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mightymightychatham 09-12-11 10:28 AM

Hey! I've been reading this thread for a while... time to put my oar in!

The ongoing adventures of U-53...

VONHARRIS 09-12-11 11:24 AM

@ mightymightychatham

Very nice post.
You are good with graphics , aren't you?

VONHARRIS 09-12-11 11:34 AM

U-65 IXB Patrol 9
Patrol 9
Happy times

27 December 1940
17:31 hours
Departed from Lorient

30 December 1940
Grid BE93
18:41 hours SS Clan MacAlister (Medium Merchant 30), 6936 tons. Cargo: Military Stores. Crew: 75. Crew lost: 67

05 January 1941
Grid CG86 Convoy attack
22:31 hours SS Triglav (Medium Merchant 30), 6937 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 76. Crew lost: 28
22:42 hours SS Inverbank (Medium Merchant 23), 5309 tons. Cargo: Foodstuffs. Crew: 56. Crew lost: 33
22:51 hours HMS Faithful F 177 (Convoy repair ship), 5215 tons. Crew: 179. Crew lost: 3

07 January 1941
Grid CG97
16:41 hours USS Chloris (Convoy repair ship), 5219 tons. Crew: 154. Crew lost: 83 She was flying British colors

09 January 1941
Grid CG95
17:24 hours SS Hedera (Small Merchant), 2215 tons. Cargo: Explosives. Crew: 20. Crew lost: 16
19:40 hours SS Rio Dorado (Medium Merchant 22), 4291 tons. Cargo: Copper Ore. Crew: 43. Crew lost: 32

10 January 1941
Grid CG94
23:08 hours SS Oakbank (Medium Merchant 23), 5310 tons. Cargo: Sulfur. Crew: 62. Crew lost: 41

11 January 1941
Grid CG95
18:39 hours SS Santa Clara Valley (Medium Merchant 02), 4894 tons. Cargo: Sugar. Crew: 67. Crew lost: 0

13 January 1941
Grid CG95
14:50 hours SS Campos (Granville-type Freighter), 4707 tons. Cargo: Wine/Spirits. Crew: 104. Crew lost: 83
17:48 hours MV Alcinous (Medium Merchant 30), 6941 tons. Cargo: Sulfur. Crew: 61. Crew lost: 0

14 January 1941
Grid CG94
19:29 hours SS Ninghai (Small Freighter), 2091 tons. Cargo: Sugar. Crew: 32. Crew lost: 25

18 January 1941
Grid CG94
07:53 hours SS Sitka (Large Cargo), 8520 tons. Cargo: Wine/Spirits. Crew: 65. Crew lost: 54
08:21 hours SS Dalarö (Medium Merchant 02), 4895 tons. Cargo: Grain. Crew: 64. Crew lost: 51
10:54 hours SS Tynwald (Tramp Steamer), 2112 tons. Cargo: Military Stores. Crew: 31. Crew lost: 16

21 January 1941
23:41 hours Returned to Lorient
26 days at sea
15 ships sunk
75592 tons
No damages or casualties

Kaptain Kanada 09-12-11 12:12 PM

Well, I'm playing with the Victory Mod enabled for a bit of variety. Due to the high renown value of warships and the sad fact that I don't use any realism mods and play at 0% I'm the coolest commander in the Kreigsmarine!
It was 1940 and I purchased a souped up IX-B and sailed from Kiel. Germany had taken everything up the eastern coast and I was to patrol AN--(somewhere off the cost between Hartlepool and Scapa Flow). I received a message from BdU informing me that the Royal Navy was relocating to Lock Ewe from Scapa Flow. I immediately sailed to Loch Ewe and snuck in, I sunk their moored Light Cruiser, their docked Fleet Carrier (their 2 largest ships) as well as 2 moored destroyers and 3 more that were steaming towards the wrecks to pick up survivors, I also sunk an Armed Trawler that was shadowing me. I ran out of torps and left, surfacing at a safe distance to resupply with my external reserves. The Brits had but 2 or 3 more destroyers left at Ewe so I decided to return to my partol on the other side of the isles. I was harrased by many swordfish and a few hurricanes. I downed 12 aircraft from my 2 dual flackwierzing(spelling). Sailed without a hitch, reached my new base of Lorient.
Not bad for a maiden voyage in my new uboat! :arrgh!:

Spent a week or so there at parties and receptions for my promotion and awarding of Knights Cross with Golden Oak Leaves Swords and Diamonds, as well as my uboat war badge and front clasp. (this was my 13th partol iirc, something between 13 and 15). I was promoted to Lieutenant (spelling) and dished out war badges to every member of the crew except for 1 new lowly sailor who I simply didn't have a medal for. I promoted around 4 men after that.

