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TarJak 04-27-09 02:00 AM


Originally Posted by Paul Riley (Post 1090883)
Great reports,keep them coming in :up:

Just a quick chat with you TarJak.You mentioned you reported the convoy's position to Bdu in the hope of getting some assistance from other u-boats.If only I could have had more help the other night,trying to infiltrate and weaken a HUGE convoy (I estimated at least 50 ships plus about 6 warships and a lead escort) seemed too much,if not impossible,by one u-boat anyhow.I didnt even get the chance to report them in as doing so would have meant surfacing and I was well within the screen at that point,and running the risk of being detected with that much military presence was too much for me I felt.The safety of the boat and crew was more important at that time.Early on in the war it was easy to report contacts in,before radar became available etc.
Has anyone ever managed to actually get assistance?,as I know I have'nt,I don't even think I have seen the Luftwaffe ONCE in my campaign :damn::nope:

*bloody Goerring,all wind and piss*

I have seen Herman's fluffy booted flyboys when near enough to a Luftwaffe base for them to get of their backsides and come and assist.

I'm playing mid 1941 right now and I just play realistically in that when a u-boat spotted a convoy they reported it. I dream of having other boats converge on the scene to wreak havoc on the convoy, but in SHIII it is still only a dream.

Leg 04-27-09 06:57 AM

15 June 1940 My IX B U-5 (so sh3cmdr called it) is 350km north of Shetland into a storm; just sunk a tramp steamer with a single torpedo, and given some foodstuff and water to a small life raft of survivors barely floating.
We've half of the fuel, and heading to the Faroe Islands area.

sharkbit 04-27-09 08:24 AM

5th patrol out of La Spezia, March '43.
3 ships sunk so far, mostly to the WNW of Malta, and we have 10 torpedoes, all up front:yeah:.

Took some damage from an ill advised gun battle with the last ship we sunk but we're fixed up with some hull integrity lost but not enough to turn for home.

A couple of days ago, had to dive due to aircraft. Soon after, picked up multiple warships on the hydrophone heading our way. Sighted 3 destroyers sweeping the area but we couldn't get in good position to shoot.
Went a little deeper to let them get out of the area and soon picked up another warship and 2 fast merchants closing. Went back to PD and sighted 2 troop ships escorted by a Captain Class frigate chugging along pretty quick. They were just too fast and we were not in a good position. I thought about a long range shot with about a 160 degree AOB or so but thought it wiser to save torpedoes.
We tried to surface and shadow and report in on them so the flyboys could take care of them but they kept pulling away and we never could get a message off.

Bad weather hit with zero visibility soon after and that has lasted a couple of days. Got a report of a convoy to the SE of Malta heading our way. Plotted an intercept course hoping that the weather will clear.

We are now on their track with moderate visibilty, and rough seas. We just picked up radar signals so things are going to get hot real soon.

Captain Birdseye 04-27-09 11:53 AM

Currently creeping through the Irish Sea with U-48 in November 1939. Spotted an Ore Carrier off the coast of Belfast and took four torps to sink her! The limeys then sent two motor vessels onto my predicted route, and I blew one of them out of the way with the deck gun, crash dived and am now waiting a few hours for the mayhem to subside.

Going to try my luck and see what I can find near Liverpool. Warships are about but don't seem to be aware of us yet.

Famous last words.

Jimbuna 04-27-09 01:41 PM

If your intent on going to Liverpool keep a close eye on anything of value aboard your boat :DL

Captain Birdseye 04-27-09 03:40 PM


We tried our chances into Liverpool. We got as far as viewing the Birkenhead coastline before ASW Trawlers began to get a fix on our position.

Pleased with a bit of sight seeing, we saw a Granville Type Freighter off the coast of Wales.

It took about 10 shots with the deck gun and it was the best fireworks display i've seen in SH3. Then it hit me, imagine sailors on that ship, as it blew its own bulkheads apart.
It reminded me how terrible war is, and how relentless and unforgiving it can be, albeit this was virtual.

I did go over to the life rafts and drop supplies and directions, I felt that bad :oops:.

Lest we forget.

Jimbuna 04-27-09 04:27 PM


Originally Posted by Captain Birdseye (Post 1091709)

Lest we forget.


Paul Riley 04-27-09 05:06 PM

13th October 1942
33 days at sea

Returning to base after successful operations in the N.Atlantic.

