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gt_magnus 06-13-11 07:13 AM

I haven't come that far in my career because of having to reinstall the game a few weeks ago because the GWX mod had partly stopped working when I enabled some optional mods (I found no warnings about my enabled mods in the GWX manual). I noticed this when leaving for my first patrol in a new career. I couldn't compress time more than 8x in the kiel canal (In Stock SH3 you can't compress time more than 8x when close to land :damn:).

Ok, back to what this thread is about... After re-installing the game I started a new career with the 1st Flotilla in 1939. I was on my 9th patrol still in my IIA boat having sunk only 1 ship in my career until then!:oops: Mainly because I had got patrol grids near neutral Norway some times. But I was on my 9th patrol, I was patrolling in AN55 when I spotted a huge convoy with only two escorts! I dived as soon as I saw the convoy. I rised my attack periscope and slowed the boat down to reduce the periscope wake. I targeted some of the ships, selected a salvo shot, checked where the escorts were and... WHAT?:o NO!! A huge Warship headed straight towards me! I dived to about 10m above the sea bed and rigged my boat for silent running. Dammit!:damn: All the warships were equipped with ASDIC. two hours later... I was lying at the bottom of the sea, still being attacked, still alive, but running out of air. I had to do something but, the warships would never stop dropping depth charges at me so I thought : Screw it, and I went for a crazy surfacing at ahead flank and surprisingly, the warships had trouble hitting me, but then, one of them hit me with their biggest gun and Hans Fischer went down with his boat :dead: R.I.P. Hans Fischer

Starting a new career today :)! One question though : Why won't your boat change number when changing from for example, a Type II to a Type VII? Is this a GWX bug or a SH3 bug?

sublynx 06-13-11 02:54 PM

U-552, patrol 6, report 2
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol BE33

Statusbericht 22.7.1943
0809 AM51 clear, visibility 15 16 kilometers, wind 15 m/s. No ships sighted or heard. Air traffic is heavy, just like U-505 has reported. Four contacts despite running submerged when possible. Metox warnings in grids AM33, AM26 and AM51. Night time from about 2300 to 0400 hours has been clean so far and we have been able to run surfaced at that time.

At 19.7. 0800 hours grid AM26 surfaced and was immediately strafed with heavy machine gun or 20 mm gun fire. In the confusion I ordered a crash dive. Afterwards I realised that in a situation like that my orders are to stay surfaced and fight the aircraft. There were leaks in aft torpedo room and aft rest areas. Conning tower was damaged. At 0802 an explosion heard while at a depth of 80 meters, but apparently that did not cause damage. The boat was repaired by 0939 hours and a test dive to depth of 150 meters was made.

I now start every surfacing by a periscope scan that starts looking straight up and only after that scanning the perimeter.

Hessler was mentioned by name in the news report, because he managed to sink a British battleship. Sadly, the radioman also intercepted a distress call from Fischer in grid AN55 and his type II must be presumed sunk now.


Fish In The Water 06-13-11 03:02 PM


Originally Posted by sublynx (Post 1683007)
I now start every surfacing by a periscope scan that starts looking straight up and only after that scanning the perimeter.

A wise precaution kaleun... :up:

VONHARRIS 06-13-11 11:43 PM

U-505 IXC
Patrol 15
8 September 1942
18:14 hours U-505 left Lorient for Grid CC21. U-39 was still under repairs after that attack she suffered. They will be back to sea soon , I hope. There is always place for a good Kaleun out there.
No news from U-65 after sinking the HMS Nelson.
U-552 reported a surprise air attack agoinst her but she survived.
On the other hand , commander Fischer and his type II were lost by gunfire after trying a daring escape by surface running.