Sailed up to Loch Ewe due to the capture of that base during one of my parties. I've missed Dunkirk, the allied evacuation and every other important event but catching what's left of the Home Fleet at Ewe.

Looks like its just a matter of patrol off of Iceland for now on. I'll load up my other campaigns set in the other parts of the world once this becomes boring.

Sailor Steve 09-12-11 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by mightymightychatham (Post 1748511)
The ongoing adventures of U-53...

You can't "boo" the Tommies! Without them you wouldn't have a job! :O:

Great pictures, though. :rock:

JazzJR 09-12-11 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by Sailor Steve (Post 1748566)
You can't "boo" the Tommies! Without them you wouldn't have a job! :O:

Aren't there another evil Nations out there? :O:

Uboatman 09-12-11 01:07 PM

After my first attempt returning to the Atlantic after 1yr+ went awry due to a technical fault (:oops:forgot deleting a save deletes everything after:doh:) U-52 under it's Kaleun Willi Brandt set off for it's first war patrol. Quite a voyage, the crew were happy to be home after nearly 2months sailing, across to Danzig and then all the way around the British Isles to the Western Approaches with a good chunk of renown gathering SE of Iceland:arrgh!: .
(longest first patrol I've ever done)

0432 Patrol 2
U-52, U-Flotilla Weddigen
Left at: August 20, 1939, 04:32
From: Kiel
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AN26
2037 Grid AM 33 Ship sunk! HMS Hood (HMS Hood), 48360 tons. Crew: 1400. Crew lost: 70
1214 Grid BF 19 Ship sunk! SS Yarra (Passenger/Cargo), 2599 tons. Cargo: Passengers. Crew: 81. Crew lost: 21
0847 Grid BF 27 Ship sunk! SS Stal (Tramp Steamer), 1957 tons. Cargo: Coal. Crew: 35. Crew lost: 9
1331 Grid BF 27 Ship sunk! MV Comandante Alcidio (Small Cargo), 1737 tons. Cargo: Copper Ore. Crew: 23. Crew lost: 15
1804 Grid BF 27 Ship sunk! SS Knud (Small Composite Merchant), 1941 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 25. Crew lost: 19
1311 Grid BF 27 Ship sunk! SS Blink (Bulk Freighter), 2866 tons. Cargo: Copper Ore. Crew: 34. Crew lost: 2
0217 Grid BF 27 Ship sunk! SS Berhala (Express Freighter), 6239 tons. Cargo: Scrap Metal. Crew: 53. Crew lost: 12
1836 Grid BF 27 Ship sunk! SS Surville (Passenger/Cargo), 2551 tons. Cargo: Passengers. Crew: 140. Crew lost: 79
0923 Grid BF 24 Ship sunk! MV Sir Huon (Express Freighter), 6240 tons. Cargo: Timber. Crew: 45. Crew lost: 12
2332 Grid BF 24 Ship sunk! SS Afiena (Coastal Freighter), 1869 tons. Cargo: Timber. Crew: 30. Crew lost: 15
1959 Grid BF 25 Ship sunk! SS Adinda (Coastal Freighter), 1870 tons. Cargo: Foodstuffs. Crew: 31. Crew lost: 25
2036 Grid BE 36 Ship sunk! SS Nils Gorthon (Large Freighter), 8604 tons. Cargo: Timber. Crew: 62. Crew lost: 27
0338 Grid AM 52 Ship sunk! MV Skjelbred (Express Freighter), 6241 tons. Cargo: Sugar. Crew: 56. Crew lost: 25
1433 Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 13
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 93074 tons

mightymightychatham 09-12-11 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by VONHARRIS (Post 1748531)
@ mightymightychatham

Very nice post.
You are good with graphics , aren't you?

You're too kind. I'm more like an amateur really; I did this in about one hour with a free paint program.


You can't "boo" the Tommies! Without them you wouldn't have a job! :O:

Great pictures, though. :rock:
You're right Steve. Point taken.:salute: From now on, when I spot English ships, rather than jeer at them I'll be sure to shower them with gifts. Long, cylindrical gifts.

