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VONHARRIS 09-02-18 12:14 PM

February 28 , 1941 19:40 hours
U-103 has just docked to Lorient naval base after her last patrol.
Crew was very happy as resting was upon them.

Two high ranked Naval officers were waiting for Krvtkptn von Harris on the dock.

"Kommen Sie bitte mit uns von Harris" said one of them pointing to the open door of a black Mercedes.
The ride to Naval HQ took only 5 or so minutes.
The guards saluted as the three men entered the building.
A few steps later , the men entered the Commanders office and they immediately saluted the man in front of them : Konteradmiral Karl Doenitz.

The Konteradmiral spoke immediately : "von Harris U-103 and you have been selected for a very special mission. To raid enemy shipping in (taking a look at the papers in front of him) ED 16. Are you aware of the area?"

A moment of silence.

"Jawohl Herr Konteradmiral" von Harris answered.
"Sehr gut , you will be informed about the details by this file" said Doenitz as he passed the file filled with papers to von Harris.

The three men saluted and left the room.

An hour later von Harris was looking through his orders. He was to take U-103 across the Atlantic to unsafe waters with no support except refueling and possible reaming in mid-Atlantic , if the Milchkuh would still be there.

His crew and himself had 2 weeks to rest and finish resupplying U-103 with all things needed. At least von Harris was granted full access to the inventory due to the nature of his mission.

More to come later...…

VONHARRIS 09-04-18 02:59 PM

Patrol update
March 28 , 1941 08:00
U-103 left her docks at Lorient heading for ED 16
All crew was accounted for , provisions and ammo loaded properly.

March 29 , 1941 11:10 hours
After intercepted two neutral freighters in the previous days , a small coastal merchant flying a red flag was spotted. The weather as favorable for deck action , so U-103 was closing in.

And suddenly , rounds started flying over U-103. Range was estimated to 2000m so the deck gun crew was summoned to the deck. Enemy fire proved very inaccurate so the enemy vessel was sunk easily. It was a nasty surprise though , being fired upon by a merchant.

Current position and date : April 2 , 1941 08:01 hours winds 13m/s clear sky speed 8-9 kts grid DH 61 , heading SSE.

VONHARRIS 09-06-18 12:32 PM

End of patrol - debriefing
Patrol completed after some 12 - 14 hours gameplay

KTB U-103 page 1 of 4

KTB U-103 page 2 of 4

KTB U-103 page 3 of 4

KTB U-103 page 4 of 4

Thank you for reading this.

justfun 09-09-18 07:43 PM

Sorry for my poor english
Hi, currently octobre 1943 (reality 81%)

Base Lorient type X - good experienced crew.

It's terrible. Everywhere planes in my grid DH . I tried many different approachs to a big convoy with 7 destroyers + a, what's the name in english, un "porte avion". Every approach is detected. My boat is intact but i'm tired trying to sink this big "porte-avion".

On this time of war the objekt is more not to die as to sink enormous tonnage. After a while I decide to not attack for the fourth time cause it's too dangerous. I promised to my crew we drink a beer in a bar and not water in the Atlantique. Let's go searching isolated chips but also here it's not so easy... it seems like all the f.... planes search after me.

less than 6.000 tonnage sunk. A poor score but still alive. More than 5 hours with DC over my head. 230m deep and silently escape my UBoat in extra low speed (1) and stop... and (1) while explosion and stop... changing direction. With speed (2) impossible to escape. Then waiting dark night and surface. Last mission i surfaced at day and my boat was spotted by a plane while reloading the ext. torpédos. Impossible to dive i was lucky and fired and reached the plane but it's very hot and i don't want to live this again. (2 good experienced friends wounded at board)

So. Sorry Herr Donitz, i don't want to die. After 3 years on sea i'm a different man. From now on when i see a little chip, a fisher boat or something not armed I looked through periscope and let hem tranquilly go. My crew look at me and smile. I wait the end of the war.

Aktungbby 09-10-18 12:38 AM

Welcome aboard!

VONHARRIS 09-10-18 10:21 AM

First career completed
U-103 was lost in a very peculiar way when she collided with an iceberg in North Atlantic during a storm in July 1941 (tc=128)

SH3C decided that the crew was rescued by allied warships.

What do you think I should do :

A. Escape and return to assume a new command.


B. Start a career from July 1941 with a new commander name.


CTU_Clay 09-10-18 11:54 AM

Welcome to SubSim justfun! :Kaleun_Salute:

VONHARRIS 10-14-18 02:08 AM

April 23 , 1940
U-64 IXB
Grid CG 9458
Weather bad , storm with poor visibility and 13m/s winds
Fuel level >90% , 8 bow and 3 stern torps left , 85 10,5cm rounds left , full AA ammo.

I have the crazy idea to go into the Med.