18 September 1942
Grid BD86
14:48 hours Merchant spotted , big ship probably a converted whale factory ship , dived to PD
15:10 hours 2 bow torpedoes fired , ship was flying a US flag
15:11 hours 2 hits , ship on fire slowing down
15:24 hours Ship DIW , surfaced at 1500m from the burning and now listing ship. Opened fire with the deck gun (I can't get rid of that habit)
15:26 hours Ship sunk after 19 105mm rounds

19 September 1942
Grid BD85
05:35 hours Merchant spotted , dived to PD
05:39 hours A second merchant was heard , up scope : Two ships a heavy merchant and a medium merchant 01 unescorted but heavily armed
05:53 hours 2 stern torpedoes fired , turning to use bow tubes
05:55 hours 1 hit on the heavy merchant
06:05 hours 2 bow torpedoes fired
06:06 hours 2 hits on the medium merchant 01
06:07 hours Ships are burning DIW but they stay afloat , surfaced to finish them off
06:08 hours Medium merchant 01 sunk after 2 105mm rounds. Minor damages by machine gun fire. Moving back to 2000m from the heavy merchant
06:10 hours Heavy merchant sunk by 19 105mm rounds

26 September 1942
Grid CC21
14:57 hours Reached patrol area

27 September 1942
Grid CC21
05:33 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
05:46 hours Warship sound closing at slow speed
06:02 hours More sound contacts : a convoy is approaching. The weather is bad , visibility no more than 300 from the attack scope and it rains.
06:50 hours Distant pinging
06:57 hours Stern torpedo launched against escort with no luck
07:01 hours DCed at PD serious damages flooding. The conning tower must have been hit very badly, Three men died being hit by a broken pipeline Diving to 120m at flank speed , bold launched
07:18 hours Depth 120m silent running at 1 kts
07:25 hours Pinging and DCs that explode above us
07:29 hours More DCs but no damage done
15:03 hours After almost 8 hours we surfaced. The turm was out of action: Both scopes destroyed , radio antenna off and the Meteox receiver was damaged but repairable. My radioman was able to make temprorary repairs to the antenna just enough to radio BdU of our condition and that we were heading to U-461

29 September 1942
02:09 hours Reached the U-461 Milchkuh
They were waiting for us and they had lences to fix the scopes plus a new radio antenna. Our three men that died were buried at sea after a small ceremony.
22 days at sea
3 ships sunk
28295 tons
95% hull integrity
3 casualties

Kermit the Frog 06-14-11 09:06 AM

Sometimes even blind squirrel finds a nut
8th June 1942 Morning
-What's the visibility?- I ask Johann, my 1st WO.
-About 5 km...- Johann paused his sentence in the middle. I know what he wants to ask about, but I go down to command room.
-What's the repair status Chief?
-We need a yard- It's not the type of an answer I like to hear, but I'm not going to push. I Can't blame him. It's he's second patrol. We barely know each other, and I'm not quite trusting him. Maybe his predecessor could bring some sensor back to life? -We're unable to repair anything more. Structure damage is serious. We shouldn't go deeper than 25m- That makes my decision.
-Helm, set a course 185. Igor, take us here- I've pointed a place on map -What do you think?
-That's quite far from dangerous bay, and still there's very big chance to meet some lone merchant, travelling along the coast. We have a chance.