Fish In The Water 09-12-11 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by Kaptain Kanada (Post 1748556)
Well, I'm playing with the Victory Mod enabled for a bit of variety.

Sailed up to Loch Ewe due to the capture of that base during one of my parties.

Good times! :woot:

Kaptain Kanada 09-12-11 08:21 PM

Well, using the VMod my latest patrol (my last) had me off the coast of Newfoundland in the strait between NFLD and Labrador. I ran into a tug which was armed with 3 flaks an 88cm and 1 rack of charges. It stood still after shooting me so I gave it an eel (weather demanded it). While sailing on and repairing my damages I hit a subnet that ran between NFLD and Labrador (a large distance for a net) and was thus killed. That was just so preposterous I restarted that patrol.:har:

VONHARRIS 09-14-11 01:30 AM

U-65 IXB Patrol No 10
21 February 1941
16:11 hours Departed Lorient for grid DH56

27 February 1941
Grid CG75 - Convoy attack
08:01 hours USS Amycus (Convoy repair ship), 5218 tons. Crew: 186. Crew lost: 55 She was flying RN colors
08:02 hours MV Cape of Good Hope (Medium Merchant 01), 5663 tons. Cargo: Wine/Spirits. Crew: 50. Crew lost: 18

07 March 1941
Grid CG85
09:44 hours MV Brageland (Small Merchant), 1845 tons. Cargo: Machinery. Crew: 34. Crew lost: 23

10 March 1941
Grid CG95
02:59 hours SS City of Hull (Large Merchant), 9881 tons. Cargo: Sulfur. Crew: 80. Crew lost: 40

Convoy attack
Grid CG94
15:34 hours SS Port Hunter (Ore Carrier), 7089 tons. Cargo: Bauxite. Crew: 62. Crew lost: 16
17:07 hours SS Prince Rupert City (Medium Merchant 06), 5175 tons. Cargo: Mail/Packages. Crew: 55. Crew lost: 8
17:41 hours SS Forbin (Empire-type Freighter), 6742 tons. Cargo: Machinery. Crew: 48. Crew lost: 29
The last two ships were hit during the initial attack and they were finished off after the convoy had left.

15 March 1941
Grid CG15
20:05 hours MV Poelau Tello (Heavy Merchant 01), 9094 tons. Cargo: Steel. Crew: 46. Crew lost: 11

17 March 1941
Grid BE66
Convoy attack
14:19 hours SS Southern Princess (Converted Whale Factory Ship), 12016 tons. Cargo: Aviation Fuel. Crew: 87. Crew lost: 82
14:31 hours SS Abinsi (Passenger/Cargo), 2384 tons. Cargo: Passengers. Crew: 53. Crew lost: 40
16:10 hours SS Orkla (Small Freighter), 2399 tons. Cargo: Steel. Crew: 30. Crew lost: 0 She was finished off after the convoy had left.

19 March 1941
05:09 hours Returned to Lorient
27 days at sea
11 ships sunk
67506 tons
No casualties
Hull integrity: 99%

VONHARRIS 09-14-11 09:42 AM

U-65 IXB Patrol 11
Lots of time available in RL so one more patrol completed

Patrol 11
19 April 1941
13:27 hours Departed from Lorient to grid ET41 , Freetown

18 May 1941
Grid ET29 - convoy attack
08:02 hours SS Sobieski (Ceramic-type Ocean Liner), 16614 tons. Cargo: Troops. Crew: 464. Crew lost: 315
She was part of a three ship convoy: The liner , a US turbine tanker and a US troop transport escorted by a Somers class DD.

19 May 1941
Grid ET29
03:03 hours SS Saint Enogat (Small Merchant), 2220 tons. Cargo: Grain. Crew: 20. Crew lost: 7

22 May 1941
Grid ET29 - convoy attack
17:03 hours USS Cerberus (Convoy repair ship), 5218 tons. Crew: 154. Crew lost: 110
17:04 hours SS Betty (Tramp Steamer), 1831 tons. Cargo: General Cargo. Crew: 23. Crew lost: 2

26 May 1941
Grid ET37 - convoy attack
03:58 hours SS Scythia (Ceramic-type Ocean Liner), 16615 tons. Cargo: Troops. Crew: 1018. Crew lost: 895
She was part of a 4 ship convoy: The liner , a US turbine tanker , a US troop transport , a US large merchant and a Mexican small merchant escorted by a Somers class DD.