Recent events
10th October
Caught by surprise by single bomber,slight cloud,good vis,wind 15,in an area previously thought to be out of Icelandic range,evidently not.Crash dived just in time as bomber opened fire with MGs,no damage.Bombs were dropped,but we were already into our dive.
Allied Air Zones now extended to 2000km.

All torpedoes expended.

Expect to arrive in S.Naz. around 24th-25th October (including 3-4 day delay in the Bay of Biscay).

Patrol Tonnage -
1.S.Merchant (British) - approx 3.000t
1 T3 (American) - approx 11.000t
1 Troop Transport (American) - approx 9000t
1 C3 (British) - Just over 5.000t

Total - 28.000t

Task Force 04-27-09 05:49 PM

North of england. looking for ships... (unsucessfuly.):shifty:

Paul Riley 04-27-09 06:35 PM

13th October 1942

While heading SSE through BD26 onto our final leg east for home a Light Cruiser was spotted on the Western horizon,heading our way :o . He must have picked us up on radar as no radio transmissions of any kind were made in that area,in fact I maintain radio silence as much as possible on my patrols,unless in emergencies etc.I suspect he may have been attached to a local convoy passing in the area or may have been alerted by our recent sinking of a C3 nearby,but cannot be sure.
This is the first time I have actively been detected by a lone warship,without them having no prior reason to know we were there.
I immediately ordered an emergency dive as I saw him increasing speed in our direction,and when we were under made a sharp turn in his direction,in an attempt to undercut his DC (we could'nt be certain if he did in fact carry any DCs) run,which of course didnt come,in fact we werent even pinged at all :smug:
We carried on at 100m/4kts until I decided to surface after about 1.5hrs submerged.There were no visual or sound contact in the area.We made it.
I couldnt tell what type of cruiser it was from the head on view,but a quick glance at the rec.manual identified him as a probable Fiji Class of about 10,000t.I would have loved a shot at him,if only we had some spare torpedoes :nope:

That is all for tonight's action for me,see you tomorrow :up:

zoso791 04-27-09 10:47 PM

January 15, 1940
U-141 (IID)
Just returned from Patrol 5. Sank four ships but was only given credit for three? :wah::damn:. Eight days at sea. Total tonage 9,744.


Brer Rabbit 04-27-09 11:14 PM

And BDU is really Pissed
Looks like I'm off to the Briar Patch when I get home. On my third patrol of my fiest GWX3 career; it is late Oct 39. So Ijust completed my assigned patrol area, north of England, heading south to see if there are any jucy pickins near the western entrance to the channel. Lo and behold the watch spots a jucy large merchant heading NE towards NW england just noth of Ireland. Hot damn says I lets gitter done, and off we go at high speed to get ahead of her. She is traveling at 10Kns so I'm not sparing the horses.
I drew my anticipated course of the ship and placed myself at a 90 degree approach to it with a 90 deg starboard AOB. I submerged rubbing my hands with glee. Heh heh this sucker is going down.
Sonar reports the contact, I have him follow the contact----WTF his course has change and he is on a line of travel that will place him 5000 meters to my stern. No problemo, quick u-turn, flank speed still 90 degree approach but with a port AOB - change AOB entry, keep closing the distance. Alright looks like a good setup. Range 3200 m. AOB port 85 deg. Target large Granville freighter. Fire tube one. Off she goes. I decided that because this was the longest shot That I have attempted, I was going to use only one torp. and dawn was fast approaching and I was approaching shallower water. KAAABOOOM hit right under the stack, freighter slows to a stop with black smoke billowing out of the stern cargo areas. Quick surface and give the "Koop de grass" using the deck gun. Five rounds and down she goes. Submerge return to course and head out of the area, celebrating wildly every one slapping backs and cheering.
Turns out it was a neutral ship. Upon reflection the course change of the target changed its course from towards NW England to Londonderry.
I just hope I can sink enough real targets to make up for this fau paux.

I'd better go back and reread the posts and cautions to make sure of your targer before you punch the button

OH Well

Sgtmonkeynads 04-28-09 05:07 AM

I'm was just northwest of casablanca on my third float. It was pitch black out, all I could see was my reflection in the screen. At first i thought something was wrong. Then I picked up a single contact, just about in front of me but long range. i used the uzo to get bearings and began to close. The single contact turned into two, then three, then a nice little 16 ship convoy, four deep by four abreast. "Nice" i thought seeing just a single destroyer escort plugging along ahead of the pack.