16:37 local time, same day
-ALAAAAAAARM!!!!!!!!- Jesus Christ what happened? I jumped into bridge. Heavy rain surprises me completely. Not more than 1 km visibility. Johann points me the threat: armed tugboat, 800m, bearing ~20, approximately 30 deg AOB, left bank.
-Flank ahead! Dive! Dive! Dive!- Our bow disappears under water when I hear first shot. I hold my breath, will he hit us? I feel that my boat is fragile like an eggshell. Another shot missed us, we just passed 13m, and I'm about to release the air from my chest, when I hear noise of Tugboat's propeller and her rattling diesel -Hard starboard!- Boat is lazily turning. Propeller sound is louder and louder. Somehow we avoid ramming, but there goes DC's. Explosions shakes my nerve. First one dandles us slightly, but second one reaches us.
-Port propeller destroyed! Major leakage in stern compartment!- Helm looks at me and it's a face of a murder. Before other explosions outworn I shout necessary commands:
-Chief, go there and check if you can help. After this check hull integrirty.
-Ay, ay Sir!- Boat is still turning, and we're doing 5kt, and if they have no ACDIC we should survive this. Clock ticking measures leaking time.
-All stop! What's the situation in stern compartment?
-We need more time Sir!
After some time I start hearing sound of propellers again. What's worse, boat starts loosing her trim.
-Helm, keep 15m!
-We need to move sir!- I'm waiting. Sound of propellers comes from larboard, estimate bearing 225~270. Sound of propellers are quite loud now, it's time.
-Rudder amidships, full ahead, maintain depth!
-Leakages in stern compartment sealed Sir!
-Good, now remove all the water, and lets get out of here- In the meantime Tugboat passes behind our stern. DC explosions shakes our boat, but that's all the effects. Without ASDIC they look not so scary.
-Rudder 5 deg larboard, silence run!- Now it's up to enemy's experience. Did they hear us? Boat is holding 13-14m depth. But there they go again. It seems that this time they came faster than before. I'm going to take a risk, and keep silence. Helm is looking at me again and his eyes are telling: "If you damage my boat again, I kill you by my bear hands". This time it seems, that boat dropped all available DC, because explosion is tremendous! But except damaging my ear drums, they only shakes our boat nervously and... That's all. After traumatic adventures couple nights before, this one looks almost like a joke. And finally it appears to be one. We're spending another day under water heading ENE. Let's go home. One hour after sunset I decided to surface the boat:
-Flank ahead!- And when boat reaches 6 kts -Blow ballast!- Boat is pointing nose up, and after a while we're breathing fresh air. Visibility about 5 km, no visible enemy. But something isn't right. Our speed is dropping down. 4 kts... 3 kts... 2 kts... -What's going on Chief?
-Looks like we completely lost port propeller, and we can recharge batteries only with stern engine sooo....
-Then stop recharging batteries immediately!
Situation is not good, 13 kts is all we have on flank ahead. Our standard speed drops down to 8 kts. 7-5 with rough see. That's not all the bad news. We have only one propeller working, but second engine is working anyway all the time without much sense, and I can't do anything with this. Bulls**t!
I set a course directly to Lorient. There's U-461 Milchkuh is on our way, but we need something more than fuel and greetings.
-Navigator, I need to know if we can reach Lorient with this fuel!
-I already did some calculations, there should be no problem Sir!
-Ok then, Johann- Weather report every 4 hour, I need some sleep.

Minutes seems like hours, hours seems like days, and days...

Weather is going worse. Wind at the beginning is steady, but after 8 hours starts turning right, and blows stronger, 15 m/s. After another 4 hour wind turns 90 deg, and visibility drops down to 1 km. Heavy rain. I decide to go under water. We still are blind there, maybe even more than on surface, but we all feel safer knowing, that any radar track us here. We're doing 200 rpm, and surfacing to check weather every 4 hours. After 16 hours rain stops, and we can continue our travel. Visibility 9 km makes me confident, and I order to load the batteries. We look stupid, both engines working, but we're not even slightly moving. I like to ask BDU about this, but we don't have even radio, to call help. Other part of journey isn't much better. Good weather holds only for two days. After this wind turns right, goes stronger and then comes the rain and bad visibility. Every part of boat seems to be damaged. Every single one, but one torpedo in stern tube, and reserve one. After 11 days we're right in the middle of our way home. Usually weather doesn't spoil us, wind turns, and visibility drops from 9 to 5 km, but this night is unique. 16 km visibility makes my good mood. I decide to spend couple hours on bridge. But there comes surprise:
-Merchant! Bearing 143- I grab binoculars immediately... Is it... God she's huge! ...
-Heeelm! Turn 90 starboard, flank ahead!- I grab binoculars again. There's no doubt, it's large two pipes ex-ocean liner converted to troop ship. Estimated course 80, estimated speed 14 kts. Very soon we find ourself in firing range.
-Hard larboard! Heading 350- And after half turn I ordered flank back! I can't wait when boat stops turning, and when it finally happens I drop down speed to slow back. Data set into TDC, shooting range 2500m. I'm shooting when second funnel enters crosshair. Impact pistol, 2m depth of run. Now there's no time to loose. -Flank ahead!- After a while torpedo reaches the target. I'm expecting searchlights, but apparently they have no such thing. Large ocean liner travels fast for some time, but he's loosing speed very fast. I'm preparing boat to repeat attack and finish them, but even before we can load last stern torpedo, giant stops completely. They stern is sinking fast. We overtake them easy to see last moments of our victim, and... To shoot photos. We can see evacuation of soldiers and crew. Some of them see us already, and is swimming in our direction. I can't allow that, we have direct orders. Besides, we have no room for prisoners. Only aircrews, they seem to have some special value for BDU.
Large ocean liner sunk very fast. From torpedo explosion to bottom of an ocean 5 min. Very soon there's only large number of rafts and dead bodies in the water. I seriously doubt if anyone of them survive until morning. It's terribly cold. -Flank ahead! Restore main course- After this patrol there's no sign of mercy in us, maybe later.

