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Arael 10-06-10 08:13 PM

May 8th, 1940
00:07 hours
Location, AN 91

Turns out Bdu had a little present waiting for me back in Wilhelmshaven in the form of the Type IX-B U-111. I was assigned to AN-24 for a patrol. I'll patrol it, but I doubt I'll find anything. Afterwords I'm heading over to Ireland to see about hitting a convoy or two.

Schwieger 10-08-10 07:12 PM

U-45 had a swell ol' patrol.
Left Kiel and headed for our patrol grid AM something (the number slips my mind). Traded newspapers with a Type 34 around the tip of Denmark and then adjusted course to a general NW direction. Not much happened between Denmark and the tip of Great Britain. When we arrived north of Scapa Flow, the weather turned horrible. (Really large waves too - )Adolf Conrad apparently did not know what raincoats are for; he stood on the Bridge without one even though the waves were so high my engines kept switching from diesel to electric. (here he is if any of you care to look lol - ) Chased a phantom contact on my hydrophone for a day, and upon realizing twas a ghost, went back to our course. We found nothing in our patrol grid except for more bad weather, so we turned home after the 24 hours were up. The tanks still had plenty of fuel at this point and I still had plenty of torpedoes and deck gun rounds. The converging convoy routes around the northeasternmost edge of Ireland looked tempting. The weather cleared up upon reaching here, and we were able to bag a couple of large C2 cargoes and a couple of coastal merchants with our deck gun. The arrival of a destroyer prompted a hasty retreat for U-45.

Arael 10-08-10 07:45 PM

May 21, 1940
11:35 Local Time

After finishing up the patrol at AN-91, U-111 headed around Scapa and went south to BF-11 to hunt convoys. After several days of nothing, a convoy report sent us North-West to AM-75. There, we found a large convoy. We set ourselves up in between columns about 5 kilometers ahead of the convoy. After going down to 90 meters to avoid having the Black Swan in front of the convoy notice us, U-111 came back up to periscope depth and began to acquire targets. First to die was an Empire-type in the very front of the center column. The poor thing took a G7e in between the foreward cargo holds an erupted like a bomb. The second G7e aimed at the stern failed to detonate. It wasn't needed though, as the first torpedo had brought a "Ship sinking" message. The next victim was a passenger/cargo in the column behind U-111. It took a torpedo in the forward cargo hold, but we never did hear it sink. The third victim was an ore carrier in the second closest column off the bow. Took a single G7a to the bow and sunk after about 10 minutes. The final victim was a Southampton. It took a G7a to the engine room. We had one miss, on a Large Cargo off the stern. After emptying all torpedo tubes, we sank to 140 meters and waited out the depth charges from a Black Swan and a Flower. Coming back up to the surface about 4 hours later, we took off in pursuit of the convoy. We quickly came across the Southampton chugging along at 2 knots with the decks nearly awash. I put a mercy shot into the forward magazines and sent her to the bottom. After running through the night, and a couple near-sightings by a Flower, we're ahead of the convoy in quadrant AM-72 and getting into position for another strike.

Lost the stupid convoy, So I went to the area between Ireland and England to try and catch it there. On the way I came across a lone small merchant, which I sank with gunfire. Later I found a Granville-type, which I sank with a single torpedo.

Hans Uberman 10-09-10 12:00 PM

Our new vessel's maiden voyage. We patrolled near Bridgetown, Barbados for a while, and then sailed towards the North American east coast. Encountered a large convoy on its way from New York to Europe and sunk a whaling vessel, a medium tanker, a Large Troop Ship, ore carrier and large cargo vessel before sneaking off to the west.

Proceeded to New York harbor at night, where we spotted a Ceramic-Type Ocean Liner, which was promptly sunk. While the Americans searched the area far SE of the harbor in vain, I used a combination of low speed and a slightly raised periscope to spot the anti-submarine netting at the entrance. We partially surfaced, and went over, soon diving to periscope depth again.

Afterward, we were treated to a beautifully lit New York skyline, and spotted the USS Nevada, parked in front of the Statue of Liberty. We sent the Battleship to the bottom and made our way out of the harbor as quickly as we could. Dozens of aircraft dogged us for the next few hundred miles, but we escaped unscathed and returned to France with 130,000+ tons sunk.

OSU 10-09-10 04:04 PM

Patrol 6
March 18, 1941

Ran into a small 4 ship convoy with 2 small merchants, one large one and an A&B class destroyer escorting. I heard them on hydrophones then closed to intercept. I was sprinting in between dives to listen to them when I came into visual range all of a sudden. The destroyer opened fire on me and I dived to p depth. It turned straight towards me, which turned out to be a stupid thing for him to do because:
Put a magnetic right underneath his chin. He sunk within 2-3 minutes of being hit. Probably some over-eager rash brand new destroyer captain wanted to paint a silhouette of a U-boat on his pilot house rally bad. Raced right in for me, didn't even bother to zig-zag.

