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Gerald 06-30-11 04:58 PM

Good work,:salute:

sublynx 06-30-11 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by Vendor (Post 1695137)
Good work,:salute:

Thanks, Vendor :DL I'm happy with the mission so far. :salute:

Gerald 06-30-11 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by sublynx (Post 1695140)
Thanks, Vendor :DL I'm happy with the mission so far. :salute:

You are welcome, there seems to be going well for you, :DL

Snestorm 07-01-11 04:44 AM

U37 IX(A). Patrol 2. Part 2.
Continued from 14.dec.39. BE95
All torpedoes fired with magnetic pistols enabled.

1648: T2 Tanker sunk, in convoy.
Daylight submerged attack.
3 torpedoes (TII G7E) fired at close range, with an 8 degree spread.
Torpedo run was 25 seconds.
1 external stern (TI G7A) fired at secondary target, at close range.
Torpedo struck target. No indication of sinking or slowing.
Convoy on course 003, making 6 knots.
4 known escorts. 2 confirmed, and 2 suspected to be Destroyers.
Medium Fog. Wind 9 M/S.

2322: Night surface attack. Fire 3 (TI G7A). Fire 2 (TII G7E).
2 targets. Dive. New depth 100 meters.
2326: G7A strikes main target. G7E deemed a miss.
No indication of sinking or slowing.

0216: Night surface attack.
3 torpedoes (TII G7E) are fired from just inside convoy, to the far side.
Full Ahead. New depth 102 meters.
1 premature. 2 lacked the range required.
Escorts answered with loose DC paterns. No damage incurred.

0355: Surface for end run on convoy.
0401: A L A R M ! Crash dive. Destroyer gunning.
Heavy damage to Tower. Frame developed cracks. Hull damage.
70 meters is as deep as we go.
Active pinging and DC attacks continue.
No flooding, but Damage Control was kept very busy with repairs.
0730: Surface, and commence heavy repairs.
0747: Status report sent to BDU.
0800: Return to base.

Passing Færøerne on the longest night of the year, at Standard speed.
No airctaft encounters. A gift from Frigg!
Radio reports U10 underway from Kiel.

Radio reports of a sinking by U10.

Radio reports of a second sinking by U10.
Well done, U10!

0900: Docked at Wilhelmshaven.

Patrol results:
11 of 12 torpedoes expended.
2 merchants sunk for 13.212 GRT.
Crew Integrity 100%.
Hull Integrity 69%.

U37's history to date:
2 war patrols completed.
5 merchants sunk for 24.626 GRT.

gazpode_l 07-01-11 07:18 PM

Patrol #3 final sum-up, U65, Hessler
Last report had us chasing a pair of merchants, on January 17/18th.

17th Jan 1941
As weather was good, Kaluen decided to use deck gun operations rather than torpedoes. The gun was readied and within an hour the ships were being fired upon. Accurate gunning, meant that by 17:30hrs, both vessels were heading to the bottom.

18/19th January 1941
The patrol grid is reached (BE67) on January 18th, and a large area of the grid is searched both running surfaced & also submerged, using the hydrophones. more than the required 24 hours are spent in the grid without any contact with any other vessel.

20th January 1941
Very soon after setting course for Spain and Gibraltar, an excited radio operative calls out to say he's recieved a radio report of a large convoy, just some 50km north of our position, apparently on a southerly heading.

A few hours of running ahead flank follows before U65 reaches the convoy position and relay's this onto BDu.

Several torpedo's are fired, scoring a large hit on a medium cargo, and also a small tanker is damaged. U65 is then detected by enemy escorts and is persued for some hours by two "Black Swan" class

One Escort leaves, and U65 climbs to periscope depth, where the dead-eyed dick of a commander is able to claim another escort using the stern tubes. U65 manages to pick-off a further two escorts in this fashion, before they are once again alone on the seas.

The battle with the enemy has left U65 badly damaged (not quite as badly as last time, but hull integrity still is below 50%, and therefore orders are given by the kaluen to return to Lorient, which she does some time a few days later.

