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Pohl 05-31-09 07:21 PM
it was pitch black when I took them down, had to stand around 40 minutes of depth chargin by the 5 destroyers that where with them, I was about to sink a 3rd battleship but only had 1 Aft torpedo left, so it go away injured, by far my best patrol in a career

edit: Will this make the Bismarck survive through the war...I mean I sank the ship the Bismarck was supposed to sink, triggering the event to send home fleet after the this means she will survive??

On my next patrol guess who I found out there in a task force.....

HMS Revenge

HMS Hood

I saw them the titanic and in less than 8 days they are back in the ocean o.o

Bronzewing 06-01-09 06:04 AM

I think the ship you really need to sink for that is Ark Royal, that's where the Swordfish that crippled Bismark's rudder came from.

AndyW 06-01-09 06:18 AM

U-200 reporting
Monsoon-Boat U-200, Ltn.z.See Heinrich Schonder, enroute from Lorient to Penang reporting in:

0130 14 AUGUST 1943 TO BDU


Pohl 06-01-09 09:33 PM

KMS-Bismarck is such a piece of beauty :salute:
Patrol #2

Patrol #3

RoaldLarsen 06-01-09 11:40 PM


How did you sink 19 ships in a period of 32 minutes?

(I note that the first of these seems to be a neutral destroyer.)

Pohl 06-01-09 11:48 PM

I'm using this mod that enables the use of battleships instead of submarines :yeah: I sank all those ships with the Bismarck :arrgh!: , 2 salvos from 1 of the main guns is enough to destroy a small merchant, nothing survives the might of the Bismarck..even some V&W Destroyer tried to ram me but failed epicly and he sank right besides me.

RoaldLarsen 06-01-09 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by Pohl (Post 1110738)
I'm using this mod that enables the use of battleships instead of submarines :yeah: I sank all those ships with the Bismarck :arrgh!: , 2 salvos from 1 of the main guns is enough to destroy a small merchant, nothing survives the might of the Bismarck..even some V&W Destroyer tried to ram me but failed epicly and he sank right besides me.

Ah! I see you renamed Bismark to "U-715" to confuse MI-6.

Pohl 06-02-09 01:13 AM


Originally Posted by RoaldLarsen (Post 1110739)

Ah! I see you renamed Bismark to "U-715" to confuse MI-6.

:hmmm: Didn't thought of that....but how am I supposed to hide such enormous ship from recon airplanes :rotfl:

Sailor Steve 06-02-09 01:40 PM

Crash dive.

Jimbuna 06-02-09 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by Sailor Steve (Post 1111000)
Crash dive.

Yeah, simply press the 'C' button :O:

Captain Birdseye 06-02-09 02:53 PM

December 25th 1941

Just put a torp in HMS Nelson's bow. Saw several DD's accompanied by Nelson and King George V. Shot off a salvo of four torps. Only one hit.

We endured over two hours of depth charging. Some coming quite close, but we managed to get under a thermal layer at 140m and evade their ash cans.

A great success for our green crew, our second patrol in the Med. Can't wait for the medals when we get back.

Captain Birdseye 06-02-09 08:20 PM

December 29th 1941

Four days after our little escapade with the mighty HMS Nelson, my hydrophone operator finds a small convoy heading for North Africa.

Not on my watch :arrgh!:

Chased the convoy and attracted attention from four, yes four Black Swan's. Escorting three passenger/cargo ships. This must be important stuff for the Allies. Anyway, managed to get to periscope depth and fire off two fish to one Black Swan. We then crash dive and hear his bulkheads breaking apart. His friends must be furious. After an hour of depth charging, we escape unharmed and want another shot.

We catch up with the convoy yet again. One torp is fired off to the last passenger/cargo in the formation. Direct hit :arrgh!:. She's had her engine compartment blown to pieces, but she still holds on. We've awoken the three Black Swans again, I find one, and fire a pot shot off at him and then crash dive.

Yet again, the sound of breaking bulkheads. We're getting good at this lark :). We notice our little cargo friend isn't moving, and although we are being depth charged to within an inch of our life, I make sure my Hydrophone operator keeps tabs on him.

We endured 2 and a half hours of severe depth charging, many sailors panicking and crying. Superb second in command Johann Hartkorn took over from my original second in command Willi Bornmann. Johann bagged himself an Iron Cross.

Depth charging ceased, we rise to the surface in the night and blow the cargo ship out of the water with the deck gun. She's ablaze and we go to help survivors.

While handing over water and food to life rafts, we notice that these sailors were escorting small numbers of troops and mail for the British soldiers. Just as we hand some more food over, the whole world is lit up.

"They've got a fix on us! AALLAAAAARRRRMMMM!" we crash dived, the best so far. Down to 120 metres and they nearly had us. We had to sink to 180m and we finally got away.