We're still long way from home. We're tired, but I can see a smile in crew faces.

Uploaded with

VONHARRIS 06-14-11 12:09 PM

Kermit the frog
Nice story and a nice catch here
What is your U-boot , number and type please?

Kermit the Frog 06-14-11 12:22 PM

U-93 Type VIIC "Steigendes Pferd"
42 men aboard, well... At a start of patrol. And I swear, number is random. But looks for me, it's a lucky one.

Jimbuna 06-14-11 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by Kermit the Frog (Post 1683483)

Great picture

Osmium Steele 06-14-11 12:56 PM

Kapitanleutnant Wilhelm Oster
Patrol 8
U-126, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: November 3, 1942, 1843 hours
From: Lorient
Mission Orders: Patrol grid DN16

Transit to patrol area.

13.11.42 - Attacked small, British flagged merchant of 3500 tons, with a single T1 torpedo, magnetic pistol, tube 2. Torpedo detonated under the keel and the ship broke in two. No survivors. Cargo appeared to be military vehicles.

Continuing to patrol area.

- 0123 - Arrived at assigned operating area.

- 0000 - Leaving oparea. No contacts noted.

- 0742 - Metox warning. Single source. Evaluating.
- 0927 - Sonar contact. Multiple screws. Evaluating.
- 0947 - Moving to intercept likely convoy.
- 1100 - Large convoy sighted with a single Somers class DD escort.
- 1139 and 1140 - Loosed single T1s, tubes 5 and 6 with magnetic pistols, at a US flagged Large tanker, 11000 tons, and a Panamanian flagged "Modern" tanker 7100 tons. Flat seas, clear skies.
- 1141 - Simultaneous detonations. Both targets broke up and sank within minutes. Life rafts spotted. Evading.
- 1310 - Surfaced, moving around convoy to the south-west. Tracking by Metox.
- 1600 - Weather deteriorating. Overcast, no precip, visibility moderate, winds 9m/s from 277.

- 2059 - Attacked the escorting Somers class DD with a single T2, tube 1 with impact pistol. Torpedo missed ahead.
- 2100 - Attacked again, same setting T2 from tube 3.
- 2101 - Impact! Somers class DD destroyed. Moved ahead of convoy to give them time to cease zig-zig.
- 2200 - Wind speed increased to 13m/s. Rough seas. Visibility roughly 9km. Occasional tracking by sonar.

- 0340 - Attacked 2 modern tankers with 1 T1 each and and a whale factory ship with 2 T2s. All ships Panamanian flagged. All torpedos impact intended targets. One tanker and factory ship sink. The other tanker continuing at speed.
- 0419 - Attacked US flagged modern tanker with a single T2. Tube 5. Hit at the bow. Ship sinks at 0437. Moving around convoy to the north-east.
- 0510 - Sighted convoy! They've turned northerly, coming right to us.
- 0518 - The modern tanker hit earlier is not in formation.
- 0538 - Attacked 2 Granville freighters, US flagged, with a single T1 each. One ship sunk at 0544. The other is slowing. Sonar reports a large merchant along the convoys trail. Investigating.
- 0620 - Attacked the previously damaged modern tanker, with a single T1. The ship sunk almost immediately.
- 0628 - Debated leaving the lone remaining intermediate tanker as it would be a long haul to overtake her, and the Americans must be sending help by now. Then I remembered the words of my old teacher... "SINK 'EM ALL!" ..."Suface the ship, ahead flank. We're going after her."
- 0827 - Sonar reports merchant contact along the tanker's last known course, but about 15% further along than estimated. Tankers speed now estimated at 11 knots. Going to be a long haul in these seas. We're barely making 13 knots ourselves.

