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VONHARRIS 01-06-12 12:43 AM

U-44 IXB
Patrol 7

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Paulebaer1979 01-06-12 07:02 AM

Untill now only did my job. BDU asked me to patrol some grids and i did it. after that i looked for some ships or convoys. Whenever i found a large convoy i start to sink the destroyers with torpedos and and the ships with the deckgun.
HERE are my results. :D Not bad i think.

Greetings Paul

Playing SHIII with Living Silent Hunter 5.1 @ 88% realismus on Intel Core2Quad 2,83Ghz, Ati 4890, 4GB Ram, Windows Vista HP 64Bit

Sonar pettyofficer on S190, S196 and S183

VONHARRIS 01-07-12 01:55 AM

U-44 IXB
Patrol 8

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Walruss 01-07-12 05:14 AM

U-29, 4 sept 1939

Encountered Polish steamer An 46. Sunk with deck gun due to night cover + good weather. A torpedo saved!

6th sept 1939 - bounced in the early hours by a brittish bomber while surface running off of shetland islands. Seaman Keitel sprang to action on the AA gun and hit her engines as she leveled off from a failed bombing run... the aircraft exploded from further fire and the deck crew cheered! Karl earned himself a bottle of beer for his exploit, he's only out on his first patrol and already bagged a plane!

16th sept 1939: Encountered Brittish cargo ship (approx 4,000 tons) at BF76 in heavy weather. Pursued and executed surface attack at 500 meters with the rear tube before diving. Hit just for of the stack, dead under the bridge. Remained afloat for 12 hours, despite listing heavily early on.

17th Sept 1939. Crash dived to avoid aircraft off western coast of spain. Spending the day submerged to avoid enemy recce.

ijnfleetadmiral 01-08-12 03:23 AM

3 April 1940
Scharnhorst departs on another raiding mission.

Returned to port having sunk 12 ships for 19,270 tons. Damaged by aerial attack NNW of Scapa Flow; radar destroyed and thus returned to port. Outran British DD Flotilla in North Sea, sinking two of them.

3 Small Freighters
3 Tramp Steamers
1 Coal Freighter
1 Large Trawler
1 Small Coal Tender
2 C/D-class DDs
1 Motor Torpedo Boat


Kongo Otto 01-08-12 05:38 AM

Second Patrol 17th August 1939 to 19th September 1939:
3 Freighters and 1 Tanker with together 25413 tons.

Walruss 01-08-12 10:10 PM

U28, 28th Oct 1939
Encountered task force of some kind in shallow waters of the north sea... depth restricted to 60 meters or thereabouts. Depth charged for several hours, sustained minor but repairable damage to the stern dive planes, and some minor hull damage from running aground. Single destroyer seems to haave ran out of depth charges by night fall and left after making two more (apparently dry) attack runs. Surfaced the boat at 3 am the next morning and continued on course for patrol grid, repairing the jammed planes by the next day.

3 Nov 1939

Sunk one ship off the northern tip of scotland, en route to patrol BE99. Medium sized merchant, 5,000 Grt or thereabouts. Continuing to patrol grid.

5th Nov 1939.
Convoy report just 10 km away from me. Moved to engag at 05:30. Penetrated convoy in extreme weather. Fired 2 torpedoes at large merchant- either failed to detonate due to malfunction or ran too deep in the storm. Fired impact torpedo at second merchant from stern tubes and hit. At this point an escort appeared out of the fog and engaged. Took minor damage to the conning tower and some damage to the batteries. Dived to evade. Depth charged. No further damage. Surfaced 3 hours later and located a straggling tanker. Two hits aft from 2 torpedoes and the tanker exploded... possibly carrying gasoline or refined oil? There's no way the merchant I hit aft could survive this storm with probable engine damage, chalked up it's tonnage too.
17,000 tons that won't make it to england.
Pursuing convoy

6th Nov 1939 no sign of the convoy but a lone merchant, 6,000 grt found on it's course... potential straggler. Took three torpedoes to sink... what is it carrying? Balsa wood?

I refuse to return to port with only minor hull damage and only a few days at sea, without even reaching my patrol grid. Setting a course for the Corriantes for resupply, then some action off spain.

Oblt zr-see Werner Buechler, officer commanding,

VONHARRIS 01-09-12 12:32 AM

U-44 IXB
Patrol 9

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ijnfleetadmiral 01-09-12 04:10 AM

9 April 1940:
Goeben departs on another raiding mission. Ran into some real bad weather, so therefore missed attacking convoy on British E coast; CO and crew really disappointed.

The bad weather plagued us all the way out into the Atlantic until we were SSW of Iceland. Finally, we caught a break and headed for Reykjavik...

and ran STRAIGHT INTO a LARGE CONVOY! After dispatching the lead escort, our first merchant target was a LARGE TROOP SHIP (first time I was able to sink the game's stock Passenger Liner...WOOT!:yeah::woot:) Needless to say, the convoy was obliterated.

Returned to port on 21 April 1940, having sunk twenty-seven ships for an impressive 114,807 tons, and even shot down a single Anson patrol bomber en route into the Atlantic. Gunners of all rating were showered with medals and promotions upon return to port.

1 Large Troop Ship
1 Modern Tanker
1 Medium Tanker
1 Ore Carrier
1 Empire-type Freighter
4 Medium Cargo Ships
1 Nipiwan Park-type Tanker
4 Granville-type Freighters
2 Passenger/Cargo Ships
1 Coastal Freighter
1 Avro Anson Coastal Patrol Aircraft
2 A/B-class DDs
2 J/K-class DDs
2 ASW Trawlers
1 Elco-type Torpedo Boat

3 Motor Torpedo Boats

Dbledip 01-09-12 08:24 AM

I had posted the following in "Dumbest way you have died." and while reading these posts noticed that several people have rammed ships and not died. Is my sinking a glitch or did Bernard put me at the wrong place in the wrong time???