I was reloading my externals when I thought i had better get going and plot a coarse. i figured come up from behind, since I pride my self with the rear shots i make. I looked at the map to double check everything and noticed the ship in the center of the convoy had a much smaller signature than the others. I figured t must be a tug or something. I don't click on the ships with out looking at them first, I keep that rule just to keep it real, sort of.

So there I am sailing on an intercept coarse, when I finnaly get close enough to get a good look at everything. Useing my UZO still i pan across the group heading away from me. I'm just a look'n away when this big dark spot fills my view, "What!" That tug boat ends up being a Battleship!!


I ended up being able to get a perfectt shot right between it's props with three fish, then turned to fire one at a Qship that made me all of a sudden. While lined up with the Qship a modern tanker passed square behind me and got one from my bow tube. I'll admitt that was luck, nothing more. Each actually went down. Then I got the message the BB was going under. All this BEFORE the DD even got to me, so I just laid there waiting for him to begin his run on me.

He was withing the 800 range when i fired, so I thought he would turn out of theway like normal, SOOO.... trying something different I extended My periscope all the way up to see f he would spot it and try to run me over. They have done this before, but I had never gotten a shot off before, AND IT WORKED.

So within about a half hour I sank a battleship,tanker,sneaky merchant, and a destroyer. This left me two more torpedoes and since there were no escorts around I surfaced, sank an armed SCR with the two remaining torps, then two large merchants with my deck gun. Finished off two more small merchants that got hit by friendly fire durring the SCR's little shooting game. All this for little less than more than 78,000 tons in one mission. One of my records so far, i don't know if this was the place to tell that long story, but man that tug boat paid off.

Paul Riley 04-28-09 06:29 AM

Reading that :rotfl:---> monkeynads <--- :rotfl:you were lucky,to not have been fired upon once during the whole engagement.Maybe your proximity to the convoy sort of shielded you somewhat,preventing the BB and DD from wanting to attack so close to their convoy :hmmm:

Nice one mate.

Paul Riley 04-28-09 07:46 AM

Continued from my previous entry...(sorry about some of the useless information here,it keeps me busy.Its just a copy of my exact notes I make in game on paper) ;)

13th Oct 1942
Day 33
After our earlier sighting of the light cruiser I came to PD after 1.5hrs submerged.LC was nowhere to be seen,no sound signature either.
Dark now.Weather no change.
3100km from S.Naz,about 7-9 days away.
Lowered speed to 8kts,fuel dwindling at this rate,below 25%.
14th Oct
Day 34
Light time.Nothing more to note.
Day 35.
No change.
BD66.On our final leg east towards France.Approx 2700km from base,9 days away.
After a long spell of clear weather,it finally broke.
Clouds heavy,medium rain,Fog heavy,wind 15 south westerly.Decided to make regular dives during darkness in these conditions,as will be unable to see incoming threats,of any kind,plus unable to use radar in these seas,rendered blind.
Dived 50m,speed slow,attempt to ride out storm.
Day 36.Surface when light,more visibility during daylight.
Surfaced.10 hrs submerged.
No change.
Day 37.
Nothing more.
Surfaced,10hrs sm.
Recharge time +4hrs.
Changed speed to 9kts,seems we have slightly more reserves than previously thought.Making about 8kts in this sea.
BE54.Approx 2000km to go.
From here on will attempt a run on the surface at night,as such conditions may also affect the enemy's capabilities,except for their radar of course,but I am hoping our detector will pick up their signals giving us time to dive in advance.
Day 38
No change.
Uneventful night.Will repeat from here on out.Standard anti aircraft measures to be implemented as soon as we enter the British AZ.
Day 39
We have now entered the British Air Zone (BAZ),and now comes the dreaded Biscay Gauntlet :nope:
Emergency stations by everyone.Lets hope this storm lasts and shields us from the relentless air attacks.A brief moment is shared by everyone now,leaving him with his own thoughts for a few minutes.Report is sent in to HQ notifying them of our position and that we are almost home.It has been many weeks since they last heard from us,they may be thinking the worst.
Patrol Tonnage

End of report.

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