- 1536 - Attacked Panamanian flagged intermediate tanker with a single T1. Impact at the bow. Ship sunk at 1604. An entire convoy destroyed, estimated at 64000 tons. No sign of allied assistance. Beautiful. Returning to DC87. Need to reload, all internal torpedos expended.

- 1800 - There has been no rain, but these winds will not stop. Cannot reload external torpedos in these seas. Moving to DM35, the lee side of Andros Island. Hopefully the wind is cut a bit there.

DM35 & 38
- 0710 - Weather is clear and wind is 7m/s from 256. Borderline at best, but I don't think conditions will improve. Commencing loading of external torpedos.
- 1413 - Loading of external torpedos is complete. No incidents. 7 hours on the surface, in allied waters, in beautiful weather and no sea or air contacts. But, then again, who would ever look for a submarine this close to Andros?

DB95 & 98
- 0559 -Contact with a two ship convoy, no escorts. moving to intercept.
- 0645 - Loosed one T1, magnetic pistol, at US flagged factory ship. Missed forward. Repositioning.
- 0829 - Sunk US flagged intermediate tanker with a single T1, impact pistol, range 800 meters. Repositioning again for the factory ship.
-0926 - Sunk whale factory ship with a spread of two T1s, impact pistols.

- 0351 - Sunk US flagged small freighter with a single T1, impact pistol.
- 0600 - Winds 1m/s from 247.
- 0754 - Sonar contact, two merchants. Investigating.
- 0900 - Attacked US flagged large cargo ship and Empire freighter, one torpedo each, T1s with magnetic pistols, tubes 5 & 6. First torpedo detonated on the other side of the Empire, and the second missed forward due to target maneuvering. Turned 180 degrees to port at ahead flank to set up for a quick shot with remaining torpedo on the large cargo. Torpedo missed forward. Empire freighter slowing to 6 knots.
- 0910 - Opened distance to 3700 meters and surfaced. Attacked the large cargo with the 105mm. Numerous hits. Not hit by cargo ship's return fire.
- 0924 - Large secondary explosions seen on target and it goes dead in the water. 34 105mm rounds left. Maneuvering to attack the Empire with the 105mm.
- 0928 - Large cargo ship going down by the bow.
- 0948 - Expended all 105mm ammunition on freighter causing numerous fires. Return fire too hot for close range 20mm attack. Submerging.
- 1052 - Empire freighter sinks.

Surfacing and going home... No torpedos, no 105mm ammo.

16 ships sunk, estimated tonnage: 101000

- Received orders to the Marinekriegsschule Murwik. Looks like it is a desk job for me. Ordered to turn the U-126 over to my XO, Heinrich Runte.

POST SCRIPT: After his duty at the front, Wilhelm Oster became a department leader at the Marinekriegsschule Murwik (Naval War College), where he served until the end of the war. In 1956, Wilhelm Oster joined the Bundesmarine and was from 1959 to 1961 commander of the U-boat training unit. Later, he served several staff positions and retired in 1974. He was decorated with the Bundesverdienstkreuz (Federal Merit Cross). He died on 3 March 1993.

Gerald 06-14-11 01:04 PM

101000 GRT,good work!

sublynx 06-14-11 05:14 PM

U-552, patrol 6, report 3
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol BE33

Statusbericht 22.7.1943
1738 AM54 cloudy, visibility 8 9 kilometers, wind 15 m/s. Two attacks against an inbound large convoy, 5 - 6 escorts. Easterly course, speed slow. No reliable estimate on the course. The first attack failed to get in shooting range because we didn't have a good enough estimate of the course of the convoy. On the second attack I failed to get close enough and decided to launch four torpedoes from a distance of maybe 4000 - 5000 meters, 15 seconds between launches. Rough seas and long range made rangefinding and targeting an individual ship impossible. Two of the torpedoes were FAT torpedoes and one of those hit a 12000 BRT freighter stopping it dead in water. When the escorts were gone I finished her with a FAT II torpedo, depth 10 meters, range 1000 meters.

