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ivanov.ruslan 07-10-16 02:34 PM


CE: "I'm sorry Herr Kaleun I don't have that MOD installed."
Heh :har:

ivanov.ruslan 07-14-16 04:00 PM

Geleizug angrif!

Hi-speed sqrews

Enemy radar signal detected

Nearby ship audiblle in hidrophones

BarracudaUAK 07-21-16 06:57 PM

Currently mid Dec. 1943, trailing a large, heavily escorted convoy south of iceland in a 9D2.

They show no signs that they have detected us.

We shall see.


Obltn Strand 07-23-16 10:32 AM

It's time for at least one more career...

After two uneventful reconnaissance and screening patrols off Norway it is time for some real action. Old duck U-6 will return to Baltic sea as training boat. Strand will take command of new advanced duck U-139...

U-139, 1st Flotilla
Left at: 22.11.1940, 22:18
From: Kiel
Mission orders: Patrol grid BF15


11:23 Aircraft. Crashdive. AN4198
11:49 Surfaced.
12:26 Aircraft. Crashdive.
16:51 Surfaced. Will continue transit through Fair Isle Pass submerged
submerged during daylight.

08:34 Ship sighted. Two destroyers on NE course. Avoided contact. AN1329
10:15 Ship sighted. Most likely the same two destroyers sighted
earlier. Now heading S. Changed course to avoid contact.
14:00 Aircraft. Crashdive. AN1318
16:58 Surfaced.

15:12 Aircraft. Crashdive. AN3531
17:01 Surfaced.
22:13 Ship sighted. Three destroyers on NNE course. Changed course
to avoid contact. AN3551

17:12 Ship sighted. Freighter on ENE course. Has one cannon mounted
on aft deck and no navigation lights. AM5445
17:49 Fired tube II
G7e, Range 1300, AoB green 90, Speed 4 kts, Depth 5m.
Definite dud or ran under the target.
17:52 Fired tube I
G7a, Range 900, AoB green 90, Speed 4 kts, Depth 5m.
Exploded below bridge after 49 seconds.
18:07 Sunk rapidly bow first. Estimated as 4000ton freighter.

19:30 Arrived patrol area. Sent status report and informed BdU of my

06:00 Diesel fuel reserve down to half.

12:52 Ship sighted. Destroyer on erratic course. Dived to avoid
contact. BF1584
12:56 Multiple hydrophone contacts. A convoy. Not an ideal situation.
daylight and low visibility. At least it is cruising towards me. Will
attempt a submerged attack and then assess possibility to
shadow. Estimated course S, speed 5 kts.
13:47 Fired tubes I and II.
G7e, Range 1300, AoB red 90, Speed 5kts, Depth 5m.
First was an erratic runner, second hit midships.
13:51 Fired tube III.
G7a, Range 1400, AoB red 80, Speed 5kts, Depth 5m.
Miss or dud. Did not observe after launch.
15:33 Damaged freighter has fallen behind the convoy and is protected
by one escort. This prevents me from effectively shadowing as
weather keeps deteriorating. Will stay submerged untill dusk and
then start return trip.

17:50 Docked at Lorient.

Captain Coward 07-24-16 08:27 PM

Follow Up to "Dispatch From The Front"
Follow Up to "Dispatch From The Front"

Original Post Here:

Finally (!) the fog has lifted and I am able to get back to my patrol #12. I tried many attempts at attacking in the horrid weather only to waste three torpedoes (too close, not enough time to arm). I would carefully plot the enemies course and draw markings on my map as to be able to fire just when I was able to see them pop out of the fog. I gave up on numerous attempts. I hope Admiral Donitz doesn't find out how many ships I had to pass up on (tankers, C3s, etc.) or most likely he will take away my command, hand me a rifle and ship me off to Stalingrad.

I've read quite a few posts on attacking in lousy weather so I guess I know I"m not alone in the frustration. But that's all in the past and it's time to get back to the business of halting the flow of goods to the British. What will Churchill do without his expensive cigars and liquor!

Unusual Note: As I was diving one of my torpedoes went off without me firing it. This is the second time this has happened to me. I'm not sure what I did wrong. Time to STF!

Captain Coward

wschaub 07-25-16 02:39 PM

Decided to try to dock with a support ship and it got bombed.
I'm not really playing with all the hardcore settings most people are playing with in here however yesterday while playing my campaign (GWX 3.0 gold) with the type IXB I'm in mid 1941 and my patrol grid is in the neighborhood of the Gibraltar strait.

I decide to do some hunting there and I've exhausted most of my fish so I head back to Lorient I notice on the map there's a small ship in a nearby harbor I can dock with to refuel and since I've never tried it before I sneak into the harbor and come up right along side of it (in the ship cam we really are parked side by side almost against each other) at periscope depth.

I decide to stay like that until night fall so I time compress and all of a sudden the max compression goes down and the ship comes under attack by bombers while I'm just feet away from it underwater. I order back emergency and slowly back out while all hell breaks lose above in extremely shallow water.

Somehow I manage to escape with only minor damage, sneak back out. and head for home.

Most intense thing that I've been through so far in this game.

