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Gereke 03-14-11 10:39 PM


Originally Posted by frau kaleun (Post 1619426)
Unfortunately, for every chocolate torpedo you get from the KM's Fairy Godmother Department, the Practical Joke Department sends you two Bernards. :wah:

Not that simply isn't fair!

Now, to cease with my silly derailment of the purpose of the thread...

Oblt.zS Johann Voss

Left Wilhelmshaven 24 Feb 1940.
Orders: Patrol Grid BE37

Patrol Log as follows:

24.2.40. 2142 Patrol 3
U-108, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: February 24, 1940, 21:42
From: Wilhelmshaven
Mission Orders: Patrol grid BE37

3.3.40. 2322 Grid AM 43 Ship sunk! SS Sacramento Valley (Granville-type Freighter), 4709 tons. Cargo: Bauxite. Crew: 76. Crew lost: 65

4.3.40. 0047 Grid AM 43 Ship sunk! HMS Amethyst (Black Swan class), 1250 tons. Crew: 229. Crew lost: 100

16.3.40. 0704 Grid AM 51 Ship sunk! SS Nagara (Large Merchant), 8678 tons. Cargo: Aircraft. Crew: 94. Crew lost: 38

Grid AM 51 Ship sunk! SS Santa Elisa II (Medium Cargo), 3917 tons. Cargo: Sugar. Crew: 48. Crew lost: 47

Grid AM 51 Ship sunk! SS Victoria City (Granville-type Freighter), 4752 tons. Cargo: Military Vehicles. Crew: 78. Crew lost: 69

19.3.40. 1447 Grid AF 77 Ship sunk! SS Glenapp (Large Merchant), 8679 tons. Cargo: Textiles. Crew: 105. Crew lost: 53

21.3.40. 1530 Grid AN 28 Ship sunk! SS New England (Large Cargo), 7548 tons. Cargo: Timber. Crew: 65. Crew lost: 28


0946: Moored at Wilhelmshaven.

Spent 1 week on station BE37, poor weather prevented any operation against the enemy.

Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 7
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 39533 tons

gazpode_l 03-15-11 03:41 PM

Loving the stuff bout the chocolate torpedo...I WANT ONE!!! :up:

Played 1.5hrs (R/L time) on sunday night lasting around four days of gaming...was about to save (as didnt save before; due to being sub-merged and in contact with aircraft) THEN i get a C.t.D!!!! :damn:

was around the area of western gibraltar (CG grids)

was gonna nose around the GIB straight for convoys before going to my alloted grid in DT24...Don't think I will now! :shifty::nope:

Missing Name 03-15-11 09:04 PM

Kicking my computer to keep it running for more than an hour. If only it were built like those diesel engines... nope, it's designed after a lunchbox. No joke.

Leutnant77 03-15-11 11:09 PM

Just found my first carrier, the HMS Illustrious in Loch Ewe AT ANCHOR! Going to need a prayer to get in there with the right angles due to the pier she is on.

Leutnant77 03-16-11 12:01 AM

C2 Cargo 6446 tons + Hunt I x2 2000 tons + V&W Dest. 1188 tons + C Class Dest. 1375 + Hunt III 1050 tons + Illustrious Fleet Carrier 23000 tons + Bogue Class Carrier 14055 tons = 49,114 ton patrol. Fuhrer better be satisfied.

VONHARRIS 03-16-11 12:42 AM

U-103XB 1st combat patrol
U-103 in action after major ctd and total reinstall.
The first patrol was a shakedown to test the boat and the crew.
The second patrol was a major success.
Date and Time
21.12.39. 1623 Patrol 2
U-103, U-Flotilla Saltzwedel
Left at: December 21, 1939, 16:23
From: Wilhelmshaven
Mission Orders: Patrol grid AM77 34Grid AN 41Ship sunk! HMS Southampton (Southampton class), 10725 tons. Crew: 875. Crew lost: 568
07 43Grid AN 41Ship sunk! HMS Ramillies (Revenge class), 31000 tons. Crew: 1199. Crew lost: 251
22 27Grid AN 14Ship sunk! SS Defiance (Medium Cargo), 5081 tons. Cargo: Sugar. Crew: 36. Crew lost:14 AN 14Ship sunk! HMS Jervis (J&K classes), 1690 tons. Crew: 205. Crew lost: 118
0425Grid AN 14Ship sunk! SS Robert L. Holt (Small Merchant), 2396 tons. Cargo: Sugar. Crew: 33. Crew lost: 8
30.12.39 .0948Grid AM 52Ship sunk! HMS Kashmir (J&K classes), 1690 tons. Crew: 226. Crew lost: 54
1.1.40. 0323Grid AM 52Ship sunk! MV Glengarth (Large Tugboat), 422 tons. Crew: 33. Crew lost: 26
6.1.40. 1121Grid AM 54Ship sunk! MV Pine (Pelagic Trawler), 888 tons. Crew: 22. Crew lost: 12
7.1.40. 1741Grid AM 53Ship sunk! SS Caribou (Passenger/Cargo), 2245 tons. Cargo: Passengers. Crew: 92. Crew lost: 13
12.1.40. 0909Grid AN 14Ship sunk! SS Philoctetes (Ore Carrier), 8083 tons. Cargo: Phosphates. Crew: 80. Crew lost: 1
13.1.40. 0641Grid AN 12Ship sunk! MV Joffre (Large Tugboat), 423 tons. Crew: 40. Crew lost: 15
18.1.40. 1530Grid AN 11Ship sunk! HMS Somali (Tribal class), 1850 tons. Crew: 198. Crew lost: 79
19.1.40. 0035Grid AN 11Ship sunk! SS Agility (Coastal Freighter), 1869 tons. Cargo: Iron Ore. Crew: 26. Crew lost: 24
31.1.40. 0535Grid AN 58Ship sunk! SS Kronviken (Small Merchant), 2399 tons. Cargo: Military Stores. Crew: 20. Crew lost: 10
1.2.40. 2320 Patrol results
Crew losses: 0
Ships sunk: 14
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Patrol tonnage: 70761 tons