I sunk the rest of the convoy with a mixture of gunfire and torpedoes. I nabbed a coastal freighter a little while later brining my tonnage for this patrol to 18,884. U-81 is now en route to intercept a south bound convoy from England.

Arael 10-09-10 06:48 PM

May 24, 1940
22:00 ish

I lost the save where I was heading towards the Dunkirk evacuations, so now U-111 is sitting at periscope depth about 75 klicks north of Londonderry hoping my hydrophones will pick up a merchant or, god willing, a convoy. I'd love to have a schnorkel, because then I wouldn't have to surface every once in a while to refresh the air in here.

Hans Uberman 10-09-10 07:01 PM

If this game wasn't so damn addicting, I would have quit long ago due to those bothersome save errors.


Originally Posted by Arael (Post 1511958)
May 24, 1940
I'd love to have a schnorkel, because then I wouldn't have to surface every once in a while to refresh the air in here.

I blame Bernard and beans.

Schwieger 10-09-10 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by Hans Uberman (Post 1511964)
I blame Bernard and beans.

Blaming it on Bernard, eh? We know it was you man; don't be doing that on the boat. Especially with escorts above.

Arael 10-09-10 09:17 PM

May 26, 1940
Local Time: 23:00

Limping back to Wilhelmshaven after a run-in with a convoy. The convoy took a beating to be sure, but the escorts damn near paid back the damage in full. Confirmed kills from the convoy are a coastal freighter that was carrying a pair of aircraft, a Large Merchant that was obviously carrying explosives from the way it went up, and 2 ore carriers. After my tubes were empty I started to head deep. Fortunately I had my navigator check the depth before we got down too far, because the water was only about 30 meters deep. This little fact led to hours of terror as every warship in a 20 kilometer radius came to try and sink me. We managed to escape, but a near direct hit on the bow by a depth charge shot from a K-mount tore a huge hole in the outer hull and destroyed torpedo tubes 1 and 2. Of course, those tubes were the ones that the men had loaded two of our three remaining torpedoes in to. So, I'm heading back. It's been a productive patrol though.

Edit: Made it back to Wilhelmshaven with 67,000 tons of shipping sunk. U-111's hull was at 48% integrity.

ediko 10-10-10 03:32 PM

Another successful patrol.

For the royal air force... Can't dive now :nope:

Arael 10-10-10 04:33 PM


Originally Posted by ediko (Post 1512355)
Another successful patrol.
For the royal air force... Can't dive now :nope:

What got ya?

Falkirion 10-10-10 05:24 PM

Started back into SH3 GWX since a reformat lost me all my career data with my previous skipper.

First patrol with the 7th out of St Naz, picked up a lone Empire freighter in B99. Took me 3 torps to sink her. My first attack left her crippled, dead in the water a listing heavily to starboard. Unforunately their pumps seemed up to the task of keeping her afloat. I fired off a second torp to finish her off. It bounced off the hull. So I started to vacate the area but she still wouldn't sink so a long range (4000m!) shot from the stern tube hit home on her port and sent her under.

Now headin for the southern shipping lanes into England for some convoys. Lets see how much time has eroded my engagement and avoidance skills.

Arael 10-10-10 06:17 PM

July 26, 1940
19:37 Local Time
AN 41

After U-111 was finally fully repaired, I was assigned to patrol off the straits of Gibraltar. As U-111 was heading towards the pass between Scapa and the Shetlands, the watch spotted a Granville heading straight towards us at bearing 006. We submerged and got into place for a close range shot. As the freighter was just starting to pass by us some idiot blew the ballast. We shot to the surface like a cork. Making the best of the situation, I had the 105 manned and we put 13 shells into the Granville before it sank. Right now I'm trying to put as much distance between the wreck and us as possible.

July 29, 1940
12:55 Local Time

About 2 hours ago U-111 came across a small two-ship convoy consisting of a large cargo and a coastal freighter. Set up for a clean shot and used two G7a set for magnetic detonation, one for each ship. Both torpedoes detonated properly, mostly because at 400 meters there's not a lot of time for something to go wrong. The coastal went down quickly, but the large cargo required us to surface and put 4 shells into the stern. Still on our way towards Gibraltar.

krashkart 10-10-10 06:54 PM

November 7th, 1941

Embarked on a long patrol out of France. We're heading for a reference somewhere off West Africa. Won't be seeing any real sleep or food for some time yet. Morale has picked up a little since the loss of several of our crew last month. No less a steady routine than usual.