This patrol proved my crews strength. I shall be applying to have us posted to one of the French U-Boat bases, I feel we have proved ourselves in the Med.

(Sorry for the long post :oops: enjoyed this patrol a lot!)

Pohl 06-02-09 10:06 PM

KMS-Bismarck is such a beauty, decided to raid Gibraltar and to my surprise HMS Nelson was there among other 4 Battlecruisers, when I was near 3-4 km I set parallel to them so all of my main guns aimed at them then slowly turned back into the sea always keeping my main guns aiming at all the ships stationed there, the sky was full with bullets :arrgh!: just epic.

Results of Patrol

On my way to Gibraltar found some planes, but no big problem

London & Southampton classes

HMS Nelson

Sun rising in the background while all hell is set loose

Gibraltar after my raid

I only took 2 hits, 1 looked like a big explosion

Pohl 06-03-09 07:36 PM

Heading out to Scapa Flow I found a Task Force, I was expecting just light destroyers, maybe 2 Southampton class, but to my luck I found King George first epic battle at the sea.

Bismarck vs King George V

I have no idea what the Captain of the King George V was thinking he started attacking me with only his front main guns, I quickly ordered hard to port and start unleashing the full power of my 8 main cannons on him plus the small guns also flak guns, the sky was illuminated with all the salvos burned, we had a 5-8 minutes when the full power of both ships was used at it's best, I lost 1 flak gunner and had severe damage on my guns on the right side of the ship, while King George V had extensive damage in his front guns and his right side too.

The heat of the battle when both ships where using all their firepower against each other

I tried to come even closer but the excessive tonnage of the Bismarck won't let me maneuver fast enough

Always make my full guns aim at every big ship I see.

The mistake that cost King George V it's life, she was always in a straight line

The results after Patrol# 8
For this patrol I earned diamonds in my Knight's Cross, crew earned so far 5 Knight's Cross and 10 German cross in gold and still more Knight's Cross to come for them.

BulSoldier 06-04-09 03:44 AM

I actually had quite a boring 2 weeks.It is mid '40 and i go all the way to the approach to gibraltar in hope to find something there.No luck.
After total of 3 weeks after we left the base only think we sank was 2 granvile type freitghers . Both sunk by torpedos.One from the rear tube other from the front.
So by the time i got to western approaches i found a convoy , intercepted it and sunk 2 ships with 2 torps.Quite well.No the annoying part began.After the first attack the escorts (all 2 of them) could even find me.However i lost contact with the convoy.It took me 14 hours to find them again, and after 3 approaches witch all failed (apart from one that by incident sunk the second escort (auxilary cruiser for 13k grt)). In any case the annoying polish destroyer escort (yes polish) every time lurked above me for 3-4 hours:damn:.
During the last approach witch would have been succesiful im 90% sure the weather really turned bad.I was thinking of shadowing the convoy until weather was good enough since they had only 1 destroyer and you know what that means - 1 torp for the escort and i am just finishing of all the rest with deck gun and the left torps.
The convoy itself wast large but it had left a good 10-13 ships few of witch were above 8000t.
However because of the neverending chasing of the escort it was 3 after midnight i decided to leave the convoy , save and go to bed :oops:

lynard 06-04-09 09:49 PM

My last career died a horrible death. My hard disk decided to go below crush depth and imploded. Everything gone no backup.:damn:
Funny thing with this, halfway through the patrol the stop watch seemed to stick on. For the rest of that game I had "tick tick" all the time through my headphones. The only time I got any peace was with TC. I thought I had a timebomb on board but no sabotage enabled. It must have transferred to the hard drive because next morning when I fired up there was a slow tick coming from the drive. Oh well, thems the breaks.

Patrol 1
Hard to find decent targets. Managed to pick 10,000t
2 small and a C2

Patrol 2
Looks to be pretty much the same.
15.10.39. 1721
U-24, U-Flotilla Weddigen
Left at: October 15, 1939, 17:21
From: Wilhelmshaven
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AF87
20.10.39. 2258 Grid AN 28 Ship sunk! SS Kuressaar (Coastal Merchant), 2042 tons. Cargo: Textiles. Crew: 27. Crew lost: 3

0156 Grid AN 52 Ship sunk! SS American Importer (C2 Cargo), 6446 tons. Cargo: Military Vehicles. Crew: 45. Crew lost: 11

30.10.391007 Grid AN 54 Ship sunk! SS Outarde (Coastal Merchant), 2047 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 20. Crew lost: 4

Returning to base

Paul Riley 06-06-09 03:19 PM

Evening guys,its been a little while since I was in here.
Well,I finally made it back from my 1st boring patrol in GWX3G,got back to Kiel on the 14th Aug,and we go for patrol 2.
.................................................. ..................................................

