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Matte Black 01-21-11 11:27 AM

Mid-Oct 1939 and U-46 (MkVIIb) just finished it's 4th patrol.

Sank an Ore Carrier and Large Merchant off the Orkneys with the deck gun, patrolled my sector, then headed south past the Hebrides towards Ireland.

Ran into two unescorted battleships heading north, possibly to Scapa Flow. One had the profile of the HMS Rodney, couldn't properly ID the other. They were moving way too fast to get into a good firing position, but took a potshot with all 4 tubes at the Rodney from about 4km out and missed.

Headed south and picked up a convoy northwest of Ireland. Sank a coastal merchant and damaged a Southampton Class cruiser (which listed and burned but refused to sink).

Hunted down by 3 escorts which destroyed my tower and flak gun with DC before I finally gave them the slip, hugging the sea bed at 120m, and returned to port for repairs.

Don_D_Dwain 01-21-11 11:40 AM

Well I am not very computer smart, however if I can not show you, then I will just say, if you have Google Earth, and you create a route, you can save it. Unlike Silent Hunter 5, when you save a game, all of the marks on the map disappear on the next load. However, on Silent hunter 4, you can save these map fact I wish i think it would be nice to be able to add symbols or markings for contacts with a time and date on it, similar to Silent hunter 4, except added by the player. So here is a route, with photographs, although I dont think you can access the photos. Well I guess it wont allow me to post the photo either.

At any rate, if you enjoy navigation, and have google earth, give it a try. It works very well with the game, and has some educational benefits as well. Never knew that Borkum Riff was a place, just thought it was the name of a Tobacco. Thanks, and enjoy.

Gargamel 01-21-11 12:21 PM


Jimbuna 01-21-11 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by VONHARRIS (Post 1579078)
I was shelling a large merchant in grid AN 13 97,8 km NW of Scapa Flow with 7m/s wind at night. Date : February 19 1940
After 10 - 12 8,8cm shells she disappeared from my nav map , she was NOT a legid target any more , and I didn't received any renown points nor a "she is going down" message.
It looked like the crew ditched the large merchant , BUT is that scripted in SH3?
Anybody else encountered this?

SH3 + GWX3.0 + SH3Commander + visual mods.

No but it is possible the vessel you were attacking was scripted to be deleted after reaching its final waypoint.

Damo 01-21-11 04:05 PM

Back at sea after extended shore leave (real busy in that game 'Real Life', it's learning curve is pretty steep...), and had a jumble of my mods to update to MEP 3, Magui F, MFM :D, and various other tidbits making my install 32 mods denser but stable :rock:.

Currently with 1st Flotilla in a Type IIB U-17 (IIA in game but hey), it's currently 20:20 on 1st September 1939 and we've just begun hostilities with Poland, I'm patrolling up in grid AN21 east of Lerwick about to complete my 24 hours but will stay in the area as there's talk that the Brits may intervene any day and I'm itching to find out if I can catch any large tonnage dockside in Lerwick. An early blow right in their laps should get me noticed by the powers that be in the KM don't you think?

I did think about Scapa Flow but on reflection it'd be suicide, only a complete fool would even think they could get away with that, let alone do it....:03:

Heavy clouds, no rain, poor vis, wind 15m/s 139 degrees. I hope it stays foul for my incursion.

danexpat 01-21-11 04:50 PM

First GWX campaign
Patrol 3. U-53/7th U-Flotille. 20/10/1939. Completed primary patrol in BF11, currently west of Ireland hunting for targets of opportunity for remaining 6 torpedoes.

En route to station encountered and sank medium cargo and a Granville-style cargo, both ~ 4500 tons and both due west of Orkney. Spent 6 torps on the medium cargo, #1 mag blew early, #2 mag missed, #3 & #4 mags hit, #5 a port-side impact amidships. She lost some speed and listed moderately to port but wouldn't go down. Tailed her for 15 km while an unidentified aircraft dropped a couple of harmless bombs on us. Couldn't wait any longer and put #6, an impact port-side amidships. Sank the Granville quickly with a salvo of 2 mag torps to the stern.