Contact has been light since we left safer waters. One large freighter and a small tanker to our credit. Aircraft have kept us below the surface on three occasions. No damage, but lost some time on the route.

Looked in the mirror this morning. I wonder if mother will recognize me when she sees me again.

Arael 10-10-10 08:18 PM

August 4, 1940
17:41 Local Time

About 2 hours ago U-111 stumbled upon the outskirts of a task force heading West. We turned into towards the center of the task force, running at full speed with decks awash to cloase the distance as best as we could. Identifying HMS Hood, a Revenge, and what looked like an Illustrious carrier, I chose to aim at the carrier as it was bottled up in the center of the formation. I tried a long distance (11,000 meter) shot from zero degrees with a pair of G7as. 9 minutes later, a miracle happened. one of the torpedoes hit the carrier directly under the funnel. The carrier slowed to a stop as the escorts looked for me in a 2 kilometer area around the carrier. Tried another G7a aimed at the bow from 8 kilometers to finish him off. The stupid thing was still drifting, and the torpedo hit about 10 meters aft of the first one. I decided to make sure that the next torpedo would sink it, and I crawled to within 1500 meters for the next shot. This one was on target on the bow, and the carrier sunk quickly. As of right now I'm having U-111 heading south to Casablanca to hopefully move the externals inside.

Edit: Just discovered what said Task Force was doing in the Mediterranean. I am honored that in some small way I was able to exact revenge on the British for their cowardly attack on the French Fleet at Toulan.

JEuler 10-12-10 07:28 AM

6th patrol of U-22 (type IIA)
In early April 1940 was assigned to patrol grid AN21 around Shetland.When arrived there the Norwegian campaign started,and we received many radio contact reports of British task forces heading for Norway.I setup an intercept course and tried to ambush one of these task forces.The escorts caught us on the surface and hit the boat few times with their deck guns before managed to get to periscope depth.The boat was heavily damaged,the repair crew started to work immediately.Meanwhile I saw through the periscope 3 destroyers closing in,and in the distance a few more ships including one battleship (the Nelson or the Rodney).Before the destroyers get to me,fired a triple salvo at the battleship,basically blindly,just guessing the speed ~9kn,distance ~6000m,AOB ~90.One of the torpedoes hit the BB,but it caused minor damage and she continued on her way,but after the hit all the "dogs" were released,and I found myself being hunted by 9 destroyers.

The depth charges from the first three destroyers caused some more damage but nothing critical.When the others arrived they started to obstruct each other and luckily they were unexperienced and they couldn't damage me anymore,and after two hours of horror I managed to escape.

No ships were sunk during the patrol.Hull integrity was 55%.The LI received an IC II class for his efforts to stop the flooding and repair the boat.
The whole watch crew including the 1WO was released from duty and will be court-martialed (good for them no eastern front yet :)).

unterseemann 10-12-10 11:56 AM

Patrol 8
U-125 type IX-C, Kptlt D.Haguenau

Left Lorient 12/07/1943
16/07: sank lone british ore carrier 9500 tons CF62
21/08: sank british medium merchant + small merchant in heavy fog. first use of homing torpedoes ( falke I) which are effective. 8000 tons CG75
27/08: sank hunt III destroyer escorting two ships convoy with our last falke. Unable to sink the merchants due to air coverage and speed of the ships 10kn...1300 tons CG71
28/08: sank american tramp steamer + great lakes freighter 4100 tons CG71

29/08 Heading back to Lorient fuel<10%, 7 torpedoes available, uboot light damages (HI 82%).

3 weeks IRL on this patrol...almost finished

Schwieger 10-12-10 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by JEuler (Post 1513345)
The whole watch crew including the 1WO was released from duty and will be court-martialed (good for them no eastern front yet :)).


Arael 10-12-10 08:05 PM

Right now the captain of U-111 is mustering up the will to continue his patrol after discovering that the save file he made after sinking the carrier crashes to desktop as soon as Silent Hunter finishes loading it. He has a save from about 24 hours before he made contact with the Task Force that actually works, but having to do that entire thing over again after such a exceptional bit of luck with the first try is a bit... yeah.

Hans Uberman 10-12-10 08:17 PM

I've still 10 torpedoes, but I just sunk the Aquitania off the coast off New York. Fired 4 magnetics at 400m in a grizzly evening storm. One prematured, but the others did their job. Rather than press my luck with the already circling escorts, I left the rest of the convoy to another u-boat. Thankfully the liner wasn't bearing the hospital markings that it did in WWI, and the sunk icon was red, so I'm guessing that I won't be shot upon my return to port. Well, I'm off to continue my patrol. :yeah:

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