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Benzin1973 07-29-16 09:57 PM


Originally Posted by ivanov.ruslan (Post 2422274)
Awesome patrol, cheers :cool:

Thanks Ivanov! Yours are very cool as well! :up:

I forgot to ask...
Your pictures look very nice! What enviroment/visual mods are you using?

ivanov.ruslan 07-30-16 12:09 AM

I use:
GWX 3.0
Foam 512x512
Fahnenbohn's Environment Mod - on the top

ivanov.ruslan 07-31-16 03:32 PM

During a patrol in quadrant AN 41, east of Scapa Flow, while we were in an underwater position, acoustics report on the peleng, the target is moving fast
I raised the periscope and noticed task force group moving fast
The formation consisted of five destroyers
One of them seemed to me a little lonely, I could not resist and drove him a torpedo Yes,but to others contracted sharply left and headed toward me
The next few hours were straight nightmarish - the water boiled, straight me with hedgehogs and waserbombs
The depth was about 140 meters, I was able to maneuver
There was a battle of life and death
When the situation became intolerable, I decided to went on the attack

Emergence to periscope depth full swing, maneuvering between blasts ....

Finally, it was just me and him .... Who who

Benzin1973 08-01-16 10:33 PM


Originally Posted by ivanov.ruslan (Post 2422519)
I use:
GWX 3.0
Foam 512x512
Fahnenbohn's Environment Mod - on the top

Thanks Ivanov.
I just installed EnvSimAct, weather is much more realistic now!
But i couldnt find anything on Foam512x512, what is it?

ivanov.ruslan 08-01-16 11:31 PM

Look here
,post 51

Captain Coward 08-03-16 04:14 PM

My latest patrol went well (my best so far) in the AM41 section (Dec. 1940/Jan. 1941). 18 ships including a destroyer for a total of 58,489 tons. I even sank a fishing boat (deck gun) to deny Churchill his Fish & Chips. I should've had 19 but my last torpedo couldn't sink a C3. I was out of ammo for my deck gun except the Star Shells. I used everyone of them to try to set it ablaze but in the end I just blew stuff up on the deck.

I wonder when these merchants start shooting back? I may have to find out the hard way...yikes!

Captain Coward

ivanov.ruslan 08-03-16 04:20 PM

Try it in 43 th and 44 th, 45 th will not comment :D

Welcome a board :salute:

Captain Coward 08-06-16 07:11 PM

Just finished the fastest mission I think I'll ever have:

February 5th to the 17th 1941, section BE22. I used up all but one torpedo on the way there thanks to a convoy I stumbled upon. Nine ships totaling 45,711 tons. Would have been more but the weather prevented me from using the deck gun and of course I had an electric torpedo malfunction. Sheesh.

Hunting down these convoys has been an interesting & frustrating endeavor, more on that later. Also my first time taking damage from depth charges (minor), something tells me I will need to get used to it.

Off to Section BE91, departing on St. Patricks Day with my trusty U-52!

Captain Coward

Note: I just realized I can put an emblem on the conning tower. Went with the Lachen Sawfish. I'll have to Google to figure out the meaning.

RoaldLarsen 08-11-16 10:55 AM

I have returned to SH3 after a seven year absence. After a few weeks of making realism tweaks with SH3 Commander, I have begun careers in each of the three start-of-war flotillas available in-game.

The first of these careers is Kapitänleutnant Alfred Ahrens, whose first war patrol was significant.

Alfred Ahrens was born in Heilbronn on 1910/02/04. He joined the Reichsmarine as an officer candidate in 1928 and was made a Leutnant zur See in 1932, serving on the light cruiser Leipzig. Ahrens was promoted to Oberleutnant zur See and transferred to the new u-boat force in 1935. He served as IWO under KptLt. Heinrich Liebe on U-2, a type II A boat. In late 1937 Ahrens was promoted to Kapitänleutnant and took over command from KptLt. Hans Cohausz of U-15, a type II B.