Days @ Sea: 1 week
Crew Lost: None
Ships Sunk: 6 (3m,3w/s)
Total tonnage: 13,495 tons

Later the crew is informed that HMS Starling (famed vessel of Cmdr Walker) was sunk by U65.

News: U10 has sunk many ships, despite her small size. Other kaluen's contine to press home the early-war advantages.

Status: Apparently U65 is once again out of the water - this time the repairs are scheduled to take two months, with the next departure looking to be sometime mid-march, 1941.

Kermit the Frog 07-01-11 08:30 PM

U-93 "Steigendes pferd"
-What's the situation on larboard hydro?
-No changes, they keep their course.
"Then it's time for my nap" I thought. But the more I wanted to sleep the more I was awake. You know what it's like. I go back to events from the night.

As you know we got contact with convoy, when they tried to sneak between Orkneys and Scotland. To do this we needed to dodge between destroyers around Orkneys. We had radar contacts in front of us, behind us, and on larboard. Because all of them were moving, we needed to act quickly.
-Heading 250, expect visual contacts in bearing 260~300 deg- I also grab binoculars, and after 15 min. We found them. Firstly we saw Evarts class destroyer, and when we got closer we saw also first column of merchants, a big ones! -Change course, heading 270- I wasn't going to came to close. We had excellent position to shadow convoy. On their starboard, a little bit in front of them. After some time of peaceful travel, I started to get bored:
"We're shadowing them from about an hour, there's still two hours to sunrise..."
-Let's try to blow up this destroyer, we have special weapon on board, Two FAT I torpedos. They seem to be created to attacks from far distance.- I set data in TDC. The only trouble is with the distance. I set 7800m but it's more like a guess.
- Course 180, open torpedo tube three!- I double check the search pattern, and being completely sure of settings I took the DD's funnel into crosshair, and released torpedo. -Course 300! Flank ahead!- Now the only thing is to wait. Will it work? One minute, two, three, four... Seems we missed. No sign of hit. We get back to our previous position on starboard front corner of convoy. I need to find another way to attack. I need to kill that DD first, but how to do this without going submerged in this shallow waters? My thoughts are broken by watch officer
-Sir, it's time to surface the boat
-Periscope depth, watch periscope up!- I'm not going to get surprised with pants down while surfacing the boat.
Checking all the area takes some time, but after this, I'm pretty sure, that surfacing the boat is secure.

About 30 minutes later
-Alaaaarm! Dive! Dive! Dive!- Johann has open eyes as always.
-Two planes Sir! Bearing 250- Johann is reporting right after closing the hatch.
-hard larboard- I'm not going to make the same mistake twice, and I keep flank ahead as long, as I hear DCs explosions far behind me.
-return to main course, both engines 150 rpm, we're staying under water for another 30 minutes.

After that time I raise the boat to periscope depth, to check the perimeter for the presence of enemy planes, and surface the boat right after this. We're staying on the surface for another 5~10 minutes, and after this there's another aircraft in visible range. This time I can see him through observation periscope before we disappear under the waves. It's just the Swordfish!
Son of a ...[censored] This fuc***g piece of s**t, wood, bedsheet, and piano chord won't force us to hide every 10 minutes under water any more. After 20 minutes of submerged run I surface the boat previously checking the perimeter by the observation periscope. Right after surfacing the boat I order to man both double 20mm flack guns. Fire at will, medium range.

Indeed, after 30 minutes of peace, both barrels are turning to larboard-tail hemisphere, and open rapid fire after couple seconds.
-Hard Larboard! Flank ahead!- I know, that avoiding Swordfish DC's is possible, but the problem is, that he's coming from the tail. He's getting closer and closer... God it's one ugly son of a ...


He's more accurate than I thought. DC's are exploding pretty close to the hull. Both gunners dies immediately, Johann is saved by the bridge's cover.
-Take them inside! Maintain the flack guns! Keep fire!- After short brake both guns returns fire. They're accurate enough to damage the biplane, and keep him away from us. After two rounds around us, he escapes to his base I guess.
-Man the flack guns! I'm sure he'll returns- Repair commando appears almost immediately on the bridge, together with chief engineer.
-Moderate damage to the hull, over a dozen rivets are broken mostly on three ribs between diesel room and stern quarters. Stern batteries are damaged, also some damages in command room. We're able to fix this by ourselves.
-Make it quick chief, I feel he'll come back.