After putting two torpedoes onto a small merchant from 500m, I received the "she' going down" signal. I instructed Bernard to return to course and set about rearming my torpedoes, setting the watch and radio my status. When I hear the tearing of metal and I am taking damage. I go to check my status and see damage from the bow to the command area red and filling with water. Repair crews to to the damage area. I check with the Watch officer and find no ships in sight. Not a DD??? Finally I go on deck and find my ship lodged behind the stack of the sinking merchant and unable to repair the damage. I join her in the cold depths of the Atlantic.


Sailor Steve 01-09-12 09:36 AM

@ VONHARRIS: I see your last entry says you installed Alberich at the end of August 1941. Does the game let you do that? Obviously it's possible, but is it via a mod, or is it stock? I ask because the first one was indeed installed in 1940, but it was on a boat under construction, and due to problems encountered they weren't available for regular use until near the end of the war.

VONHARRIS 01-10-12 02:27 AM


Originally Posted by Sailor Steve (Post 1818209)
@ VONHARRIS: I see your last entry says you installed Alberich at the end of August 1941. Does the game let you do that? Obviously it's possible, but is it via a mod, or is it stock? I ask because the first one was indeed installed in 1940, but it was on a boat under construction, and due to problems encountered they weren't available for regular use until near the end of the war.

I really don't know.
It has been like that since I first installed GWX and remained like that after every reinstall (registry clean done etc)

This is my current mod list :
Aces' Type 9 c-1 Super Turm (Old Emblems Compat v3.2) Alt Grill + 3x MG-34 version for GWX
Aces' Crew On Deck - Stand alone mod v1 GWX Version
Aces' Radio Room Postcards
Aces' Modified Headphones
Alt Msg Font Typewriter
Foam 512x512
GWX - Enhanced Damage Effects
GWX - Contact Color
GWX 3 - Msn Os Lite
LRT v2.04 Full
SH-5 Water for GWX 3.0 V0.9 08 Km Atlantic campaign (default)
Thomsen's Depth Gauge
Thomsen's Dials V2.0
Thomsen's Sound Pack V3
Deck gun sound
New Uboat Guns 1.2
New 20mm Flak beta v1.1
SeaWolf S.Cut Bar
SH3-Blue Night Map
Torpedo damage Final
TorpedoTubesFfireFinal vGW
Waterstream+Exhaust Combi V2.3 for GWX3
Elite U-boat Binoculars
Fishing Trawler
WB's Fuel Economy v1.2
Flecktarn Protective Helmet Cover
Scir***923;-Tikigod- repeated order
Water Droplet Mod
Remove searchlights from merchants
Remove searchlights from warships
Sergbutos Wolfpack mod V3 reloaded

FROM THE MFM (manually inserted)
Tankers : 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 10 13(T2 SE A1) 16 18 tanker CAM ship
Attack cargo ships: 1 2 3
Medium merchants : 6 7 8 9 11 13 15 17 22 24 25 29 31 39 40 CAM ship UK/US Hog Island
Heavy merchants : 1 2 3
Naval oilers : 1
Repair ships : 1
Q ships : Jimbuna + Q01B
Amphibious vessels: Appalachian - A.Middleton
Liners: Blue star liners - Cunard liners 1,2,3,4 - Large liner - Olympia class - Empress of Britain - Normadie
Troop ships: USS West Point
Others: Fleet tender - Ranger type tanker - Hansa freighter - Medium freighter - Whale factory ship(not the GWX one) - Whale chaser - Fishing trawler
US Navy: BB New York - CVE Long Island
RN Ships: Queen Elizabeth class - Renown class - Ark Royal - Glorious - Bellona class - Leander class - Armed merchant cruiser(not the Aux cruiser of GWX) - Flower class corvette (from SH5)

I don't think that any of these mods can do that.
I have changed some items on the basic.cfg but these are about renown values for Ubooten and torpedo loads.
Hope this helps.

VONHARRIS 01-10-12 02:55 AM

U-504 IXC
Patrol 10

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Kapt Z 01-11-12 08:38 AM

U-97 1st patrol
Patrol 1
U-97, Type VIIC, 7th/13th Flotilla
Left at: 6.10.40
Returned: 16.11.40
From: St. Nazaire
Mission Orders: Patrol Grid BE99

Six freighters sunk for 22,435 tons

All internal torpedoes expended.
No damage sustained.

Oblt. Ernst Walzer

ijnfleetadmiral 01-12-12 05:28 AM

22 April 1940
Goeben departs Wilhelmshaven on yet another raiding mission. After patrolling assigned area for 24 hours, headed to area SSW of Reykjavik, as this area had been rich in targets on our last patrol...and it was again.

Returned to port on 3 May 1940, having sunk 26 ships (an entire large convoy, plus two lone vessels earlier) for 109,180 tons. Lookouts and gunners were heaped with promotions and medals. The crew loves their Kaleun. :D

5 Large Merchants
1 Large Cargo Ship
1 Medium Tanker
1 Intermediate Tanker
2 Granville-type Freighters
4 Passenger / Cargo Ships
1 Small Freighter
2 Small Merchants
4 Black Swan-class Frigates
4 Flower-class Corvettes
1 ASW Trawler

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