Leutnant77 03-16-11 12:55 AM

I'd better download some mods, you have ship classes I've never heard of. Great job though!

gazpode_l 03-16-11 11:11 AM

LT77: if you install SH3 commander you can get these ship names similar to those mentioned in this topic and the same sort of detail too.

The game doesn't put this detail in the "skipper's log" mid patrol - however it does once you review your patrol log again in commander after you've finished your patrol & saved & exited ur game.

Mustang01 03-16-11 03:37 PM

Current Campaign
Just getting used to this great simulator. I'm learning at 100% full realism with manual targeting and charting, GWX 3.0 Gold. I've got myself a replica attack disk and all is well. I decided to start in Aug '39 so I could make my mistakes against a less capable foe. I feel pretty confident in my abilities so far, although I still need to perfect my submerged techniques as all of my sinkings have been night-surface affairs. Currently in my 3rd patrol in a VIIB (U-51) with about 50K tons to my credit. Most recent encounter was a fishing boat which I sunk with my AA guns in rough weather, lots of fun! I couldn't get Commander to work on my machine, so I'm going to allow 5-7 patrols for each Kaleun before switching off, since this seems to be the average that folks are reporting. I plan on fighting throughout the war and I'm itching to get into a Type IX and head for some of the "backwaters". Just discovered this forum a little while back and am blown away.

frau kaleun 03-16-11 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by Mustang01 (Post 1620751)
I couldn't get Commander to work on my machine,

Really? What kind of problem did you have with it? It's such a great add-on I hate to see anyone do without it. :hmmm:


Just discovered this forum a little while back and am blown away.
Yep, it's a pretty nice spot. :sunny:

Exakt 03-16-11 08:46 PM

News from U-47 Kaleun J. Galland
February 1 1940:

Very early in the morning, we have received a contact report about a large convoy, in grid AM75, heading NE at 4kts. I was glad when I received the report after the decryption, for we were on the East side of the grid and by all estimations, the convy would probably be about 30NM out. I plotted an interception course due West and went to periscope depth for a hydrophone check, since the visibility was poor at night. To my surprise I could hear multiple screws, too many to distinguish if it was a merchant or a warship at the moment. Then inched ever closer and closer and found out that it was escorted. Sneaked by them and entered a firing solution on a passenger/cargo, a british one. Fired 2 eels at it and they both impacted. dived to 80 meters, started reloading the two tubes that were fired. Escort ping me once so far, the passenger/cargo is still floating but is taking in water and has fires raging onboard. Currently shadowing the convoy and the escort still hasn't found me yet.

Gereke 03-16-11 10:17 PM

Another career comes to an end.

May 1940, U-108. BdU sends me to patrol in shallow waters near England. In low visibility weather I got surprised by a Destroyer, and only had 30m of depth to work with. :-?

U-108 sank with all hands. :wah:

Snestorm 03-17-11 08:17 PM


Originally Posted by Gereke (Post 1621020)
Another career comes to an end.

May 1940, U-108. BdU sends me to patrol in shallow waters near England. In low visibility weather I got surprised by a Destroyer, and only had 30m of depth to work with. :-?

U-108 sank with all hands. :wah:

What grid, or general area?