24.12.1942 12:20
It becomes quite clear, that if I want to think about attacking a convoy by night, I need to stay on surface and shoot down this damn Swordfish. We don't have to wait long, RAF is punctual.
-Alaaarm! Two planes bearing 330.
-Hard larboard, flank ahead!- I need to turn the boat to face to face with planes. I grab binoculars to see... Two Mosquitoes! Mother of god, what have I done! It's to late to dive the boat. We're on head to head with them, maybe thy miss us? Next second looks like my last one, Mosquito suddenly enters into a deep dive. I order hard starboard, but I know it's too late, we won't avoid this punch.

To be continued.

PS. All the best wishes to Kaleun VONHARRIS and his U-111. Sink them all!

Snestorm 07-02-11 03:52 AM

U37 IX(A). Patrol 3. Part 1.
2210: Underway from Wilhelshaven for the waters SW of England and W of Spain.
Magnetic pistols retained on all torpedoes. 9 G7E. 3 G7A.

0500: Ahead Standard (10 - 11 knots).

0700: Ahead One Third (6 - 7 knots).
Færøerne well astern.
No incidents with enemy aircraft.

0810: "Ship spotted! 238. Long range." Freighter.
Turning bow on for inspection under Prize Law.
Ship IDed as C3 Cargo. Nationality determined to be english.
Target attemps to ram. Too rough for deck gun.
U37 dives, monitors target on hydrophone, and waits.

0920: Surface. Estimated course of target is 268. making 9 knots.
1213: New depth 15 meters.
1214: New course 177. Open tubes 5 & 6 (TI G7A). New depth 12 meters.
1223: Fire 5 & 6 (TI G7A) individualy. Depth 4 meters.
1224: 2 impacts! 1 bow hit, 1 midships hit.
1225: New course 267.
1229: Target speed reclassified from medium to slow.
1235: Surface. Target lies 1500 meters ahead, at 045 R.
1243: Speed estimate 6 knots.
1259: Targets speed at, or below 5 knots.
1320: New course 002. Back Full. Open tube 2 (TII G7E).
1322: Ahead Slow (3 knots).
1323: Fire 2, without speed setting, depth 4 meters.
Impact! just aft her funnel. Torpedo run 45 seconds.
C3 Cargo.

From: U37
1 freighter sunk this day for 7.000+ GRT.
8 G7E, and 1 G7A remaining.

From: BDU
To: U37
1 freighter sunk in all for 7.909 GRT.

0857: "Ship spotted! 357. Long range." Corvette, broadside.
New depth 15 meters.
0858: Convoy detected on hydrophones.
0917: Open tubes 1, 2, 4 (TII G7E). Set depth 4 meters. AOB 90 Stb.
Our heading 265. Estimated enemy course 155, at 6 knots.
0924-0925: Fire 2! Fire 4! Fire 1! (Target = T2 Tanker).
0925: Premature! Premature! New depth 100 meters. 5 degree Left Rudder.
We have a Corvette astern!
0928: Impact! Torpedo run 2 minutes, and 45 seconds.
1002: 4+ escorts in all. 1+ Destroyer. 1+ Corvette.
1033: Straggler detected at 330 R (We are following on convoy's track).
Begin reloading tubes.
1036: At Silent Speed, we are gaining! Contact at 328 R.
1050: Tanker in periscope. ID changed from T2 to T3 Tanker.
1134: Target declared to be stationary by Hydrophone-man.
1142: Fire 2! Depth set at 6 meters.
1144: Explosion! Torp run 1 min, and 53 sec. No apparent effect. Surface!
1145: "We've been detected!"
1149: Fire 4! Depth set to 4 meters. Target at 90 degrees, stopped DIW.
1151: Explosion! Torp run 2 min, and 5 sec. No apparent effect.
1152: Dive! Resume course 255.
1158: "Sound contact! Warship. 359. Medium speed. Long range. Closing."
1159: New depth 100 meters.
1209: Starboard to starboard passage with warship, at short range.
1213: He's at the tanker, and coming back.
1221: He passed our port side at short range, and continued toward the convoy.
1251: New approach. 15 degrees off his bow. Depth set to 11,6 meters.
1252: Fire 2! (TII G7E).
1254: Explosion! Torp run 2 min, and 6 sec. Target showing a heavy bow.
1316: Fire 4! (TII G7E). Same setting as last shot. Impact!!!
1319: T3 Tanker finaly sinks! And it "only" took 7 G7Es?!!!

