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VONHARRIS 11-01-11 02:30 AM

U-122 IXB
Patrol No 9

U-122 was lost with all hands on 02 April 1941 at grid AM02 during a conovy attack.

Back to 1939. :cry:

andwii 11-01-11 06:39 AM

My condolances to the Crew and commander of U-122.

My report will be coming in soon, having some radio troubles, cant seem to send longer messages.

Sent to New York, infiltrated, sank an ocean liner, large tanker, medium cargo. Weather conditions poor. Collided with sub net, bow torpedo damage repaired. Depth charged on way out, near sunk, flooded. Set course for Lorient, limped home. 50 KM from Lorient.

VONHARRIS 11-01-11 11:03 AM


Originally Posted by andwii (Post 1778191)
My condolances to the Crew and commander of U-122.

My report will be coming in soon, having some radio troubles, cant seem to send longer messages.

Sent to New York, infiltrated, sank an ocean liner, large tanker, medium cargo. Weather conditions poor. Collided with sub net, bow torpedo damage repaired. Depth charged on way out, near sunk, flooded. Set course for Lorient, limped home. 50 KM from Lorient.

Thank you.
Awaiting your safe return to drink for your sucesses!

New career started : U-102 VIIB completed her shakedown patrol. Qualifications were given to the crew.
late August 1939
U-102 is ready to sail for BF18 for her first war patrol.

VONHARRIS 11-01-11 02:49 PM

U-102 VIIB
Patrol No 2
Orders : Patrol grid BF18

28 August 1939
09:02 hours U-102 departed from Wilhelmshaven

10 September 1939
Grid BF17
03:50 hours MV Aristophanes (Tanker 16), 10678 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 50. Crew lost: 44
03:54 hours SS Tunisia (Medium Merchant 25), 4347 tons. Cargo: Steel. Crew: 30. Crew lost: 9

12 September 1939
Grid BF17
17:57 hours HMS Dungeness F 46 (Convoy repair ship), 5215 tons. Crew: 158. Crew lost: 80

13 October 1939
Grid AN41
20:33 hours SS Melmore Head (Medium Merchant 08), 5281 tons. Cargo: Coffee. Crew: 79. Crew lost: 11

18 October 1939
16:18 hours U-102 first war patrol was over
No damages or casualties
52 days at sea
4 ships sunk
25521 tons sunk

andwii 11-01-11 06:30 PM

Long story short, U-510 was sent on her first patrol under my command to about 150 KM south of New York. After spending little over 2 days patrol in the grid, and getting no results I ordered a very bold move of getting into New York Harbor. The crew were not very enthusiastic as it was likely would might not make it home. On the way I caught my Sonar man sleeping on the job. That man has the the firing squad coming I think.

After throwing another man on Sonar, a whole slew of ships were detected. The weather was so bad you could not see more then 10 meters off the bow at night. A merchant moving fast was detected, and we went to intercept. We got to close to fire off our torpedoes when he was spotted. It was an ocean liner. I was forced to let her go, but no for long as she was heading right for the New York Harbor.

We got into the harbor fairly easy, but we did hit the sub net, causing some damage, which was repaired. Them Toms are so stupid, no patrol craft other then motor boats. we worked our way through the harbor looking for the Ocean Liner, and found her way up the Harbor at the end. A spread of 2 torpedoes were launched at her, both hitting and sinking her.

On the way out, in the periscope I noticed a brightly light up ship, with the flag of Argentina. Bummer, but right next to her was a large tanker. A few cheers erupted from my crew, which was quickly quieted. With my 2 other torpedoes loaded she was sunk. Again on the way out a medium sized merchant was encountered. I was not going to stick around much longer to make sure one torpedo would sink her, so again 2 were launched and she went down. With those all launched, and earlier in the patrol using many torpedoes, when the weapons officer thought it would be funny to leave manual input on. While trying to hit the Ocean Liner when first encountered on its way to New York. Anyway only two internal torpedoes were left and loaded. On the way out we got a sound contact of a merchant heading right for us. The position was set, and one torpedo was launched with a dud. After making the adjustments to torpedo depth, we launched the last Torpedo, which hit just above her stern and detonating.

