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Leg 04-11-10 06:31 PM

having played sh4 a little.. now back to the ol' sh3 gwx, ready to start a new career.

Paul Riley 04-12-10 09:18 AM

Ahh,the BOLDness of it all

Originally Posted by Leandros (Post 1355829)
Patrol 3 - U-123 - Dec. 3rd. 1943 08:00 - outside Lorient

Just left Lorient for BF32. Yes, that is east of Isle of Wight, just outside the RN Portsmouth base.

Last patrol gave an interesting experience. Was approaching Reykjavik, Iceland, when attacked by two destroyers. One of them managed to damage our scopes with a lucky shot while we were submerged. Both scopes got stuck, very little space below the hull. What to do? Luckily, we had saved 2 type V Zaunkønigs in the front torpedo room, one was loaded. Managed to sidestep the first run-over and went full speed to give some space. Then, by using the sonar fired the first type V manually in the general direction, according to the sonar signals. We heard it join with the noise from the destroyer and, BLAAHH. Up it went. Started to load the second one to try the same with the second destroyer. However, it was in cue, so it took 1:30 before loading could start. In the meantime we maneuvered for time. Made good use of the Bold which diverted the next attack. At the same time the second Type V was loaded we had another manual solution and off it went. And good! After that we could surface and repair the scopes. As they still were sticky I decided to return to base.

Patrol 3 - U-123 - Dec. 4th. 1943 21:12 - kvadrant BF31

A large enemy task force approaching from the east. At least 8 ships. 2 Southamptons identified and seemingly some larger behind.

Ive never used Bold cannisters before,so I have a few questions about them -
- whats the general idea,deploy one and then change course for a short duration?
- how long does the decoy last?
- and lastly,are they effective against ALL pursuers?,what I mean is do the more experienced pursuers see beyond the decoy and not fall for the trick?

Cheers mate :up:

unterseemann 04-12-10 10:20 AM

31/01/1942- Lorient
U-125 (Kptlt Konrad Tietz)docked today at 11:21 am after a 71 days patrol in the north atlantic.
7 ships sunk for 34368 tons.
This was the 10th and last patrol for Konrad Tietz who received the knight cross with oak leaves, swords and diamonds for having sunken 383880 tons of ennemy shipping during his carreer.
The former 1st wo Dieter Haguenau is now the new captain of U-125.

pickinthebanjo 04-12-10 10:52 AM

Patrol 12
U-52, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: December 11, 1940, 20:11
From: Lorient
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AM34

0647 Grid BF 17 Ship sunk! SS Zaandam (Troop Transport), 8279 tons. Cargo: Passengers. Crew: 209. Crew lost: 190

1430 Grid BF 42 Ship sunk! SS Victoria City (Granville-type Freighter), 4708 tons. Cargo: Machinery. Crew: 62. Crew lost: 43

1610 Grid BF 15 Ship sunk! SS Kilissi (Small Merchant), 2396 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 41. Crew lost: 10

0838 Grid AM 87 Ship sunk! SS African Sun (Medium Cargo), 5081 tons. Cargo: Sugar. Crew: 44. Crew lost: 6

1520 Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! HMS Bryony (Flower class), 950 tons. Crew: 145. Crew lost: 82

1531 Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! SS Southern Empress (Whale Factory Ship), 12017 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 109. Crew lost: 82

1540 Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! HMS Revenge (Revenge class), 28000 tons. Crew: 1194. Crew lost: 131

1546 Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! SS Empire Heritage (Whale Factory Ship), 12016 tons. Cargo: Gasoline. Crew: 90. Crew lost: 67

1856 Grid AM 2 Ship sunk! MV Teakwood (Large Tanker), 9677 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 36. Crew lost: 6

1246 Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 9
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 83124 tons

And I finaly got that promotion i wanted to KAPITÄNLEUTNANT

There should have been another ore carrier but some 63 88mm shells and over 1000 20mm shells later she still was going strong.
Never did end up hitting my patrol grid

Paul Riley 04-12-10 04:35 PM

U-48 strikes again!
War diary of U-48

16th Dec 1939,
20th day at sea
On our return home from a very successful 2nd patrol in BF11-BF14 I decided to submerge through the entire transit through AM51 as this area looks to cut right across the north west approach from N.Ireland.And as luck would have it we picked up a sound contact at 15:06. I brought the UBoat up and observed the ship for a good 30 mins at extreme range and confirmed it as a British/Canadian outbound medium merchant on course 281 doing 10kts.I raced ahead for a good hour trying to get into our attack position but this was not quite enough as her smoke was still visible in the far distance and our final interception track would be cutting it fine to say the least,so to put us well clear I extended the run another hour and set up for a stern shot at approx 700m from her track.
At 16:51 the merchant came into view practically bang on time,then I brought the Uboat down to 12m.I waited until it passed the 200 bearing point then fired an impact torpedo from tube 5 set to a depth of 5m aimed at the foremast.Torpedo impacted slightly aft of the bridge probably due to it spotting the torpedo wake in the fading light and she tried to speed up at the last moment.Ideally the shot should have been performed closer but I decided 700m was still a good distance with the current lighting conditions.
I surfaced and put approx 20rds of HE fire into her hull and she capsized to port after around 15mins for 4.765 GRT.
We will make another dive as we round the top of Scotland just as we did in AM51 and then it will be plain sailing across the old North Sea,hopefully without incident.
Patrol report has been sent in and no doubt Doenitz and his pals are having the biggest pillow fight EVER from our good news! We expect to join them in about 5 days if all goes well,just in time for a grand Christmas piss up with the boys,then I wil leave to spend the next two weeks with my dear old mother.