From: U37
T3 Tanker sunk for 11.000+ GRT.
7 elctric torpedoes expended.
2 prematures. Simple bow on shot.
2 exploded without apparent effect. Simple bow on shot.
1 brought target to a stop. Simple bow on shot.
1 exploded with unknown effect. 15 degree AOB, 0,9 meters below target.
1 exploded with great effect. 15 degree AOB, 0,9 meters below target.
(or perhaps struck target, as she laid low in the water.)
Wind 9 M/S.
1 G7E, and 1 G7A remaining.

From: BDU
To: U37
T3 Tanker credited at 11.653 GRT
Continue patrol into CF3000, and CF6000.

2110: Save & Exit.

Gerald 07-02-11 04:15 AM

BdU,want to you work harder,... so back to the field now :03:

Snestorm 07-02-11 04:20 AM


Originally Posted by Vendor (Post 1696213)
BdU,want to you work harder,... so back to the field now :03:

Me and BDU both want these crumby torpedoes to work a-little harder too.
I think by next patrol, I can fix them.

Hi, pal!

Gerald 07-02-11 04:23 AM


Originally Posted by Snestorm (Post 1696216)
Me and BDU both want these crumby torpedoes to work a-little harder too.
I think by next patrol, I can fix them.

Hi, pal!

Hi my friend! Yes eels need some rest.

Kaptain Schlag 07-02-11 12:29 PM

Back to Business
First of all, Kaptain Schlag is glad to be back on the hunt after some layoff (real life), as such dates on this log are unavailable.

After the previous patrol, Kaptain Schlag was given command of the U-93-VIIC
Summer 1940
Orders- patrol along all of CF

No contact was made along CF so U-93 headed northweat towards the Belchen supply ship off of Greenland. Southeast of Greenland contact was made with a large convoy probably from Halifax.

Waves were rough aiding U-93's run on convoy. A modern tanker and a large tanker were spotted in the convoy and both were dispatched with two torps apiece. Boy did they light up like a candlestick!

U-93 reloaded torps while in the midst of the convoy and eventually got off one torpedo at a large cargo. One aft torpedo was fired at an ore carrier to no effect.

The large cargo went diw. and then sunk without need for further torps 30 min later.

U-93 then broke of contact and reported to the Belchen.

Following a ten day layoff, U-93 left Belchen headed for lorient.

On the return trip contact was made with a small merchant which was dispatched with two torpedoes. U-93 then made contact with an enemy tramp steamer which she tried to take on with deck gun. Ship was ablaze when Kaptain Schlag and U-93 were maliciously and without morals, rammed by the tamp steamer (this is not fair :har:) U093 sustained its heaviest damages thus far in the war by a merchant lol.

U-93 dispatched the merchant with several more 88mm shells and promptly returned to base.

VONHARRIS 07-02-11 02:43 PM


Originally Posted by Kermit the Frog (Post 1696082)
PS. All the best wishes to Kaleun VONHARRIS and his U-111. Sink them all!

