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unterseemann 12-19-10 04:56 AM

U-151 Kptlt R.Eickmeyer
3rd/11th flotilla La Rochelle

Patrol 5: 03/05/44-15/05/44 (13 days)

07/05/44:2 ships convoy detected by watch crew in BF21. 2 granville freighters. course and speed estimated 220°, 8kn. Position not ideal for attack. Match speed and course and slowly gain good position. Simultaneous attack, 1 TIII torp to each ship. Torpedo hit after 71 sec followed by the other 18 sec later. First ship sank in the minute. The other stay afloat and a coup de grāce is fired 15 min after
01:57 SS Tresillian 4.707 tons
02:18 SS Capo Olmo 4.708 tons

11/05/44: Large convoy coming at us in AM97. Choppy seas with quite good visibility. More than 35 ships and at least 7 escorts... Fired a gnat to a medium merchant in the left outer column. Impact after 85 seconds, sinking noise. Never detected and escaped harmless.
04:29 Unknown Medium Merchant 5.173 tons

12/05/44: Fast large danish tanker heading 70. Fired our last torpedoe but missed. Resume course to La Rochelle

16:12 Docked at La Rochelle

Patrol results:
3 ships for 14.588 tons

Carreer results:
12 ships for 55.672 tons

Kptlt R.Eickmeyer is now commissioning a type VIIC uboot
Next patrol not expected before mid-july 1944

To von Harris: good job with the liner! You seem to be quite lucky with those, i've only see two of them in almost five years of playing...:doh:

reignofdeath 12-19-10 06:09 PM

Question as to this stuff below, (I copied it from someones patrol report) but is there a download that automatically sets this up for you?? the crew lost and cargo carried?? or is that all done manually??

1039 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! HMS Brazen (A&B classes), 1350 tons. Crew: 190. Crew lost: 1
1059 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! HMS Resolution (Revenge class), 31000 tons. Crew: 1199. Crew lost: 11
1107 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! MV Teakwood (Modern Tanker), 7292 tons. Cargo: Crude Oil. Crew: 51. Crew lost: 38
1109 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Ole Wegger (Whale Factory Ship), 12017 tons. Cargo: Aviation Fuel. Crew: 126. Crew lost: 5
1110 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS N. T. Nielsen-Alonso (Whale Factory Ship), 12016 tons. Cargo: Aviation Fuel. Crew: 131. Crew lost: 128
1122 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Port Auckland (Ore Carrier), 8085 tons. Cargo: Bauxite. Crew: 86. Crew lost: 15
1127 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Manaar (Large Merchant), 5459 tons. Cargo: Machinery. Crew: 107. Crew lost: 39
1132 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Ixion (Ore Carrier), 8083 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 86. Crew lost: 67
1142 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Talthybius (Ore Carrier), 8084 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 96. Crew lost: 82
1218 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Raranga (Large Merchant), 5460 tons. Cargo: Machinery. Crew: 98. Crew lost: 24
1242 Grid BE 64 Ship sunk! SS Krasnoe Znamya (Tramp Steamer), 2432 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 22. Crew lost: 0

kaleun69 12-19-10 08:42 PM

SHIII Comander is a mod, that among other things, adds the those details (ship name, cargo, crew lost) at the end of your patrol.

OSU 12-19-10 09:55 PM

Actually, SH3 Commander is not a mod, it is sort of an add-on to the game. It does not change the game like a mod would. It just adds more immersion.

reignofdeath 12-19-10 10:29 PM

Point is I have Sh3 Commander and GWX and it doesnt do the cargo and crew lost and stuff like that, just ships and their names.? Forgot to mention that part lol

Sailor Steve 12-19-10 11:21 PM

Do you have the latest version, 3.2? That is the only one that does it. If you do have that version I don't know what's wrong, because it works out of the box for most people.

Gargamel 12-19-10 11:24 PM

May have to enable the option in the settings though.

reignofdeath 12-19-10 11:28 PM

I just checked its 3.2.. hmmm

Sailor Steve 12-19-10 11:30 PM

Gargamel might have a point. Check under Career Options and make sure that Use Historic Ship Names is checked. I didn't think it would give names at all without it, but you never know...

reignofdeath 12-19-10 11:34 PM

Says Use Real Ship Names in patrol log, and that is checked.

Gerald 12-19-10 11:40 PM

Then everything is fine!

Gargamel 12-20-10 12:17 AM

Try randomize ship tonnage?

Gerald 12-20-10 12:24 AM

I've tried but I think it sucks,but of course, try this not hurt :lurk:

Jack Cutter 12-20-10 05:53 AM


Originally Posted by USNSRCaseySmith (Post 1556829)
Point is I have Sh3 Commander and GWX and it doesnt do the cargo and crew lost and stuff like that, just ships and their names.? Forgot to mention that part lol

I'm having the same problems. I also get ship names in my patrol logs, but never any crew lost or cargo information. It's a strange problem...

I'm beginning to wonder if it's an OS problem. I have windows Vista Home Edition 32 Bit....what do you run?

Missing Name 12-20-10 07:31 AM

U-127, Kapitanleutnant Ohne ein Namen.
Type IXB: 10.5cm deck gun, 2 FlaK/30 Zwilling.
Patrol 24, set out from Lorient. Early July, 1942.


July 12: Intercepting a small merchant. She is unaware of our presence. Took a good 10 minutes to sink after a torpedo to the middle.

Alright, enough with the dates. I'll just tell you all why I love the IX so much. Took down a destroyer with the deck gun and sank the ships in the small convoy. Slight damage.

Pissed off an ASW trawler. Destroyed my radio, sonar, hydrophone, periscopes, aft batteries, FlaK guns, and brought my fuel down to less than 25% after a fit to the tanks. Made it back from the Carribean to Lorient with a bit less than 10% of my fuel remaining. 37% hull integrity. (And no 10.5 shells left.)

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