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vdr1981 09-13-16 08:01 AM


Originally Posted by Ashikaga (Post 2433972)
Is there any way we can see how injured our officers are ?

Would be quite good if that could be modded into the game somehow.


You mean like blood and gore all over the U-boat? :D

Did you find your grid chart?:hmm2:

Tony Tea 09-13-16 10:33 AM

A simple problem?

Originally Posted by vdr1981 (Post 2345885)
When reporting a problem/bug/CTD, please make sure to provide answers to following questions:

- How much familiar are you with basic computer operations and modding in general?
- Experienced SH player or a newcomer?
- Confirm that the game is patched to official v1.2.0 version.
- Do you use Steam version of the game?
- Did you check provided install instructions, FAQ and tips and did you find them understandable enough?
- Specify mods you're using and state your mod order (use "Export activated mods list to" JSGME function).
- If you use any unsupported mods, remove them, reinstall the game according to install notes/start new campaign and make sure that the issue still persist.
- Make sure to provide as much details as possible when describing the situation when problem/bug/CTD can be observed. What should we do in order to reproduce this issue?
- A number of screenshots can be very useful too.

Any report with less details or report like "HELP MY GAME CTD RANDOMLY ALL THE TIME :/\\!!:timeout::down::hmph: !!!" is not helpful at all and it will only cause confusion.
Be thorough in your bug reports so we can diagnose, fix or discard the issue with less time consuming efforts, otherwise we wont see much use of it...

In my original clean install (with the 16.5 upgrade added), I clearly had a perfect UZO and BINOCULARS, After a few glitches elsewhere in the game , I made a complete clear out and reinstalled completely, This time the upgrade was 16.9 and now, when I try to access the UZO or BINOCULARS they appear for a second and are quickly replaced with the PERISCOPE screen. I am now on my 4th new install - at least I am no longer struggling with the installation any more:haha:

vdr1981 09-13-16 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by Tony Tea (Post 2434000)
I am now on my 4th new install - at least I am no longer struggling with the installation any more:haha:

See how simple it is? :D

But what are you trying to accomplish? If you have ever looked trough binoculars , you would know that what you see is actually one circle, not two...:yep:

Von_Stolzenberg 09-13-16 01:22 PM

All Hands on Deck, auslaufen zur 4. Feindfahrt.

God damn I really got minus reputation for sinking the american Transport...

Btw the Mega mod gives such neg reputation, but BdU tells you to attack every Shipping moving agressively and without Lights lit up. I noticed that only Hospital ships have modelled lights on their Superstructure.
A bit missleading I would say =(
how should I recognise what ship is what, when they do not have lights?

Lanzfeld 09-13-16 02:17 PM

Have you ever thought about adding this U-jagd graph to the charts on board since we don't have the U-jagd chrono?

Ashikaga 09-13-16 03:05 PM

Hahaha I never lost the grid chart. I just said that I hoped it was not removed in the update because I use it regularly.

What I meant by how injured is the crew is that I would like to know what the injuries are and how soon they might be back on their feet hahahahaha. Also, wounded crew should not shout the entire time. They are not infantry deafened by explosions nor should they feel well enough to shout the entire time in my ears.

Giving XP points to the Horcher who is the medic could help, dunno about crew management and if it at all works since at the moment only my Navigator is visibly motivated while the rest are on two or three gold balls and the lines are red, not blue.

Look at the slumped over gunner of my poor He-111 after a Spit got me near Dunkirk. (idiot clipped his wing when he hit my rudder which I also lost then and there...)

That is what I want.

And I would, if possible at all, also one day like to see some U boat damage modelling (see the damage to my He-111 ?) but I an not sure how many in the modding community are well versed in changing textures, bitmaps, polygons etcetera to add dents, ripped metal, holes, torn away plating, destroyed flak guns or other outside and inside damage in these subs.

To be honest to see my crew all standing around nice and fine while the forward torpedo room is 99% flooded is kind of ridiculous ;)


By the way there is a great binocular mod. Add that to your mod list and your UZO and looking glass pirate style problem is gone.

Just do not know how to attach it here.

Look for :

Binoculars with bearing by Torpedo v1


THEBERBSTER 09-13-16 03:31 PM

2 new YouTube episodes from Potus.
Includes how to send an Enigma message tutorial.
Post #150 Let's Play Silent Hunter 5, The Wolves Of Steel Modpack By Potus < New

THEBERBSTER 09-13-16 03:40 PM

Hi Lanzfeld

since we don't have the U-jagd chrono?
Right click with your mouse on the stopwatch face/dial.

THEBERBSTER 09-13-16 03:55 PM

From TheNorseCast a new YouTube video from Shaefer.
Post #236 Shaefer’s 2016 Season 3 Silent Hunter 5 (TWOS v1.05) YouTube Videos

Lanzfeld 09-13-16 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by THEBERBSTER (Post 2434083)
Hi Lanzfeld
Right click with your mouse on the stopwatch face/dial.

Ha! Love it!

Ashikaga 09-13-16 05:01 PM

HAHAHAHAHAHA Potus' prize stolen by the Luftwaffe !

As a Ju-88 Pilot I can really appreciate that !!



Von_Stolzenberg 09-13-16 05:41 PM

Finally my first Konvoi spotted. 27 Ships, 4 Q Ships and 23 freighters of various sizes...

5 ships Sunk! 36500 BRT and one Q-Ship damaged... but the damn Sailors saved her while I had to break off.

while I was inside the Konvoi one of the Freighters rammed me, Attack persicope is destroyed and my hull is badly damaged. But no flodding!

I wish I culd attack the Konvoi with my Deckgun... but I am too afraid of that armed Freighters. Still sending a Fühlungsmeldung to BdU... I hope they send more Wolves in! (would be awesome if this would be a true MMO haha)

Edit: My Report said 45.600 BRT in the end and 6 Ships sunk

Ashikaga 09-13-16 06:22 PM


Hahahaha if it was a true MMO we would also need people on the British side



WildBlueYonder 09-13-16 07:17 PM

Well we can hope that in the future...with new tools maybe. :)

LesBaker 09-13-16 07:20 PM


Originally Posted by Von_Stolzenberg (Post 2434048)
A bit missleading I would say =(
how should I recognise what ship is what, when they do not have lights?

Don't engage until you can recognize the FLAG !! :har:


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