On the 22nd day of August, 1939, Ahrens was ordered to take U-15 to sea and patrol grid square AN44 off the east coast of Scotland, about halfway between the Royal Navy bases at Scapa Flow and the Firth of Forth. He was to report any naval movements and merchant traffic. Ahrens was also secretly warned that there was a risk of an outbreak of war with England at or after the beginning of September. In the event of war, he was to sink any Britsh merchant shipping he encountered, but to do so in accordance with the Prize Rules of 1936. He was told to avoid detection, especially once he left the Skagerrak.

U-15 left the Skagerrak on August 25. The next day, Ahrens had to alter course to avoid being seen by a ship that had been sighted by one of the other u-boats that put to sea at about the same time. On the day after that, U-15 altered course to avoid a ship detected by U-15's own lookouts.

At 19:40 on August 28, U-15 arrived at the NW corner of its designated patrol grid square. U-15 patrolled AN44 without seeing any ships from August 28 to September 2. The crew heard the news of the German invasion of Poland on September 1. At 08:53 on September 3, while submerged on a southerly course in AN4417, U-15's hydrophone operator heard faint sounds of distant propellers. Ahrens ordered the boat to be surfaced and set a course to intecept for a visual appraisal of the contact. At 9:07, shortly after U-15 had sighted the contact - a 2,800 ton British coastal merchant - U-15 was surprised by a British aircraft, and even more surprised when the aircraft dropped a bomb near them, causing minor damage, including disabling the wireless equipment. U-15 dived but maintained a course towards the ship. Ahrens assumed that the attack on his boat meant that war had begun, but that he had missed notification while he was submerged. He further surmised that the ship had summoned the aircraft, and was therefore itself a legitimate target.

At 09:30, Ahrens surfaced and took U-15 on a long loop to get ahead of the ship, to the port side of its course. He then submerged with U-15 pointed perpendicular to the ship's course. At 11:15 Ahrens fired one T I torpedo at fast speed, depth 8m with magnetic fusing, from a range of 500m. The torpedo detonated under the target's keel, breaking the ship's back. Thus Ahrens claimed the first sinking of the war. Coincidentally, the attack came just as Neville Chamberlain was giving his speech declaring that Britain was at war with Germany. Shortly after the attack, the Funkmaat was able to repair the wireless, in time to receive Doenitz's message to commence operations against British shipping. The receipt of this message, about 3.5 hours after they sank their target, caused much consternation among U-15's crew.

Fourteen minutes after the sinking, U-15's lookouts spotted two approaching aircraft. U-15 dived and was apparently not detected. U-15 remained on patrol in AN44 for another 15 hours until, running low on fuel, Ahrens decided to return to base. At 05:07 on September 4, while leaving AN4445, U-15 was attacked by three British aircraft and crash-dived. Three explosions were heard, but no damage was done.

U-15 completed its first war patrol by docking in Kiel's sub pen 12 at 10:30 on September 12. When it was confirmed that Ahrens' attack on the British ship had taken place 15 minutes after the British war ultimatum had expired, he was commended for his initiative, rather than being disciplined for creating a potential international incident. Ahrens was Gemany's official leading submarine ace for just two days, until September 5, when Herbert Schultze sank the 4,853 ton Royal Scepter. (Julius Lemp's sinking of the Athenia on September 3 was not officially acknowledged.)

U-15 was in port for 10 days, being checked for damage and reprovisioned. Ahrens' second patrol was in grid square AN16, which includes Scapa Flow, but Ahrens stayed clear of the naval base and its patrolling destroyers. On the way to its patrol area, U-15 stopped and inspected a ship off the Norwegian coast near Bergen that seemed to be headed towards Scotland, but it proved to be a Norwegian coastal merchant trying to put some distance between itself and the lee shore. U-15 patrolled AN16 for three days, On the evening of the second day, a British coastal merchant was detected by hydrophone. As Ahrens was guiding U-15 closer to the target, a British destroyer was sighted on an intersecting course. U-15 dove and successfully evaded the warship, then resurfaced and sank the merchant with a single torpedo. U-15 returned to Kiel on October 8 with dry diesel tanks, after sixteen days at sea.