12 June 1941
03:59 hours
Returned to Lorient
55 days at sea
5 ships sunk
42498 tons
No casualties
98% hull integrity Damaged caused by surprise air attack in bad visibility.

Kpt. Lehmann 09-14-11 11:22 AM

Am just south of Iceland. August 1942. Clear weather. Just skulking around and waiting for smoke on the horizon.:sunny:

Have already sent four merchies to the bottom.

Kpt. Lehmann 09-14-11 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by VONHARRIS (Post 1749562)
Hull integrity: 99%

Did you bump a wall re-entering port?

...or did the Tommies throw their potatoes at you? :D

VONHARRIS 09-14-11 12:09 PM


Originally Posted by Kpt. Lehmann (Post 1749913)
Did you bump a wall re-entering port?

...or did the Tommies throw their potatoes at you? :D

In fact according to SH3 Commander U-boat damaged (H.I. 98.49%)
Machine gun fire from a PBY Catalina during crash diving.

I would prefer the potatoes though , fresh provisions for the rest of my patrol! :DL

JazzJR 09-14-11 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by VONHARRIS (Post 1749942)
In fact according to SH3 Commander U-boat damaged (H.I. 98.49%)
Machine gun fire from a PBY Catalina during crash diving.

I would prefer the potatoes though , fresh provisions for the rest of my patrol! :DL

I remeber that an enemy Ship throwed cups , dishes and a lot other things at a german WW2 submarine. :O: Maybe i find that again :D

eschemschnuz 09-15-11 03:39 AM

Eschem Schnuz's Letters, 29th Flotilla
Hi y'all. First time poster.

Have been into subsims off and on since the "Aces of the Deep" days, though i have yet to survive a single campaign, EVER!
Waited two years to purchase SH2, but after i finally did, i couldn't bring myself to play the game! :damn:
Originally resumed interest with SH5, but when my machine couldn't play it, i "downgraded" to SH3 and SH4 instead.
Fingers crossed, my ultimate objective will be to complete a single SH career campaign, alive. :salute:

As with most people i'm guessing, the movie "Das Boot" (the Director's Cut & Uncut versions) was my entry into the world of the U-Boat.
I have read the book (English translation), and am hoping to worm my way thru Lawrence Paterson's catalog of flotilla records.

Anyway, here goes...

Report from U-87 Type VIIB, 29th Flotilla, returning from Patrol 1.
Realism @ 50%, original game specs.
8-day cruise. Hull got a bit of a nick, but that's about it.
Medals all around!
Over and out.

GoDeep 09-15-11 05:55 AM

U-551, Patrol 14
May 10, 1941.
Left Lorient to patrol grid square DT29.
Crossed Bay of Biscay without incident.

May 14
Position: CG13
3:17: Merchant on hydrophones, approaching. Set course to intercept.

3:43: Visual on contact, small freighter.

3:52: Contact is a tramp steamer, flying British flag. Appears to be armed. Set up for submerged attack.

4:01: Final check on target. ID confirmed. Single torpedo fired below keel.

4:02: Torpedo impact, multiple secondary explosions.

4:07: Ship sunk, tramp steamer, 1964 BRT

8:59: Contact report, large enemy convoy, grid square CG12, course SSO, 8 knots. Set course to intercept, because it's just next door.

10:15: Convoy in sight. Weather is very calm and sea is almost oily. Difficult to get close on the surface for a good look. At least 20 merchants and hydrophone check reveals a minimum of 5 escorts. Radioed BDU with contact report. Decide to submerge in front of convoy and get in attack position, even though I overshot their projected course. Have to dive to avoid detection.

10:42: I'm in luck, the convoy zigged and is now coming almost directly for my position. Centre column should pass just in front of my boat!

10:51: Picked out three targets: medium merchant, large tanker and a coastal freighter for the stern tube. Convoy is travelling at 8 knots, timing will be tight!

10:57 All torpedoes fired! Diving below convoy to avoid counter attack. Escorts all passed wide, no one within 2500 metres.

10:59: Three out of five torpedoes hit. Stern tube missed because target veered and one torpedo on the medium freighter missed.

