To be honest, though, I'm hoping we don't.


Nice job sinking that carrier.

DaveU186 06-11-09 07:52 AM

U-3018 on 5th patrol. Patrol grid AM16.

Sunk a tramp steamer en route to patrol area, but after that nothing. Trailed the northern convoy routes all the way West but again nothing, so thought I'd take a trip South.

Just as morale was starting to waver, two contacts as we pass through BE62. A small merchant and a.....British large tanker. :yeah:

Down she goes, and we proceed on feeling much better.

Einzelganger 06-11-09 12:57 PM

Currently running with the warship MOD as described earlier in this thread. It's a refreshing change every now & then to get DD's attacking you & you can reply with some 15in guns

:D My evil streak coming through....

DaveU186 06-11-09 01:02 PM

Well, as we went further South towards Gilbraltar we encountered French Passenger/Cargo and a Freighter and took them down. Then stumbled upon a convoy with some really juicy targets in amongst it. Six torps left it really was difficult trying to pick targets. Fired two torps at three ships from 3.5-5km and then went deep to evade the four escorts.

Five of the six hit and bagged an auxiliary cruiser, a medium cargo and an ore carrier.

Snuck away north at 200m and will rise in the morning and set sail for home.


nikbear 06-11-09 02:11 PM

Nice result DaveU186:salute::salute::salute:

Paul Riley 06-11-09 04:48 PM

Just a quick post before bed.I am almost in position heading for our assigned grid,just off the Shetlands.I wonder what is in store for us :hmmm:
I reckon a raid into Scapa is a distinct possibility,IF we are unsuccessful in our current area.I have only ever been into Scapa once since I started playing the game 4 yrs ago,so who knows what its like in GWX3

Night all.

Leandros 06-12-09 04:03 PM

U-66 Oct. 21st 1941 07:16 - patrol 19 - AM89

Left Lorient at Oct. 18th and have been lurking around in the South-Western approaches. A Granville and a small tanker so far. Decided to stay off any ASW vessels but when a DD just recently crossed our bow the temptation got too strong. Went 1/3 to cut him off. Of course he detected us and turned in on our port bow. Weather is bad with only approx. 5-700 meters visibility. We managed to let off a T1 at magnetic as he turned towards us and it hit him at his extreme bow. Damaging him, obviously, but he set off at 10 knots with his bow dipping and the screws driving much air. A magnetic-fuzed T1 from the aft tube prematured at approx 500 meters distance. Then he straightened up and sped off.

We lost sight of him and had to surface not to loose him. On his track now, trying to work around on his port side to get past him.

Lousy weather.....working around on his port side...

He is down by the bow but keeping up his speed.....

U-66 Oct. 21st 1941 09:42 - patrol 19 - AM89

We got around comes...

Misjudged a little so had to go flank ahead to get him behind us. He was pinging frenetically but never wavered from his straight course. A T1 on magnetic from the aft tube worked....hit at approx. 500 meters.


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