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ExoZen 07-21-2021 03:04 AM

Question regarding a specific side mission
I have a side mission in campaign where I need to rescue an american spy and he is waiting near the coast. I tried to get closer with my sub without hitting the sea floor but nothing happens. There is a timer, 30 mins for me to rescue him. What should I do? There is no specific instruction how to do this.

PanicEnsues 07-21-2021 12:24 PM

For rescue missions, you just have to maneuver your sub so it's surfaced and inside the green ring that you should see in both the chart view and from the bridge.

Once you enter that ring, a timer will start; remain inside the ring (and surfaced) until the timer runs out, indicating that the rescue op is complete.

If you leave the ring or submerge, the timer will reset and you can try again.

Hope that helps!

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