Thank you.
U-111 is docked in Wilhelmshaven for major refits.
Obligations in R/L will not allow me to play at this point.
I will catch up later , I think.

sublynx 07-02-11 04:30 PM

U-10 (IIA, "die Elster"), patrol 3, report 2
Ob.Lt.z.s. Harry Wiebus
2. Flotille, Kiel
Orders: Patrol grid AN47

At 0040 hours a new year's gift from BdU: three contact reports of single ships. I picked one, the closest one, distance 150 kilometers and close to the port of Aberdeen, grid AN44. We didn't manage to locate it at 1021 hours we sighted a 7000 BRT ore carrier at a range of 8000 meters. Got closer surfaced while evaluating it's speed and course. After making an estimation of 212 degrees, speed 7.2 knots, we submerged to to observe the ships engine RPM's. At 1053 hours two G7a's launched, aiming at the front and stern masts. MZ pistol, depth 7 meters, impact time AOB 90 degrees, gyro angle zero, range 700 meters. Both torpedoes hit and the ship was observed sinking keel first at 1105 hours. No changes in RPM's notified during the torpedo run. The heavy seas probably kept the bubbles of the G7a's invisible to the merchants crew.

4.1.1940 evening
We passed Wilhelmshaven, where U-111 and U-37 were refitting, but did not have the chance of stopping by and visit the commanders.

0414 Back at Kiel after having sunk three ship for 11000 BRT. It seems Aberdeen is a busy port, possibly iron ore from Norway is being shipped there. I was given the Deutsches Kross, but not a bigger boat. What do I have to do, to get a type VII or a type IX!

In the officer's mess I hear hair raising reports about patrols U-93 and U-65, lots of success, but lots of damage too. It's not easy out there in convoy battle areas, where the bigger boats go. U-37 reports torpedo problems again. I haven't had too much of those, but so far our type II's have mostly had G7a's and none of the new G7e's. I would be curious to try those anyways.

Fish In The Water 07-02-11 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by VONHARRIS (Post 1696546)
Obligations in R/L will not allow me to play at this point.
I will catch up later , I think.

Hope you can get back at 'er soon... :sunny:

Snestorm 07-02-11 09:58 PM

U37 IX(A). Patrol 3. Part 2.
Continued from 12.mar.40 BE62.
Magnetic pistols enabled for all torpedoes.

1641: Destroyer sighted, broadside. at 4300 meters.
New course 253 (bow on). New depth 15 meters.
1643: Second warship, and multiple merchant sound contacts reported.
1645: Nearest warship moving away. New depth 12 meters.
1659: Ne course 291, based on Destroyer's constant bearing.
Slow Merchants at 270 to 326 R. Course estimation reinforced.
We will be inside the convoy box.
Convoy's estimated course 021, making 6 knots.
TDC set for a bow on attack. AOB 90 Stb. 6 knots. 4 meters running depth.
1706: Merchants at 261 to 332 R. Very confident in solution.
1708: Open tube 1 (TII G7E), and 3 (TI G7A).
1713: Fire 3! Coastal Merchant. Leading farthest column.
1714: Fire 1! Small Merchant. Leading, one column nearer.
1716: Passing 20 meters. 5 Degree Left Rudder. Impact! Ship sunk!
1717: Impact! Ship sunk! G7A run time was 3 minutes, 30 seconds.
G7E run time was quite a bit shorter.
Clear sky. Light Fog. 9 M/S.
1731: Steadying up on 246.
1733: Passing 90 meters.
1735: 3 escorts counted. Nearest at 218 R, moving astern. Medium Speed, and Range.

From: U37
In contact with convoy.
Course 021, making 6 knots.
3 escorts, at least 1 being a Destroyer.
2 2000 tonners sunk.
All torpedoes expended.

From: BDU
To: U37
Return to base.

0016: Docked at Wilhelmshaven.

Patrol results:
1 Tanker, and 3 Freighters sunk, for 23.954 GRT.
12 of 12 torpedoes expended.
Crew & Hull Integrity 100%.

U37's history to date:
3 war patrols completed.
9 ships sunk, for 48.580 GRT.

It has come to our attention that the commander of U10 is being looked at, for command of one of the new IXB boats, which will begin leaving out for patrols in april.
A very able and cunning commander. But first his relations with the dock workers must be looked into. It would seem that in spite of all Type II boats being fitted out with G7Es only, he has managed to leave port with a full load of the superior G7As.

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