Once out of the harbor by 30 KM, I ordered the ship to surface, get some distance then periscope again, but before we could periscope again, 1 destroyer was in an attack run. I had no internal torpedoes at the time, so had to take the Depth charging. Surprisingly we escaped this encounter with only mild flooding, and down to 90% or so of hull damage.

Once this encounter was over, and the destroyer was long gone, we surfaced and started to put our internals in. We only got 2 in when the weather cleared up, and like always our watch crew failed to warn me of 2 destroyers on an attack run. We quickly periscoped, and I sent 2 torpedoes at the closest Destroyer. The first missed, and the second hit its mark.


We crash dove, and suffered more depth charging, causing some major flooding. We were fearing for our lives, and it was almost over, with the ship closing onto 100 meters, and having almost one compartment full of water. I'm not sure who was watching on us that night, but someone up there saved our lives. The flooding was fixed, and we leveled off at 100 meters.

Now began the process of saving the ship from future DD's. No damage was sustained afterward, and after about 40 minutes of playing cat and mouse, the destroyer gave up. It was after this that the crew and I agreed to head for home. After this last attack, we had no more encounters, and made it home 25 days on sea. I, Josef Schrein was promoted to Oberleutnant z. S. after arrival back at Lorient. The crew received one promotion, 2 Iron Cross second classes, and 1 First class Iron Cross.

Word from BdU is our next patrol will be sending us to south of Cuba. Should be an interesting experience...

Wish us luck.

Oberleutnant z. S. Josef Schrein, U-510

roadrage 11-01-11 08:56 PM

Oberleutnant z. S. Ernst Klein commanding U-53.

Ugh, the North Atlantic in winter. My men are beat nearly to death. After an uneventful patrol grid search, I decided to head to Iceland. I heard rumors British convoys were running to and from Reykjavik. These rumors turned out to be true. Plus, this one was escorted by 4 Black swan frigates that had crews who must have been fresh out of training. They couldn't have found their butts with both hands, a flashlight, and a map. It's bad when you can attack with all tubes, and then cruise around inside the convoy at ahead full and remain undetected.:doh:


30.1.40. 1106 Patrol 5
U-53, 7th/13th Flotilla
Left at: January 30, 1940, 11:06
From: Kiel
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AM11

Convoy Battle
18.2.40. 2211 Grid AD 82 Ship sunk! SS Campos (Granville-type Freighter), 4708 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 66. Crew lost: 10
Grid AD 82 Ship sunk! SS Garoufalia (Granville-type Freighter), 4707 tons. Cargo: Foodstuffs. Crew: 82. Crew lost: 4
Grid AD 82 Ship sunk! SS Sea Fiddler (Large Cargo), 8576 tons. Cargo: Textiles. Crew: 35. Crew lost: 8
2329 Grid AD 82 Ship sunk! SS Port Adelaide (Ore Carrier), 8083 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 61. Crew lost: 54
19.2.40. 0226 Grid AD 82 Ship sunk! SS City of Yokohama (Empire-type Freighter), 7793 tons. Cargo: Aircraft. Crew: 65. Crew lost: 16
0228 Grid AD 82 Ship sunk! SS Empire Gilbert (Empire-type Freighter), 7794 tons. Cargo: Military Stores. Crew: 79. Crew lost: 15
0239 Grid AD 82 Ship sunk! MV Agatha (Intermediate Tanker), 3491 tons. Cargo: Aviation Fuel. Crew: 18. Crew lost: 3
0248 Grid AD 82 Ship sunk! SS Exceller (Medium Cargo), 4241 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 47. Crew lost: 45
0514 Grid AD 82 Ship sunk! SS Sturdy Beggar (Medium Cargo), 4041 tons. Cargo: Mail/Packages. Crew: 64. Crew lost: 40
22.2.40. 0323 Docked at Belchen supply ship.
Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 9
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 53434 tons
All torpedoes expended
No damages.
Informed by radio I was awarded the Knight's Cross, and that U-122 has been lost.

andwii 11-01-11 10:07 PM

Current grid EE38, 1,100 Km from patrol grid. 0 contacts and some pretty crappy weather. It got great for awhile, but then back to crap. Its currently April 14th 1942.