11:02: Tanker exploded in huge fireball. Medium freighter sinks!
2 ships sunk: medium freighter, 4707 BRT
Large tanker: 9677 BRT

14:01: Convoy has disappeared from view. All tubes reloaded, surfaced, ready to continue attack. Course plotted along course of convoy.

17:30: Sound check reveals no sign of convoy.

18:30: Sound check still reveals no sign of convoy.

19:00 Beginning search pattern along convoy course at high speed. Visibility excellent.

May 15
03:00: Still no sign of convoy.

09:15: Contact report, convoy in CG41, heading SO, speed 8.
This is the convoy I was tracking. They are further away than expected. Intercepting.

14:30: Convoy in sight! Sea still flat, no wind, good visibility.

15:54: Spotted by rear escort. Shells fired. Forced to dive. No damage. No depth charges.

16:30: Surfaced. Convoy has altered course to SW. Racing along port side to catch up. Keeping convoy at edge of visibility.

17:10: Spotted by port side lead escort. No shells, it just comes our way. Steering 90 true to give small aspect. Ahead flank. Darkness is setting in. Convoy appears to have changed course to SE again.

17:20: Racing at flank speed, course SE. Still giving small aspect to destroyer. Destroyer continues due east. It does not see us.

18:00: Made a slow, sweeping turn at high speed to come to course SW, cutting across convoy path. Escort is returning to convoy. She has lost us.

19:00: In front of convoy, reasonable attack position.

20:30: Convoy has changed course back to SW. This has improved my attack position. Was hoping this would happen.

20:55: Convoy getting too close for comfort. Diving to PD. Engage silent running. Battle stations!

21:12: Selected two targets, one munition ship, one large freighter. Excellent firing solution on both.

21:16: Torpedoes away, timed for near simultaneous impact. Diving, change course to N.

21:18: Four torpedoes hit and exploded. Hearing multiple explosions, probably the munition ship. (It was, checked with external cam).

21:19: Pinging. Apparently an escort snuck up to us in our baffles. Not detected. Continuing slow dive.

21:20: Escort dropped random charges. Unfortunately, one on our head. As soon as I heard the splashes, went to flank. Depth was only 35 metres. Radio room and command room damaged, taking on water. Hydrophone and radio damaged. Both periscopes destroyed, flak destroyed, deck gun destroyed. (Amazing how they can tell from the inside, isn't it?). Secure from silent running to stop flooding.

21:22: Repair and screw noises have attracted more attention. Two escorts overhead. Flooding almost under control. Depth 120.

21:24: Flooding stopped. Ordered silent running. Course NE. Depth 170.

21:25: Detected by ASDIC. Multiple splashes. Going deeper, course 345, flank ahead.

21:26: No damage, return to silent running. Depth 190. Sound man reports breaking bulkheads and explosions from hit merchants.
Ships sunk: munition ship, 7062 BRT, large freighter, 8576 BRT.

21:40: Evaded multiple attacks. No further damage. Course N. Depth 200. Silent running, 50 rpm.

21:50: No more attacks for 10 minutes. One escort appears to be moving off. One circling overhead.

22:10: No more attacks, final escort appears to have given up, heading back towards convoy at high speed.

23:00: Convoy noises fading to SW.

May 16.
01:00: No contacts on hydrophone. Secure from silent running. Rise to 30 metres for sound check.

01:30: Sound check reveals no noises. Baffles also clean. Surfacing without being able to do a periscope sweep is an uneasy feeling.

02:00 Surveyed damage in the darkness. With no periscopes, no flak, barely operational deck gun, I decide to head back to Lorient. Patrol 14 is over.

Gedis 09-15-11 03:18 PM

Hello captains,

it was 1941 october 12th when i sailed with my uberuntersieboot Type 9B. Now it's 20th or 21st day, was reiding gibraltar i choosed and sank all the juicy targets there, just left to escape...
So i'm almost 2 km from the naval base, ~7AM in the morning, out of a sudden, without pinging, corvette runs over me dropping depthcharges (let's call them DC in short).
I'm 15 meters bellow, moving slowly and silently, at 1 knot...
After first batch of DCs she turns for another run, but this time pinging me. This time it manages to RAM my 20mm flak gun while i'm at 15 meters depth...
It seems i'll evade it, since she's dropping DCs close but not close enough.
And then destroyer joined into the pursuit, after 3rd pass, he DESTROYED my both diesel engines, both electric engines and forward batteries, the rest of the damage i repaired while pumping out water at harbour's sea bed at 41 meters! O.o (gibraltar isn't shallow after all...).
So i'm "repaired", can't move and at 41m bellow, i was waiting for another DC batch to sink me so i could load up the save file. And corvette drops DCs, destroys my conning tower and flak gun emplacements and i'm still alive, still can't move... I decided why not just sit there and see what happens, and what do you know... both destroyer and corvette just pining and passing over my head and not dropping DCs O.o
2 hours latter, comes 2nd destroyer for the help and he finally sank me.
If it wasn't for him, i had plans to sit there until night, surface and just finish the mission, but oh well...