Patrol total - 7 merchants sunk for 41.723 GRT
Weather - optimal,not even a breeze or slight squall since we left port , wind speed - 0
Armament - 1 stern torpedo left , 125 rds HE shells
Fuel - approx 4000 km moving at full speed
ETA back to Wilhemshaven - 5 days or so

Kpt. Kurt Neulinger

gazpode_l 04-13-10 04:07 AM


RW Time: 02:12 (Sat 10th Apr)
Game Time: 00:41 15/11/1940
Pos: Aprox Mid Irish Sea, SW of Hollyhead
Ships Sunk: 3
ASW Trawler (2x Torps), FAST Torp Boat (Deck/Flak Gun), Small Tanker (1x Torp)
Torps left: 19
GRT: 2,600 Aprox
Am calling it a nyte now but may get chance to carry on if not out tomorrow(tonight)
PS: Second patrol, but re-started as save became corrupt and game wldn't load, just CDT each time.
Finally got time to do another sesh yesterday after a long two days (Friday/Saturday) away from my hunting games and no session sunday night as I'd spent a lovely evening relaxing with my new partner! (Yay!)

Anyway back onto the nitty gritty of hunting enemy shipping. My game resumed after i'd just sunk a small tanker. I proceeded north towards holyhead and after a couple of hours of motoring I submerged to have a listen. My suprise was quite evident when I detected another merchant, on roughly the same bearing where I had found my previous target.

Another hr of motoring in the opposite direction found yet again my contact behind me when I next had a listen. So I turned towards the contact making sure I WAS bang on course and headed off on surface at flank speed, only using a max of 8x compression for a short time. Before long I had the cry "Merchant Spotted!"

"There you ARE dear!!!" came the shout from the conning tower (my crew looking a little confused as to why I would be referring to such an animal at this stage)
The Merchant was solitary medium cargo dead ahead, which seemed quite strange as I'm sure i'd heard at least three separate sets of screws through my headphones - Ok take what i'm given and have another listen when i'm done with her.

20 minutes later I let tube 2 go and she was hit right under the stern. With event camera off, I was unable to tell if it was an impact or magnetic detonation, I suspect it was an impact as my previous magnetic detonations had done alot of damage, albeit on smaller shipping..

I let her have another torpedo which did very little additional damage. By this time I was dead abeam of her on her port-side around 800m away. We manned the deck gun and put aprox 20 shells into her. Still going strong!! So begrudgingly I let her have a third torpedo and this seemed to be the killing factor and before long she was sliding below.

by this time it was all I had time to play in reality so I logged off and went to bed. updated Summary below

Last time of Save: 01:41 (Tues 13th Apr)
Game Time: 05:41 16/11/1940
Pos: NW of Hollyhead
Ships Sunk: 4
ASW Trawler (2x Torps), FAST Torp Boat (Deck/Flak Gun), Small Tanker (1x Torp), Medium Cargo (3x Torp, Deck Gun)
Torps left: 16
GRT: 7,700 Aprox

Paul Riley 04-13-10 05:01 AM

Tough bloody cow SHE was,3 torps to finish a med merchant,I bet you were considering ramming the bugger by that point! :stare::arrgh!: arghhhhhhhh!

Good hunting in the meantime.

gazpode_l 04-13-10 05:44 AM


Originally Posted by Paul Riley (Post 1357837)
Tough bloody cow SHE was,3 torps to finish a med merchant,I bet you were considering ramming the bugger by that point! :stare::arrgh!: arghhhhhhhh!

Good hunting in the meantime.

yeh she sure was! :damn: I wldn't RAM anything though! Don't want to lose my u-boat! :down:

pickinthebanjo 04-13-10 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by gazpode_l (Post 1357861)
yeh she sure was! :damn: I wldn't RAM anything though! Don't want to lose my u-boat! :down:

I wanted to see how tough the VIIC was so I rammed a type 34:
She can take it, can't say the same about the type 34...

Leg 04-13-10 06:11 PM

Back to Kiel from my first time in Scapa Flow (september 39') I've sunk a troop ship and a modern tanker. No battleships inside :S

pickinthebanjo 04-13-10 11:21 PM

Attacking Gibraltar harbor :arrgh!:
More pics to come

Paul Riley 04-14-10 01:11 PM


Originally Posted by jimbuna (Post 1355238)



Jimbuna 04-14-10 02:40 PM

Nope....doesn't quite cut it either :nope:

A real snarl :yep:


Paul Riley 04-14-10 02:59 PM

Sorry jim,this fella will take some beating.


Jimbuna 04-14-10 03:06 PM


Originally Posted by Paul Riley (Post 1359759)
Sorry jim,this fella will take some beating.


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