U-14 , Type IIA
Kapt. Willi Werner
27th August 1939
Mission - to patrol AN26 , just off the Shetland Is.

Left Kiel at 18:42.
We had a much needed 14 day rest back at port after our tedious maiden voyage,but this time we will see some action as war with the British looks inevitable now.
We had two new transfers in and two left for another UBoat,and I had one of my existing POs recieve mandatory training in sonar equipment.We also had a small spot of welding carried out on the keel,as we caught the bottom doing a routine test dive in our earlier patrol,hull was registered at 99.15 integrity.
All routine tests show U-14 to be fully functional with no malfunctions reported.
After we break out into the Skagerrak we will stick close to the Danish/Norwegian coast,then head west into our assigned patrol grid.Using our previously aqquired co-ordinates on our last patrol we hope to put them to good use after our primary objective is complete,as traffic was very high near the French/Frisian coast.
At 21:00 this night we recieved an urgent report from Lehmann News notifying us that the British fleet has been mobilised and that London was beginning to evacuate the public.

End of preliminary report.
.................................................. ................................................

Party time! :woot:

nikbear 06-07-09 08:15 PM

U-65 reporting in,Kaleun Wolfgang Muller.

16.8.40. 1326 Patrol 8
U-65, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: August 16, 1940, 13:26
From: Wilhelmshaven
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AL32

19.8.40. 0950 Grid AN 13 Ship sunk! Large Modern Tanker, 10113 tons
21.8.40. 0359 Grid AM 53 Ship sunk! SS Ironclad (Large Freighter), 8605 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 60. Crew lost:
0406 Grid AM 53 Ship sunk! MV Regent Lion (Large Tanker), 9677 tons. Cargo: Aviation Fuel. Crew: 71. Crew lost: 39
0426 Grid AM 53 Ship sunk! HMS Resolution (Revenge class), 31000 tons. Crew: 1188. Crew lost:
0437 Grid AM 53 Ship sunk! SS American Shipper (Medium Cargo), 3971 tons. Cargo: Explosives. Crew: 47. Crew lost: 27
1614 Grid AM 52 Ship sunk! HMS Mimose (Flower class), 950 tons. Crew: 142. Crew lost: 80
2256 Grid AM 52 Ship sunk! SS Commercial Trader (Small Old Merchant), 2456 tons. Cargo: Grain. Crew: 27. Crew lost: 16
22.8.40. 0449 Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 7
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonage: 66772 tons

:arrgh!:Got a buzz from attacking on the surface at night again,its getting to be addictive :timeout:I'm going to miss it when radar spoils my fun:nope::cry: Oh well:salute:

Pohl 06-07-09 08:50 PM

U-65, Type IXB
Leutnant Rudolf Gräff

Dec 27, 1939

Currently heading to the artic sea got reports of task forces operating in those cold waters, took a passenger/cargo with deck gun (near Scapa Flow), since torpedo detonated prematurely (damn those magnetic pistols :timeout: ) and blowed our perfect approach, when we reached the cold waters of the arctic decided to simulate a crash dive down to 180 meters with no damage in hull, testing U-boat in case of a encounter with some BB or a task force, still got enough diesel for approx 37,000 km @ 8 knots.

Captain Birdseye 06-08-09 07:53 AM

After my update, I spent 2 patrols aboard an IXC (U-505) to be one of the first Kaleun's to operate long distance. This seemed to sap my crews morale as the long distances from friends, family and beer wasn't too good. We did knock up some nice tonnage though, and we're currently floating around three quarters of the way down the aces list.

We then transferred to the Bergen sub base. Time to go back to my faithful VIIC in the form of U-403. We've had some great successes operating against the Murmansk convoys, although it is obvious that anti-submarine warfare is catching up. During one patrol we managed to sink two Corvette's and a Ore Carrier. That showed those darned Brits :arrgh!:. We have stopped using magnetic pistols however, as these seem to be too unreliable and we are losing alot of torpedos.

Our latest patrol saw us pick up two American DD's. We shot two pot shots off at these, and missed! Damn, they're going to be furious. I was right.

We were at 160m and our sub took the worst beating of the war. Every bow compartment was damaged, our stern compartments were flooding, and our port engine was completely destroyed. We sank down to 299m before I ordered to blow all the ballast we had left, and send up decoys. I ordered a hard to port in hope of getting away.

They still kept track of us and we had to have flank speed just to keep level and not sink. This was getting desperate.

We eventually got rid of the flooding via the bilge pumps. We sent up a decoy every 10 minutes or so, then changed course. After 3 dreadful hours of desperation, the DD's lost track of us, and we had got rid of the flooding, and were no longer sinking.

We managed to limp back to port unscathed after that, bar having to dive to periscope depth as two Blenheim's picked us up on radar.

I'm getting too old for this :haha:

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