Snestorm 03-17-11 08:33 PM

U28 VII(A). Patrol 7.
Underway from Willy on 10.jul.40 bound for AM53.
Yes! Got my favorite grid.
Returned on 4.aug.40
2 convoy engagements.
3 ships sunk for 12.934 GRT.
Both attacks were daylight submerged, on 2 separate convoys.
Convoy 1 had a large escort.
Convoy 2 was escorted by a lone destroyer.
Took a shot at a lone corvette and missed, but lived to tell the tale.

U28's record to date:
7 war patrols completed.
21 ships sunk for 100.453 GRT.

BDU is undecided as to whether U28 will, at this time, be retired from front line service into schoolboat status.

Gereke 03-17-11 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by Snestorm (Post 1621830)
What grid, or general area?

AN84, approximately 60km east of Lowestoft.

Snestorm 03-17-11 09:15 PM


Originally Posted by Gereke (Post 1621843)
AN84, approximately 60km east of Lowestoft.

He sent you THERE in a IXB?!?!
That area is even a nightmare Type IIs!

Gereke 03-17-11 09:24 PM

Yep, BdU must have had it in for me for some reason. Maybe it had to do with the drunken party and the 2. Flotilla Commandant's wife.

When I saw my assigned grid I couldn't believe my eyes. But, was not mine to question why and all that. Like any good Kaleun I left port to do my duty. I was down in my nook having a cup of coffee when I was called to the bridge due to a ship emerging from the fog. Came up top and about throttled the incompetent lookout when I saw it was a Destroyer. Happened in the early morning hours just before I was going to order a dive. Had been staying under during the day due to my grid being a very bad place to be spotted....

I think Frau was slightly prophetic when she made mention of having a Bernard assigned to my boat by the practical joke department.

Snestorm 03-19-11 01:14 AM

U124 IXB. Patrol 1.
Departed Willy on 2.sep.40

Assignment: Recon grid AN26 (South of The Shetlands), continue patrol towards The Western North Atlantic. Conclude patrol in Lorient.

19.sep.40. Grid AM17 (Rockall Bank). Time 2251.
"Ship sighted 000R". Destroyer!
We were also at his 000R. Who saw who first?
As we were diving sound picked up a convoy behind the DD.
Didn't make a difference, as the lone escort realy knew his stuff, and had the weather on his side. Clear & Calm, with a half moon.

Although he kept our repair crew busy pumping and fixing things in the boat, they realy had a job once we hit the surface. Topside was not looking good at all. And to top it all off the flak gun, radio antena, and both periscopes were destroyed.

Time to head for our new homeport, hopefuly, without having to dive.
Surfacing blind is not a good habit to get into.

24.sep.40. Grid BE38 (SW of Ireland). Time 1420.
"Ship sighted 021R". Destroyer!
Dive to 100 meters.
This time the weather was on our side.
Safe, but unable to attack his convoy.

25.sep.40. Grid BE63 (SSW of Ireland). Time 0031.
"Ship sighted". Merchant. Many merchants! (And escorts).

Time 0033. Real fast solution.
3 T2 torpedoes at a C2 Cargo.
1 T1 torpedo at a distant tanker. And Dive!
2 impacts on the freighter. Missed the tanker. No sinkings.

Sound has picked up a straggler.

Time 0242. It took 2 more torpedoes to sink her but, the C2 went down.

26.sep.40. Grid BF51. Time 0845.
Welcome to The Bay. A L A R M !

27.sep.40. Grid BF61. Time 0900.
Docked at Lorient.

Patrol results & history to date.
1 war patrol.
1 ship sunk for 6.454 GRT.

STEED 03-20-11 02:12 PM

June 1943 was a better month for me in the Caribbean, sunk two large tankers and one medium tanker along with a whale factory ship.

Pedrelare 03-20-11 05:02 PM

I recently started my new Career in October, 2th of 1940. I was patroling the designated area and didn't find nothing, not even a fish.

Started heading to Scapa Flow to know how things were there and for my surprise there WAS! After I sank a Medium Cargo I found the damm HMS Hood. 50% of battery charge, about 25% of CO2 and lots of torpedos to sink the bastard. Fired a 4 torpedo salvo at him, 1 failed and 3 hitted. Started flooding but not sinking. Made a U-turn and fired more 2, only 1 hitted. He flooded even more but weren't going to sink and there was 2 V&W destroyers looking for me.

I went to east, wait until night (to don't get spoted by the coastal gun) passed through the net and the 4 sunk ships. Made a circle surfaced to recharge battery, reload torpedos and refill the O2 in the sub.

Then I went back and fired more 4 torpedos at the Hood, 2 missed and 2 hit. She exploded and started burning.

Escaped by the same way that I came in and headed back to Lorient. On the way I sank 2 more medium cargos.

And for my ****ing surprise: I got promoted, about 800 Renown and no medals neither for me or my crew.

Now I'm going to try to load my last save, because this must be very wrong. :damn::nope::damn::nope::damn::nope::damn:

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