Before leaving on it's third war patrol, U-15's crew members were awarded the u-boat war badge.

U-15's third war patrol assignment was to AN34, SW of the southern tip of Norway. U-15 detected and sank two British cargo ships of about 4930 tons each, and intercepted a Norwegian fishing vessel. Having expended all its torpedoes, U-15 returned to Kiel after only 9 days at sea.

Upon his return to Kiel, Ahrens was awarded the Iron Cross Second Class, was promoted to Korvettenkapitän, and given command of the 5th Flotilla. When that Flotilla was disbanded in 1940, Ahrens was made commander of the First Division at the Murwik Naval Academy.

KptLt A. Ahrens War Patrol Summary:
Number of war patrols: 3
Days at sea: 46
Torpedos fired: 7
Torpedos detonating on target: 7
Ships sunk: 4
Tonnage sunk: 14,978

ivanov.ruslan 08-16-16 05:18 AM

During a storm condition, watchcrew spoted large transport, moving at high speed,backboard We went to his rapprochement and we stuck a torpedo After the blast, dropped his speed and finally completely stopped
Our weapon officer finished him off with the second torpedo

Emitting clouds of steam, he went to the bottom

Weather clears
And with good weather slowly emerges from the horizon silhouette of convoy

Good hunt !

ivanov.ruslan 08-18-16 03:39 PM didnt understand whether this convoys are two or one seen twice

Hmm, we'll see this job

Captain Coward 08-21-16 02:18 PM

Those B@st@rds, They Shot At Me!
July of 1941 and those sons of b*tches (a coastal merchant) shot back at me while making a surface run with my deck gun. First time I've been shot at. I started to dive from 500 meters away but I got pissed and decided to have my gunners take out their gun instead. Luckily they were bad shots and went to the bottom! I was overjoyed watching them sink to a watery grave.

Captain Coward

nohey 08-31-16 11:18 PM

My first post here, hello fellow Captains.

Small report from U-101, 29th Flotilla September 12th, 1941.

Left La Spezia for the Mediterranean Sea on the morning of the 5th of September at approx 07:30. We made our way down the eastern coasts of Corsica and Sardinia before making open sea. Very little to report.

7th of September, 1941: Came in contact and quickly sunk a 4878 tonne merchant ship by day with deck gun before turning east-south-east for our petrol sector: CH94.

8th of September, 1941: Came into contact with another merchant ship of undisclosed tonnage at 9:30am - watched the Luftwaffe bomb the ship with several Junkers via periscope before we could sink it ourselves.

9th of September, 1941: Heavy rain and extremely bad weather. Bridge watch caught site of a coal vessel between 4-5000 tonnes doing between 8 and 12 knots at 1:45am. We were unable to catch and stopped pursuit after losing sight.

10th of September, 1941: U-101 navigated the north coast of North Africa with few encounters. Detected via hydrophones suspected warships as we made for the straight of Gibraltar at a depth of 40m. No visuals. We used the bad weather to slip into the straight of Gibraltar and into the bay of Gibraltar undetected.

11th of September, 1941: Between 12am and 4am U-101 successfully destroyed two anchored T2 and T3 Tanker vessels in the harbour of Gibraltar. T2 8654 tonnage, T3 18459 tonnage. 4 T1 eels and deck guns were used. Royal Navy dispatched several unidentified warships but U-101 successfully evaded them and slipped out of the bay. Minor damage due to miscalculation of depth.

12th of September, 1941: No encounters as we made our way north-west towards Palma - repairs ongoing. Aft tube eels all that is left of torp compliment - deck gun ammunition moderate. Probable deck gun attacks on return to La Spezia.

End of report.

ivanov.ruslan 09-01-16 12:14 AM

Welcome a board !:salute:

nohey 09-01-16 06:54 PM

Thanks Ivan =)

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