Jimbuna 07-25-16 02:43 PM

Welcome to SubSim wschaub :salute:

ivanov.ruslan 07-25-16 02:46 PM

Sinking all alive !:salute:
It's not so important what kind of mod, it is important for you to like

ivanov.ruslan 07-27-16 01:48 PM

Friendly meeting in ocean

ivanov.ruslan 07-28-16 01:16 AM

Welcome a board :salute:

Aktungbby 07-28-16 01:26 AM

Welcome aboard!

Benzin1973 07-28-16 11:28 PM

Finally... The Nelson has fallen!
According to my steam library, i have played SH3 for 332 hours. And since i had very few in-game hours i have been looking to sink the Nelson Battleship. Why? I dunno, but for some reason i have allways wanted his bones! :arrgh!:
But after several careers, in vanilla, GWX, and LSH3 (none of them finished to the end), i have never found it.

Then a few days ago, "inteligence reports" told me i could only find it from Nov. 1939 to very early 1940 (Jan). So i started a new career in 1939, 1st flotilla, using Vanilla sh3 + an enhancement mod i made called "Enhanced Vanilla" (it doesnt touch campaing files, just adds some elements from GWX, LSH, and some fixes of my own).

1st patrol, on my TypeII i nailed a couple of small merchants, nothing fancy. Its only september, so i dont expect to find it yet.

2nd patrol, intel reports of a battleship on scapa flow, Not November yet, but still a Battleship is allways a juicy target. I dont know how wise it is to try to infiltrate Scapa flow on a TypeIIA, but its still early war, so i go there, and find the HMS Revenge. 3 eels (all my tubes!) on her port, and down she goes. (Sorry, i did take some pics, but i must have deleted them by mistake :stare:). I got detected on the way out, deptcharged, escaped by a hair.

3rd patrol, November 10. By now i have been given an iron cross (for sinking the revenge), and the TypeVIIB is now available, plus i got the renow to get it so i do. After leaving port, my intel tells me of Battleships reported on Loch Ewe (AM38), report is:

Suspected in Loch Ewe:
- Battleship 'Royal Sovereign'
- Battleship 'Nelson'

Needless to say, i hauled butt to that location. Oh boy it was a nightmare to infiltrate. I did time my arrival to be @ about 1900hrs, but i only managed to get inside the port after 0300hrs and after a couple of close calls! It was crawling with destroyers and patrol boats.
But oh boy was it worth it...

[IMG] foto[/IMG]

He was in a position where i had to "circle" arround it to get it at a good angle, wich took aditional time. The other battleship BTW was inside the dock, nearly impossible to attack it unless firing directly at its keel @ an AOB of about 5 (eels will most likely bounce off) so i dint even try.

So i decided to send all my forward eels to the Nelson, slow speed, impact pistons, distributed to hit it in diferent places mostly on its mid and rear portside.
And off they go!
Its not looking good for the Nelson!
[IMG] imagenes[/IMG]

As the eels start they journey i start my escape. Silent mode, 3knots (noone nearby), all the long way back to the entrance.
Boom! "torpedo impact!", Boom! "torpedo impact!", Boom! "torpedo impact!", Boom! "torpedo impact!"

HAH! i bet he is on its way to the (Shallow) bottom by now!
I go to periscope depth (was @ 14m) and take a quick peek thru the periscope. He is smoldering, smoke coming out but I dont see it sinking yet. :o
What i do see, is a destroyer "staring" at me as he approaches. He has seen me. :o

Several minutes and a multitude of manouvers and close calls later, i manage to avoid them. I go further away from the nearest destroyer and take another peak. Nelson is still not sinking!
Not only im i not in a position for a frontal attack (im on my way out, facing the opposite direction fo the nelson), but my forward tubes are not loaded either. I couldnt order loading due to silent mode. :nope:
But i do have my aft tube loaded! and i only need to turn about 15 to get him on my 180.
Range is now about 4.5km, excellent! Fire 5!
As i continue my exit, event cam pops up, the eel is about to hit. Then the crappiest of toughts comes to my mind "oh boy, i hope its not a dud!"...
Do i need to say what happened next? :/\\!!

I will sink this thing, even if i die trying!!!

And besides, no one notices and/or cares about the dud eel.
All Stop, Secure from silent mode, crew, get your behinds to the aft torpedo room and load 5, NOW!
About 12min. later.... Fire 5!
I do continue my exit, hoping i dont get two duds in a row, some time later Boom!...
Now thats better!
[IMG] imagenes[/IMG]

After cheering along with my crew i continued my exit, and noticed two of the destroyers patroling the area had rammed into the shore!!?? the weather was good, i dont know what happened, but oh well ill take it!

After leaving Loch Ewe i still proceeded to my designated patrol area, and managed to sink a C2, then i finally returned to port to be given an iron cross (1st class this time), promotions for my crew, and quite a bit of renow. :rock:

While this wasnt my most "profitable" patrol in regards to tonnage (that was one i reported here a few pages back, when i sank a carrier, +100,000 tons total), i think this was my most... "intense" and rewarding one of all the time ibe played SH3.
Thank you HMS Nelson for the great time!

ivanov.ruslan 07-29-16 12:47 AM

Awesome patrol, cheers :cool:

ivanov.ruslan 07-29-16 02:09 PM

My 1WO thinks that I've never seen a plane, and instead commanded "Alaarm", tells me that he saw the plane :D

Well we passed only with repair of diesel and ballast tanks .....:o

ivanov.ruslan 07-29-16 04:14 PM aircraftcareer is nearby

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