Other boats have had both successes and losses. U-129 was sunk, U-39 critically damaged, but survived. U-93 had an excellent patrol and Oster got a desk job after wiping out a convoy. We continue our patrol, with four torpedoes loaded in the front and one in the aft tubes. With those we might be able to cause a lot of damage in a single attack, but we have lost the convoy and it is now on shallow waters.


Kip336 06-14-11 05:46 PM

My new mods broke my game save :(

Departing Lorient again, January 30, 1941 ....

gazpode_l 06-14-11 06:08 PM

Pat2,Rpt4, From R.Hessler U-65 (IXB)
Pat2,Rpt4, From R.Hessler U-65 (IXB)

Hessler has recently sunk the HMS Nelson. However, the latest news is that despite depth changes and running silent, and flank speed when in baffles of the enemy, he has yet to evade the three persuing enemy corvettes which are hitting back.

The enemy have been pounding U-65 for one hour solid now and no letup in sight.

The sub has sustained light damages during the attacks but have said that they appear to be winning the battle to escape.

More reports to follow soon....hopefully! :06:

SAVE & EXIT: 12;15am R/L time for bed
GAME TIME TODAY: 1hr (no time compression used due to persistant attack)
Hope to do more tomorrow nt.

VONHARRIS 06-15-11 01:08 AM

U-505 IXC
Patrol No 16
U-93 has passed away from U-461 on her way to Lorient. During her return passage she intercepted on the surface a 24.000 tons troop ship and sunk her with 2 torpedoes.
U-552 has succesfully attacked an enemy convoy sinking a 12.000 tons freighter.
U-65 has not reported yet and she is thought to be under attack
U-39 is still in Lorient according to our last info.

30 September 1942
21:36 hours
After repairs were done , U-505 left for an other attack run

03 October 1942
15:00 hours
BdU orders : Go to grid CA79 and then proceed to the oilfields of Curacao. Freedom of attack is granted

10 October 1942
Grid CA79
01:51 hours Reached patrol grid
08:34 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
09:04 hours Warship sound contact closing
09:34 hours Clemson DD spotted
09:40 hours 2 stern torpedoes fired
09:41 hours 2 hits , ship sunk , surfaced
09:57 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
11:10 hours Nothing heard , surfaced
11:17 hours Aircraft spotted , crash dived
12:54 hours Surfaced
21:10 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
22:35 hours Nothing heard , surfaced

12 October 1942
Grid DC14
00:04 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
00:17 hours Warship sound closing
00:25 hours Fletcher class fleet destroyer spotted
00:41 hours 2 stern torpedoes fired at 600m - 1 hit - ship sunk

13 October 1942
Grid DB66
01:24 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
01:39 hours Warship sound closing
01:52 hours Somers class destroyer identified
01:58 hours 2 bow torpedoes fired
02:00 hours 2 hits - ship sunk

08:39 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
12:22 hours Nothing heard , surfaced

14 October 1942
Grid DB98
15:03 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
15:07 hours Merchant sound closing in
15:50 hours repair ship indentified
16:03 hours 2 bow torpedes fired
16:09 hours 2 hits - ship slowing down
16:24 hours Ship DIW
16:46 hours 1 stern torpedo launched
16:48 hours Hit - ship on fire
16:49 hours 1 stern torpedo launched - ship sunk quickly before the last torpedo hit her.
23:40 hours Surfaced

15 October 1942
Grid DM23
06:23 hours Merchant spotted , moving closer
06:34 hours Opened fire from 3000 m
06:38 hours Ship sunk by 34 105mm rounds but with a heavy price. With their dying breath the enemy gunners fired their last shell. It landed some 5 m from the conning tower. Minor damage was done but the IWO was killed by splinters. He was a highy decorated officer and he was ready to take his own command

Grid DM26
17:21 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
20:24 hours warship closing
20:32 hours merchant closing fast
20:59 hours Ship indetified as large tanker
21:06 hours 3 bow torpedoes fired
21:08 hours 3 hits - ship exploded and sunk
21:09 hours A new sound contact , merchant moving slow
23:32 hours Ship indetified as Naval oiler 1 , heavily armed

