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Gabucino 01-08-10 05:13 PM

Surfaced (thought it safe) to make repairs, only to run into another escort 1 minute later. Crash dive again! Now there are three of them, with Hedgehod launchers and whatnot.

And guess what?

Turns out I'm also in a minefield.

unterseemann 01-09-10 04:31 AM

:o:o:o:o!! Better surface your boat and surrender kapitan... AM61 risky business though

Dissaray 01-09-10 04:50 AM

You could always sink down to the botom, come to a dead stop, go silent and hope they leave you alone; it has worked for me in the past.

Gabucino 01-09-10 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by unterseemann (Post 1233276)
:o:o:o:o!! Better surface your boat and surrender kapitan... AM61 risky business though

These were the definitive SH3 moments. Especially when the destroyer appeared out of the mist at 600m and I dashed back to my PC to order crash dive. Anyway I survived, all of them ran out of depth charges, and left.

Should the observation periscope work at 120m depth, btw?


You could always sink down to the botom, come to a dead stop, go silent and hope they leave you alone; it has worked for me in the past.
It didn't :(

Sailor Steve 01-09-10 01:06 PM


Originally Posted by Gabucino (Post 1233332)
Should the observation periscope work at 120m depth, btw?

I'm pretty sure not. Hitman knows for sure, but it's my understanding that the casings weren't designed for use any deeper than periscope depth. Pressure builds up pretty fast at depth.

don1reed 01-12-10 09:40 AM

KL-alfman 01-12-10 10:06 AM

great log-entry, don1reed!
is it available in-game or do you write your logs separately?

don1reed 01-12-10 01:21 PM

Greetings, KL alfman. All hand-written, I'm afraid. Product of a lot of x1 patrols. Shame we can't type a log while in-game.


KL-alfman 01-12-10 02:46 PM

yes, it's a pity.
just a small step but a huge improvement ......

Panser 01-12-10 04:54 PM

U-49, 4th January 1940

After 9 days at sea and not a single contact except for a single friendly on previously fertile hunting grounds, boredom was setting in.

Patrolled grid AN11, twice attempting to intercept task forces reported by BdU to the northwest of my position and twice returning empty-handed. Returned to AN11, patrolled for another 24 hours when the hydrophone operator reported a warship at long range and closing. As we drew nearer it became clear that this was another task force, and what was sitting pretty in the middle, none other than HMS Hood. Closed on the surface to 2500m off her port bow under cover of darkness, launched a salvo of three torpedoes before retreating in the opposite direction at 15kt. Two hits at 0330h, crash-dived and ran silent at 2kt.

Depth-charged and pinged for two hours while the crippled Hood limped away.

Surfaced at 0545 after the destroyers gave us up for dead, spotted a column of smoke on the western horizon. Intercepted at flank speed to discover the Hood alone and listing badly to port, a fire blazing just behind Gun B and making barely 2 knots. Closed to 1600m at periscope depth and launched another torpedo, striking just aft of the engine room on the starboard side. Laying dead in the water, the Hood began to get stern-heavy, both gun positions awash. Eventually sank 20 minutes later at 0611h, sliding in stern-first and rolling over to port.

At least the crew had plenty of time to abandon ship.

Falkirion 01-12-10 08:14 PM

Haha Panser I ran into that Task force a couple of days ago. I didn't engage due to the 3 DD escort though, tempting a target as she was.

Found the Nelson on my first patrol. Sunk her with 5 torps. 3 across her to bring her to a stop in the water. Cat and mouse with a DD for a bit then slunk underneath her to reload. Snuck away to 2km and fired off another pair that had her down by the stern. Under she went. Good times.

Panser 01-13-10 12:40 PM

I've made a video from the screenshots and video clips I took yesterday:

Note to self: disable the event camera!

Terragon 01-14-10 08:35 PM

Sunk in September. Sunk a medium Brit ship, shortly thereafter, an ASW Trawler approached. No torpedoes or deck gun. The area I was in was only 22 meters deep. I hugged the bottom of the sea as close as I could, silent ran until the destroyer lined up for a run. Went to full speed ahead and made a radical turn to the left as they DC'd us.

One charge crippled the electric motors. Damage control said it would be ten minutes. Figured being on the surface would not work at all, so I refrained from blowing ballast tanks, and hoping he wouldn't hear me.

Lined up again, two charges it the boat, damaging the torpedo room and diesel room. Flooding fast. Blew the ballast tanks, but to no avail. Ship floodded out and U-1 is no more.

Quite literally a shallow grave.

If only we were in a 150 meter zone. I would've mopped the floor with that dufus. :D

msalama 01-16-10 05:07 PM

U-11, in port at Kiel, 25th November 1939

The boat is laid up for repairs for at least two more weeks. The dockyard says they've found a bad seam in the pressure hull which they'll now cut open, sandblast and re-weld. Explains the funny tapping noises sometimes heard while submerged!

We've visited AN21 two times in a row now, and have some 15000 GRT under our collective belt already. Easy patrols both with no ASW activity to speak of, but our next assignment to AN84 is making me a tad queasy regardless. Well, at least I've the opportunity to see whether there's any truth to the rumours of the Englishmen laying vast minefields there if nothing else...

Terragon 01-17-10 06:14 PM

New Career: U-45/Type VII Boat, Commander - Karl Wilhelm-Popp, Age 28.

August 8th, 1939.

"Dive! Damn it! Dive!"

U-1 blasted to full speed ahead, as the alarm bell rang."

"Dive to thirty meters! Hug the bottom as close as you can Chief!"

"Aye, Sir. Bow down ten, stern up ten."

The Old Man quickly made his way to his hydrophone operator.

"Boat is rapidly closing, bearing 270, increasing speed."

"How close are we to the bottom?"

"Instant return, sir."

The Old Man nodded. "Keep track of the trawler."

"Ahead 1/3rd. Left full rudder. Passing 320."

They could now hear the ship approaching, it's propellers churning holes in the water.

"Depth charges in the water!"

"All ahead full! Right full rudder!"

Explosions began to sound on the starboard side. It was shaking the boat up pretty good, until a stray one exploded just a little too near the electric engines. Subsequent damaged caused the engines to fail. At the same time, the sea floor rose sharply, and the boat bottomed out to a screeching halt.

"Blow ballast tanks!"

But to no avail.

"Severe flooding in the engines room, we can't control it sir. Boat is not rising even with our ballast removed."

"Prepare to abandon ship. We-"

"Sir, depth charges in the water!"

"Nowhere to run."

The Old Man nodded.

"Too bad really."

The charges exploded around the boat, and U-1 was no more.

At that moment, I woke up.

A bad omen to be sure. I didn't know anybody on U-1, and as far as I knew, U-1 was decommissioned as a training boat a long time ago. But the dream seemed so real, far away.

"What things you dream of, Karl. Here you sleep in your boat, and the things you dream of are submarines being destroyed on the sea floor. You have a good boat, you have a bunch of young guys, but a good crew nonetheless. Why are you jinxing yourself? Get up!"

So I did.

I looked at my pocket watch. I slept for two hours. Time to go to work.

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