Fish In The Water 11-01-11 11:39 PM


Originally Posted by roadrage (Post 1778675)
It's bad when you can attack with all tubes, and then cruise around inside the convoy at ahead full and remain undetected.:doh:

Bad though it may be, I could handle that a little more often... :03:

eschemschnuz 11-02-11 02:38 AM

Eschem Schnuz's Letters, 7th Flotilla
Dear Onkel Karl,

Transferred again, huh?

I've always wanted to visit Norway. Maybe I'll get to do some sightseeing in between patrols, learn to ski or something.
Certainly sounds a better proposition than, say, running the gauntlet that is the Bay of Biscay. Took me 3 days to get by one single grid, if you can believe it!

Funnily enough, the waters off the Irish coast aren't as infested with bees. Who knows, maybe the enemy believes the war will be over soon.

And who knows, maybe we'll both get to see it when it's done.

Realism @ 70%, original game specs.
Docked at Bergen after 16 days (5 RTd inclusive).

Respectfully yours,

PS: About time I got the U-Boat clasp; seems like everyone else on the boat has one except me!

VONHARRIS 11-02-11 03:53 AM

U-102 VIIB
Patrol No 3
Orders : Patrol grid AM41 and around Rockall Bank

14 November 1939
10:52 hours Patrol start from Wilhelmshaven

18 November 1939
Grid AN41
07:10 hours SS Lagarto (Medium Merchant 07), 5036 tons. Cargo: Coffee. Crew: 35. Crew lost: 2

26 November 1939
Grid AM19
00:19 hours SS Kosmos III (Whale Factory Ship), 17330 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 182. Crew lost: 167

27 November 1939
Grid AM18 - Convoy attack
02:14 hours SS Orangeleaf (Tanker 05), 5007 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 19. Crew lost: 15
Damaged a converted whale factory ship

11 December 1939
Grid AM01 - convoy battle
Damaged a Revenge class battleship and a tanker 07

28 December 1939
Started return trip

04 January 1940
19:35 hours Docked at port
52 days at sea
10 torpedoes + 57 8.8cm rounds used
3 ships sunk
27373 tons
No damages or casualties

Commissioned the new U-109 IXB Uboot.

VONHARRIS 11-02-11 09:47 AM

U-109 IXB
Patrol No 4
My IWO was transferred to take command of U-102 VIIB.
The IIWO took his place and a substitute officer arrived.

31 January 1940
00:42 hours U-109 left port for grid AD83

03 February 1940
Grid AN41
09:13 hours ALARM! Crash dive to avoid aircraft
11:35 hours Surfaced
11:44 hours ALARM! Crash dive to avoid aircraft
19:30 hours Surfaced

04 February 1940
Grid AN14
12:00 hours ALARM! Crash dive to avoid aircraft. DCs dropped but no damage was done. Stayed submerged
12:15 hours Periscope depth - sound contact with merchant
12:29 hours Visual contact
12:58 hours SS Camerata (Medium Merchant 09), 3185 tons. Cargo: Sulfur. Crew: 56. Crew lost: 4

19 February 1940
Grid AD83 - Convoy battle
08:17 hours SS San Tiburcio (Tanker 05), 5007 tons. Cargo: Gasoline. Crew: 27. Crew lost: 18
08:17 hours SS Sprucebay (Coastal Freighter), 1871 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 34. Crew lost: 14
08:18 hours SS Ledaal (Medium Merchant 11), 3129 tons. Cargo: Grain. Crew: 41. Crew lost: 28
Damaged an ammunitions ship

24 February 1940
Grid AD82 - convoy battle
07:02 hours SS Brumaire (Tanker 10), 6581 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 33. Crew lost: 16
Damaged a medium cargo 22

28 February 1940
Grid AD83 - convoy battle
21:00 hours SS Athos II (Large Troop Ship), 23515 tons. Cargo: Troops. Crew: 165. Crew lost: 123
All internal torpedoes expended

29 February 1940
The weather is awful. Moving external torps out of the question. Started return trip

11 March 1940
17:55 hours Docked at port.
During the return passage U-109 had to let 3 single ships and a huge convoy pass due to empty torpedo tubes
41 days at sea
6 ships sunk
43288 tons
No damages or casualties
All internal torpedoes expended - no 10,5 cm round used

Old Timer UK 11-02-11 06:19 PM

Patrol Status
U-47 at Sea (BF15) on fifth day of Patrol Number 4.