16 October 1942
00:13 hours 3 bow torpedoes fired from 900m - 3 hits - ship exploded and sunk
06:25 hours Surfaced
Grid DM29
15:36 hours Meteox warning dived to PD

17 October 1942
Grid DM 53
07:48 hours Surfaced

18 October 1942
Grid DM66
04:29 hours Merchant seen , dived to PD
04:31 hours Ship indetified as large tanker
04:38 hours 3 bow torpedoes fired
04:40 hours 3 hits - ship exploded and sunk

20 October 1942
Grid DN52
02:16 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
02:45 hours Warship moving away medium speed
06:00 hours Surfaced

25 October 1942
Grid DE58
10:32 hours Merchant spotted , dived to PD
10:40 hours Two ships identified , medium merchant 01 and tramp steamer
10:44 hours 2 bow torpedoes fired
10:45 hours 1 hit on medium merchant 01 - ship on fire DIW
10:47 hours 1 bow torpedo from 400m - hit on tramp steamer
10:49 hours Tramp steamer sunk by the stern
10:50 hours No torpedoes left , surfaced to engage the crippled merchant
10:52 hours medium merchant 01 sunk after 11 105mm rounds

8 November 1942
23:02 hours Docked at Lorient
40 days at sea
10 ships sunk
51380 tons
1 man dead

Fish In The Water 06-15-11 03:02 PM


Originally Posted by Kip336 (Post 1683944)
My new mods broke my game save :(

Bad mods! :damn:

Always enable in port (and hope for the best)... :03:

Kermit the Frog 06-15-11 03:02 PM

6-7-1942, Bay of Biscay, U-93 "Steigendes Pferd"
We're so close to Lorient... Dramatic patrol cames to an end. Today is special day. Not because tomorrow we finally came home. Let's calculate a little bit. We left Lorient at 15-05-1942, after 14 days we reached U-461 to refuel our small boat. 29-05-1942 we left U-461 heading sector CA28, bay of New York.
We came there, and at 6-6-1942 we fought our epic battle for survive. Among other damages we also lost radio, so we wasn't reporting our position. Because of this every day, BDU was sending the same message to us:
"U-93. Report your current position and status". Without an answer of course.
But today BDU sends "three star" message:
"U-93 isn't reporting his position for 30 days. They are considered as missing, and probably lost with all hands."
I'm officially Davie Jones, and my boat's name is "Flying Dutch".

7-7-1942, Lorient, U-93 "Steigendes Pferd"
We're entering harbour. Nobody recognizes us. Bridge is so destroyed, that emblem is invisible, and since we have no radio,we're not announced. I take aldis to send our recognition code to curious ones. No big ceremony, no champaign. We took too much damage to show ourselves to everyone, the view is too depressing.

Repairs will continue to 14 October 1942. Comendantur asks if I want to take command over newly built, type IXC/40 boat. I refused, instead I submitted an application for transfer to 11th U-boat flotilla, Bergen.
Approved one.

sublynx 06-15-11 04:03 PM

U-552, patrol 6, end report
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol BE33

31.8.1943 Bergen
Action report. Just before midnight 23.7.1943 an attack was made against a convoy with 4 - 6 guards. In heavy seas and with only a hasty guesstimation of the course I got into a firing position perpendicular against a 12000 BRT tanker, speed estimated at 10 knots, course 266, range 4200 meters. Two TIII's and two FAT I's shot. After about nine minutes two of the torpedoes hit something, judging by the hydrophone sounds. An aft torpedo was shot at an Isles class patrol boat, range 2200 meters, but missed. Evasion in periscope depth. Afterwards the Kriegsmarine Radio intelligence reported that an S-type sub and a 8000 BRT tanker were reported sunk that night and since ours was the only boat attacking the convoy, we got credited by the sinkings. Later we estimated the convoy's course as 271 degrees, speed 9 knots. The sinkings show the power of FAT torpedoes. Wrong course, wrong speed, very long range, 15 m/s winds - and yet again the FAT's hit hard and unpredictably.

Enemy sightings.
24.7. 1225 AM45 Metox warning. Dived.
27.7. 1932 AF75 Metox warning. Dived. 5 - 7 fast warships heard on a southerly course.

