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Echolot 09-29-14 01:15 PM


I'll try to translate the language pack :hmm2:
Or take a look which files are in the german patch, then take these files from The Wolves of Steel and translate them from englisch to russian language.


jibouil 09-29-14 04:51 PM

Someone have this problem with the tonnage with mission ?

franz_the_cat 09-30-14 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by grujo86 (Post 2245043)
Hi all long 3 years stalker...and now ready to speak

It hats been no good themes.
Because I had no idea of ​​fashions and patch sh5.

And I would have more beginner question now asked as.

franz_the_cat 09-30-14 05:26 PM


It's a nice mod.
I play wolves of steel and wolves of deep.
Previously I played magnum opus.
The clouds are moving quickly.
I have only problems with it the horizon to bring the sextant in for mods besides the sun.
It still does not work or I do not know how to do it.

Kumando 10-03-14 11:38 AM

Great mod the only thhing i dont like is the das boot crew icons, is there anyway to revert them to stock?

0rpheus 10-04-14 02:34 PM

First of all, thanks to the author(s) for the excellent megamod.

Second, having a bit of an odd issue. Everything works fine as far as I can tell - but the clouds are moving incredibly fast. It utterly breaks the immersion which is such a shame as everything else is perfect. They're speeding across the sky like nothing I've ever seen!

I'm guessing this must be a small bug. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a fix, or a speed value I can change somewhere?


Kumando 10-06-14 06:12 PM

Does anyone knows if installing rongels lifeboat mod will break something?

SnipersHunter 10-07-14 05:27 AM


Originally Posted by Kumando (Post 2249301)
Does anyone knows if installing rongels lifeboat mod will break something?

I also like to know this and can i also activate the mod "Grossdeutscher Rundfunk"?

zeus 10-10-14 04:24 PM

Vdr1981, please.

Could you activate The map TAI and automátic class identificier ships ??

Without activating it is very dificult for me and other people


Godit 10-13-14 02:00 PM

Build in features?
Hello, new Captain here just getting started with WoS and using mods in general. I've got a couple questions pertaining to this mega mod.

1) Does anything in WoS change effects of torpedo damage and/or sinking mechanics like the earlier Critical Hits for Torpedoes and Better And Realistic Flotation do?

2) Is the built in speech recognition support a standalone feature or does it require the Speech Recognition for SH5 mod as a separate install?

Interpol 10-17-14 05:59 PM

Anyway of turning this back into English?


Mod list:
WoS 1.02
WoS 1.02 Patch 5
WoS 1.02 Realistic Hydrophone
WoS 16x9 Resolution Patch
Stock Clock (My own little mod)

I can't see how the last two mods could be causing the change of language.
(Had to resize due to the original being over 6mb)

Nage 10-18-14 03:02 AM

I like this mod, or in fact most of the mods in it. But I can't use it cos my laptop is just not powerful enough... I dunno why, maybe cos of all those graphical changes that this mod does. Game runs much more smoothly when I don't use any mods at all.

Jimbuna 10-18-14 08:30 AM

Welcome Aboard Nage :sunny:

Godit 10-18-14 05:47 PM

ROAFB scale?
After trying the built in RAOFB tutorial I've discovered that the scale on my scope must be off because I'm getting large errors in my measurements. The script says the mast is at an optical height of 10.6 degrees but the scale on my scope shows 12 degrees, even the flag is clearly above the 10 degrees mark.

I am using the 16x9 resolution patch but when I tested this without that patch just to see what would happen, I get the same results.

and here's my modlist.

Generic Mod Enabler - v2.6.0.157
[F:\Program files\SilentHunter5\MODS]

The Wolves of Steel 1.02
The Wolves of Steel 1.02_Patch 5
The Wolves of Steel 1.02 - TDW_Real_Navigation
The Wolves of Steel 1.02 - Realistic_Hydrophone_1_1
The Wolves of Steel - 16x9 Resolution Patch

Godit 10-18-14 09:58 PM

RAOFB scale fix
I could not find a solution to the tick mark scale but Schnorchel did the next best thing and adjusted the RAOFB rings so that the measurement will now yield the proper ranges.

Here's a link to that thread.

It works beautifully now so I'd recommend anyone with the same problem to use his mod. Here's what it looks like.

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