Left St. Nazaire on 23rd January 1941 at 10:26, en-route to BE67.

Ships sunk:

24th January 1941. Large Cargo, 8576 tons (BF24) - sunk by two torps (impact fused). Initial attack made on surface but cargo was armed, and firing accurately, so submerged to lessen risk of damage to sub. Decided that size of target justified use of torps.

27th January 1941. Granville-type Freighter, 4707 tons (BF15) - sunk by one, impact fused, torp.

Weather awful at present. Seas very high and visibility poor. Was lucky to blunder into most recent victim.

This patrol is going much, much better than third patrol. In that patrol, I botched a convoy attack, off the coast of Eire and was held down by escorts from 18:00 until 02:45. My sole victory was the sinking by gunfire of a small merchant, in BF13.

Fish In The Water 11-02-11 07:10 PM

Thanks for your first report and welcome aboard Old Timer! :salute:

roadrage 11-02-11 08:19 PM

Oberleutnant z. S. Ernst Klein commanding U-53.

Ran into a large convoy just SSE of Iceland again. Midnight submerged attack. I must say, this time the escorts had a clue! They actually managed to shoot my attack scope off. Knocked 6 ships out of that one, and headed for home. Reloaded N of England when the weather decided to cooperate. Found one lone ship after that. It is good to be home.


23.2.40. 1353 Patrol 6
U-53, 7th/13th Flotilla
Left at: February 23, 1940, 13:53
From: Belchen Supply Ship

28.2.40. 2347 Grid AD 58 Ship sunk! SS Indier (Medium Tanker), 9543 tons. Cargo: Textiles. Crew: 62. Crew lost: 1
2347 Grid AD 58 Ship sunk! SS Asperity (Coastal Freighter), 1870 tons. Cargo: Paper Products. Crew: 22. Crew lost: 6
2353 Grid AD 58 Ship sunk! SS City of Madras (Large Merchant), 8632 tons. Cargo: Steel. Crew: 73. Crew lost: 27
0006 Grid AD 58 Ship sunk! SS Arendskerk (Large Merchant), 8630 tons. Cargo: Explosives. Crew: 66. Crew lost: 21
0007 Grid AD 58 Ship sunk! MV Dodata (Intermediate Tanker), 3491 tons. Cargo: Aviation Fuel. Crew: 17. Crew lost: 9
0011 Grid AD 58 Ship sunk! SS African Dawn (Medium Cargo), 5511 tons. Cargo: Tobacco. Crew: 62. Crew lost: 31
8.3.40. 0233 Grid AN 34 Ship sunk! SCF, 2364 tons
9.3.40. 1204 Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 7
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 40041 tons
1 Torpedo left
U-boat damaged (HI 97.11%)

Angelo Cire 11-03-11 02:48 AM

U83, Type VIIC, March 1940.

On patrol out of Wilhelmshaven. Invasion of Norway begun. Ordered to CG85. Missing out on all the action.

Spotted a convoy north of Blythe. Engaged two large cargo transports.
Four torpedoes fired. 3 impacts.

Escort wrecked conning tower, aft crew quarters.
Heavy flooding. Sank to the bottom at 75m.

Damage control crews fight to keep the water at bay. A&B Class circles above.

26 hours later, flooding is under control. One heavy transport is floundering in the water, propulsion dead.

16 hours later, escort moves away. Waited four hours, blew ballast, surfaced.

Immediately spotted by the transport.

Begin maneuvers to fire aft torpedo to finish off transport.

When nearly set up, round impacted conning tower. 3 crewmen dead.
A&B Class returned, fired a long-range (lucky) shot.

Make engines ahead flank, snap-shot the aft torpedo. Miss.

Crash-dive, rig for silent, begin slow circles.

Can hear the A&B Class overhead.

Torpedo impact heard. Silence. Bulkheads collapsing.

A&B Class no longer audible. Wait for 3 hours. Surface.

Large transport still afloat. A&B Class gone. Remnants of an oil-slick present.

Conclusion: Final torpedo impacted A&B Class. Sunk.

:D :D :D :D :D

Headed to Corrientes for refit and refuel.

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