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THEBERBSTER 02-16-16 01:58 PM

This was never a problem before but now with the map contacts all being black I am struggling to recognize the contacts flags in the periscope due to having cataracts in both of my eyes as they no longer focus properly as they used to.
Due NHS cutbacks in the UK they will not operate until I cannot read a car number plate at a certain distance.
In the meantime I have to cope with my eyes progressively worsening.
Is there any way that I can get the colors to show on the maps again? Not having tales is not an issue.

Koranis 02-16-16 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by Jimbuna (Post 2381863)
Did it not cross your mind it is possible that nobody may have been able to help?

It certainly wouldn't be the first time and I doubt it will be the last.

It certainly crossed my mind that someone could say "sorry, can't help", at the very least. I was asking for help for 2 days so it's not that I "expected" a fast customer service feedback.

Koranis 02-16-16 03:00 PM


Originally Posted by gap (Post 2381864)
I am sorry to say that, but your sarcasm is out of place here.

It's sad how plea for help is being ignored and a bit of sarcasm gets noticed by everybody so much that they have to comment on that.

Sailor Steve 02-16-16 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by Koranis (Post 2381903)
It certainly crossed my mind that someone could say "sorry, can't help", at the very least. I was asking for help for 2 days so it's not that I "expected" a fast customer service feedback.

If everyone who read a post but couldn't help posted to said so, we might have two or three pages of people saying "Sorry, can't help". Would that be better.

I am currently downloading the file just to make sure it's okay, and so far it's downloading just fine for me. So I guess I can't help either.

Koranis 02-16-16 04:44 PM

I managed to download it in the end, but thank you for verifying it for me.

gap 02-16-16 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by Koranis (Post 2381904)
It's sad how plea for help is being ignored and a bit of sarcasm gets noticed by everybody so much that they have to comment on that.

I addressed you in a polite way, didn't I? I tried to explain why your query didn't get any answer. I even wished you a good day and a good gaming experience. Comments by other users were on the same line. On the other hand, what we get from you is sarcasm + sarcasm, and not a word of thanks for the mod you are using anyway and for the long hours vdr1981 and other modders have spent on it. In my opinion, THIS is sad.

What else can I say, if not that with this sort of attitude you wont get many friends around here? It would be a shame, because this is a friendly, helpful community, but you are still in time to amend yourself :03:

Have a nice evening :salute:

Koranis 02-16-16 07:51 PM

Oh, please, don't get melodramatic, I've never said anything offensive to you nor to the creator of the mod. But if my mildly sarcastic comment did offend you, then, well, I am sorry, that wasn't my intention.

Now, please just go back to your usual conversations and ignore me just like you did when I asked for help, before my mildly sarcastic posts attracted your attention.

Good evening to you, sir.

Koranis 02-16-16 07:59 PM

Wow, vdr1981, for me this compilation is the equivalent of GWX for SH3. I've been using many of these excellent mods already but it was years ago and when I recently dusted off my SH5 and checked my "mods" folder I got instant headache. How was I going to track down the correct order for this stuff? Plus I've always had some crashes so maybe I needed a better install order anyway.

With this mod I can just play the game without worrying, thank you mate!

EDIT: What happens if I add my own compilation of sounds? I know, "don't add any other mods..." but these are sounds, shouldn't cause any CTDs?...

ThaFr0ggy 02-16-16 08:49 PM


I have a problem with the modpack.

If I put my speed to flank speed, then go to periscope depth and put speed to 0 knots the submarine stays at 6 knots all the time. If I reverse, the speed goes down a little bit and if i put speed to 0 knots again, the sub accelerates back to 6 knots.

Mod list:

1. The Wolves of Steel 1.05
2. The Wolves of Steel 1.05 - Update No. 03
3. The Wolves of Steel 1.05 - Real Navigation_by TheDarkWraith
Dragons WoS Addon
BRF 1.3 lite
Das Boot Crew Mod For SH5
Damage assessment

I am thankful for any help.

Sorry for any language mistakes, english isn't my native language.

Aktungbby 02-16-16 10:17 PM

Welcome aboard!
ThaFr0ggy!:Kaleun_Salute: a bit tardy forgive our manners!

vdr1981 02-17-16 02:08 AM

@ Koranis
You should be fine as long as you don't overwrite sh.sdl file.

@ Thefroggy
Read documentation, remove incompatible mods and reinstall the game...

Cybermat47 02-17-16 02:15 AM

vdr, I was digging around the files, and I noticed that the campaigns in TWoS still have victory points programmed for the campaigns. Does TWoS just make the victory points invisible in the game itself? If so, still an improvement.

Also, if the above is the case, do we have to edit our save files to access 'Major Victory' campaigns such as 'Operation Drumbeat'? Or have you made it so that all you need to do to access these campaigns is to survive the previous one?

ThaFr0ggy 02-17-16 02:44 AM

Does it make a difference if you enable TDW generic patcher before you enable the modpack with JSGME?

palmic 02-17-16 03:25 AM

I recommend to any newbie - do not install any extra mod on the top of the Wolves of steel. The point of this modpack is to turn totally stupid game (vanilla sh5) back to great simulator.
It contains many awesome mods to look great and some others to have great control of your sub.

However there still are some behaviour patterns what you have to do, or how to save game to not experience crashes and so, so read first page of this thread carefully and you'll have best sub sim ever.

THEBERBSTER 02-17-16 06:14 AM


Dragons WoS Addon
This was for version v1.2 not for later TWOS versions.


BRF 1.3 lite
Cannot be used with TWOS


Damage assessment
Do not need this.


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