Ashikaga 10-14-18 03:49 AM

Tourist trip to Narvik. Deep cover.



ivanov.ruslan 11-29-18 03:56 PM

I'm going to my favorite winter mission in quadrant EE65,in the area of ​​which I know fat tankеrs are waiting for me :Kaleun_Party:

ivanov.ruslan 11-30-18 04:57 PM

A real crash of tankers :Kaleun_Sick:

BristolBrick 12-05-18 06:20 AM

I'd like to preface this by saying that this is my first DID career with manual targeting. (Have external camera but nothing else)

19:30, September 8 1940
U-101 is in patrol grid BE36
10 torpedoes left, 80% fuel

U-101 is on her first patrol, sailing North at 7 knots to target area. Warships spotted on bearing 324, heading South at 20 knots. 6 Destroyers, 2 Revenge class battleships.

I'm actually very unsure of how to aim in manual, I have only sunk 2 ships with manual aiming and both of those were by eyeballing it at close range.

ivanov.ruslan 12-05-18 06:54 AM

Hi,look this useful topic if you have not read it

BristolBrick 12-05-18 09:21 AM

Visibility good, (but a bit dark since night is approaching) 2m/s windspeed, no fog.
U-101 is attacking, flank speeding into a position in front of the British line and then submerging as the Battleships approach (1 DD in front, 5 behind)

At 20:43 U-101 fired all four frontal torpedo tubes from periscope depth at roughly 1.4 to 1.7 km range, all G7a (I would have prefered electric fish but I only had steam) set to fast speed in a 5 degree spread, set to 10m depth and magnetic pistol.

Two torpedoes impacted, both hit around the area of the rear two gun turrets. The enemy battleship was destroyed and sunk within 1 minute of torpedo impact.
U-101 was then put into silent running and dived to 200 meters, heading east at 2 knots. The leading destroyer circled for a short while before rejoining it's place in the zig-zagging taskforce, the very last destroyer did stay and search for the u-boat, which had taken very minor damage from one of the destroyers which had rejoined the convoy.

The trailing destroyer made one unsuccessful depth charge attack against U-101 at 21:05, which took the chance to stop moving and pretend to not exist. A second DD comes up from the convoy and searches for U-101. 1 more depth charge attack is made and fails, the second destroyer goes away again. At 21:21 another failed attack is made, and the destroyer continues searching until 21:35 when it goes home.

(Sorry if this image is too dark to see what is going on)

U-101 had just sat there doing nothing. Surfaces and continues on with the patrol.

I'm quite pleased with my first patrol with manual targeting, I had sunk a couple of lone merchants before but I thought this deserved to be posted here. Incredible luck, very first such patrol and a couple of battleships just fall into my lap!

stork100 12-06-18 07:56 PM

Nice work, U-101!

ArnoldR 12-07-18 09:36 AM


Originally Posted by ivanov.ruslan (Post 2579420)
I'm going to my favorite winter mission in quadrant EE65,in the area of ​​which I know fat tankеrs are waiting for me :Kaleun_Party:

Wow!!!! What mod list??? :wah:

ivanov.ruslan 12-07-18 09:48 AM

Wac 5.01 Widescreen gui -1366x768 -Manos, on the top

ivanov.ruslan 12-15-18 03:03 AM

U-552 on postion

In the morning we did an unsuccessful attack from the stern torpedo.Missed.Possible wrong setting of the angle of the gyroscope.
The target, a wandering steamer, managed to escape.We didnt want to waste excess fuel to chase him.
Anyway, someone in our pack will meet him,hehe
At noon, the watch crew spotted on other target,big tanker.This time success.

Patrol continues....

PETC 12-19-18 02:29 PM

I'm back playing GWX again for the first time in years and falling in love all over. I'm on my third patrol with the 2nd Flotilla, October of '39 and I'm heading towards BF17 to intercept some shipping. I've made the decision to head through the channel and while my previous trips through (one pre-war and one just as war broke out) were uneventful, this one has been anything but and I'm not even IN the channel yet!

Right off of Dover I had my first contact. A medium merchant all alone. She was sank with a single torpedo, and right after the torpedo exploded my worthless hydrophone operator informed me of warships steaming my way. I escaped easily, but while I was crawling along near the bottom at 1 knot we received another contact not far from the first one we sank. The warships had left to continue their patrol and it was just me and the small merchant. I surfaced the boat and let the deck gun unload on them until they were on their way to the bottom. The warships returned and we danced a bit before escaping without damage.

I didn't make it far, right off the coast of Calais and I began receiving warship contacts all over, but most were on routine patrols and had no idea I was even there, and then another contact popped up, a large merchant ship steaming my way. All I had to do was lay in wait. I set the torpedo to fast speed, impact pistol, and just below the water line. I aimed for the bunker but hit just ahead of it. Within an hour she was on the bottom.

I made my way to a deeper part of the channel and stayed submerged until night. Before I went to bed I surfaced and began running at 12 knots heading west, perhaps foolishly. It seems to be a target rich environment and at this rate I will run out of fish before reaching my patrol grid.

We'll see if I survive.

TL;DR: Don't go in the channel.

PETC 12-20-18 12:17 PM

I made it. Once I was through the choke point between Dover and Calais it was more or less smooth sailing. Once in the channel I ignored most of the contacts I picked up unless they were warships. Steered away from them and dove to periscope depth if I needed to. On the surface at 15 knots during the day, underwater at 0630 and traveling at 2 knots silent running until 2000.

Went off without a hitch. Might be a different story in the future, but I live to tell the tale.


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