Boat status. The boat took 6 days of repairs. Matrosengefreiter Richard Sturm was promoted and Stabsbootmann Wolfgang Koch got an EKII for their efficiency in emergengy repairs during the air attack that caused the damage to the boat. Leutnant Reinhold Wild got an order to report to Kiel. That probably means he will start training for commanding a boat of his own.

I managed to talk FdU Norwegen to let me have a better Turm for my boat and at last we have the room for a 20 mm Flakvierling. We also have a C/38 Flakzwilling. We now have a chance against the airplanes, but I still hope to avoid them if possible. We can carry only a limited amount of ammunition and a submarine can't be armored against bombs, while keeping it's maneuverability.

The base has also it's first acoustic torpedoes, TIV Falkes, but there are only a few and FdU wouldn't let me carry those. I didn't press the issue, since he already let me have the necessary changes that makes U-552 a lot more dangerous against aircraft.

In port I heard rumours about Hessler's U-65 probably being in trouble. U-505 has had a very successful patrol and sunk three destroyers and a whole lot of merchants in the US coast. I also heard that U-93 has been transferred to the 11. Flotilla. A very welcome addition to our small U-boat arsenal here in the North.

The repairs and the modifications have thankfully taken a lot of time and have kept us from the battle. However I have just had orders to report to FdU Norwegen and I guess it can only mean yet another patrol for us.


Gerald 06-15-11 04:05 PM

Good work, :up:

Snestorm 06-15-11 08:57 PM


Originally Posted by gt_magnus (Post 1682782)
Starting a new career today :)! One question though : Why won't your boat change number when changing from for example, a Type II to a Type VII? Is this a GWX bug or a SH3 bug?

Documents - SH3 - Careers - current career name - Patrols_0.

Scroll down to the last patrol. (Your next patrol).
Change the boat number to whatever you like.
(Reboot between doimg this and playing SH3).

There's also a folder where Time Compression settings can be customixed.

Snestorm 06-15-11 10:11 PM

U39 IX(A). Patrol 10.
News: U552 sunk 20.000+ GRT from a heavily escorted convoy, AND an S Class Submarine!!! Wow! Well done, and congrats on the new AA setup.
U93 had to slip back into port with heavy damages, and no radio notification. He lives!
After some well documented heavy action off USA's east coast & The Carribean, U505 has lost some valuable crew members, including the IWO. They'll be missed by U39 in Lorient.
U65 has met with some determined hunters after sinking HMS Nelson, and is clinging to life.
U126 has had a Tanker Party off USA's east coast sinking over 100.000 GRT in a single patrol. It took U39 8 patrols to break that same mark.
Kaleun Fischer was lost while trying to outrun RN surface units.

Underway from Lorient 11.nov.41, Bound for the rolling patrol line along the Freetown - UK shipping lines.

CG19 (W of Spain)
0148: "Ship spotted! 012. Long range." Sea is dead calm.
0159: Hydrophone speed and course estimation. 322 at 9 knots.
0202: Surface. The chase is on!
0252: Target IDed as Coastal Merchant, with a stern gun mount.
0257: Fire 3 (G7A), from 1100 meters. Diesels making under 2 knots.
0258: Impact. Target disintigrates.
(Our deck gun had been manned, just in case).

2200: On station at turn around point. (E of Cape Verde Islands).

0032: Convoy located by patrol line.
Radio: "Convoy. EJ39. N. 6 knots." (1 grid SW of U39).
U39 moving at high speed to EJ36.
Overcast. Light Fog. Wind 12 m/s.

EJ36 & EJ33
All torpedoes are expended in three attacks.
2 freighters are sunk, with a third left DIW.
U39 remained with the cripple until a IXC showed up with torpedoes, to finidh the job, and take the tonnage credit. Oh well.

U39 acted as Contact Holder all the way into DT35, where BDU released her due to heavy fog.

2030: Docked at Lorient.

Patrol results:
3 ships sunk for 14.938 GRT.
Crew & Hull Integrity 100%.
12 of 12 torpedoes expended.

U39's history to date:
10 war patrols completed since 1.sep.39.
24 ships sunk for 133.590 GRT.

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