I'm with alberich anti sonar coating, but late 1941 seems pretty harsh time for my harbour reids...

BTW, here's my logs from that INTERESTING partol:

[Log Entry 0]
EntryText=Patrol 13|U-108, 2nd Flotilla|Left at: October 12, 1941, 11:11|From: Lorient|Mission Orders: Patrol grid EJ82
[Log Entry 1]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid BF 28|S class, 767 tons
EntryTitle=October 12, 1941, 19:15
[Log Entry 2]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid AN 79|Large Troop Ship, 25008 tons
EntryTitle=October 13, 1941, 22:57
[Log Entry 3]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid AN 79|Large Cargo, 8250 tons
EntryTitle=October 14, 1941, 00:19
[Log Entry 4]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid AN 79|Chatham-type Troop Ship, 5691 tons
EntryTitle=October 14, 1941, 00:41
[Log Entry 5]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid AN 79|Large Troop Ship, 24421 tons
EntryTitle=October 14, 1941, 12:11
[Log Entry 6]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid AN 79|Large Troop Ship, 24422 tons
EntryTitle=October 14, 1941, 14:24
[Log Entry 7]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid AN 79|Modern Tanker, 10821 tons
EntryTitle=October 14, 1941, 15:48
[Log Entry 8]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid AN 79|Large Merchant, 10617 tons
EntryTitle=October 14, 1941, 19:38
[Log Entry 9]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid AN 79|Liberty Cargo, 7335 tons
EntryTitle=October 14, 1941, 23:24
[Log Entry 10]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid AN 79|Large Merchant, 10616 tons
EntryTitle=October 14, 1941, 23:29
[Log Entry 11]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid AN 79|Large Tanker, 9677 tons
EntryTitle=October 14, 1941, 23:33
[Log Entry 12]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid CG 96|Small Depot Ship, 6250 tons
EntryTitle=October 18, 1941, 22:41
[Log Entry 13]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid CG 96|HMS Nelson, 36000 tons
EntryTitle=October 18, 1941, 23:02
[Log Entry 14]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid CG 96|Dorsetshire class, 13300 tons
EntryTitle=October 19, 1941, 00:44
[Log Entry 15]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid CG 96|Modern Tanker, 10869 tons
EntryTitle=October 19, 1941, 02:01
[Log Entry 16]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid CG 96|London class, 13300 tons
EntryTitle=October 19, 1941, 02:58
[Log Entry 17]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid CG 96|Southampton class, 10725 tons
EntryTitle=October 19, 1941, 03:47
[Log Entry 18]
EntryText=Ship sunk!|Grid CG 96|Southampton class, 10725 tons
EntryTitle=October 19, 1941, 04:36
[Log Entry 19]
EntryText=Patrol results|Crew losses: 56 dead|Ships sunk: 18|Aircraft destroyed: 0|Patrol tonnage: 238794 tons
note that i gunned down british S class sub :))

P.S. SH3 + GWX3 + realism exe fix + das boot green water + 100% realism.

Zedwardson 09-15-11 04:55 PM

My latest commander, Walter Koch, died in a attack on a convoy near the British coast. he had six eels and got ahead of said convoy, waited till the convoy was on top of him, and unleashed the eels, out of five shots, 4 hit, no sinkings, and quickly dived to near the bottom to await the escorts attack, with the idea of sneaking off and letting the convoy by, surface, and head home.

well, the V class escort in nov 1939 found U-53 and sunk me with a few well placed depth charges. Obtained a Iron Cross (2nd class) after his death. I really was not expecting to loose Koch so soon, as I normally make it to at LEAST 1940. I may start my next one in nov 1939 so I can play later in the war hopefully and see now many men it takes to get though the war.

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