While on station encountered a medium cargo under lights. Couldn't make out the flag. Nothing since. Something's wrong with the telegraph.

Damo 01-21-11 07:54 PM

After Action Report, Lerwick incursion...

Disappointing hunting in port, only a handful of fishing trawlers, a docked ASW trawler and 4 destroyers, 1 docked, 2 at anchor and one patrolling. Had a minor quarrel with a sub net on way in which put my bow above the waterline, alerting a nearby anchored destroyer. The whole port lit up after a minute or 2 and my sonarman indicated the patrolling destroyer headed toward us. As a defensive strategy managed to put 1 eel into the docked destroyer (J&K Class) to cause a distraction and maneuvered towards the southern exit, unleashing my second eel into the anchored destroyer (C&D Class) that first spotted us. The patrolling destroyer (unidentified) appeared to become confused and headed back toward the docks allowing me to escape south under silent running. Took one final gamble given the sea conditions and turned back NW to send a magnetic under the keel of the last anchored destroyer at long range. Torpedo run took it more or less along the length of her keel and exploded under the mid section of the ship, causing a truly spectacular explosion and sunk within minutes.

Managed to leave the area without further detection and have now received directions to patrol in grid AN47. 2 torpedoes remaining, no damage, systems OK. Not a great tonnage haul (4000+) but I'm sure the boys back at base will be happy to know there's 3 less destroyers out there to spoil their day.


Missing Name 01-21-11 11:33 PM

September 1940.

I was sneaking around Scapa Flow when I got the orders to go to Lorient. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough fuel to get there (I had been planning on going back to Wilhelmshaven.)

After I let off a full set of torpedoes, the pissed off DD's passed over me multiple times and still did not realize I was there.

desirableroasted 01-22-11 08:56 AM

Kp.Lt. Georg Tackmann, U-52, VIIB, 12 April 1940
April 12, 1940, just south of Harstad. 6th war patrol.

In battle in Narvik on the 10th, where we killed a C&D as their task force passed, and another when they passed out. Our destroyers got another three, so only one escaped.

We have now been ordered to Harstad in weather that would be great on a boat back on the Rhine, but that is unsettlingly sunny and clear up here in war country.

But I have a splendid crew, most of whom have been on board for our sinkings of 40 ships and 170K tons. And a lucky boat: we caught four DCs back in October that broke some stuff, but other than that our only troubles have been the peculiar flatulence that seems to be the result of consuming those sausages over by the navigation table.

Intel says there is much tonnage to be had at Harstad. We have 25K km worth of fuel and 12 torpedoes, so we are prepared.

B.N.R.T. 01-22-11 01:03 PM

U 46 was recently transfered from Wilhelmshaven to Lorient, and is currently SW of Ireland, approaching the southern convoy routes, where I plan to spend some time. I sank three ships worth about 20000 GRT in the northern approach and have 9 Atos and lots of fuel left.

Because the crew got rather frustrated by several days of nothing but wind, wind and more wind, I supplied them (well, me) with some Beck's, some sausages and some relatively fresh bread to improve their morale.

VONHARRIS 01-23-11 01:05 AM

U-34 update
U-34 update
Upgrade to U-108 IXB
July 27 1940
Patrols : 9 (1 shakedown)
Days at sea : 210
Merchants sunk : 54
Tonnage : 259624
Warships sunk : 8 (3 x CL , 4 x Aux cruiser , 1 x Small depot ship)
Tonnage : 93825
Planes downed : 4 (Swordfish)

Current status : At home port repairing damages from last patrol.
Next patrol grid : DH69

unterseemann 01-24-11 04:41 AM

Patrol 9
Kptlt R.Eickmeyer
U-2541 type XXI: First patrol

11NOV44: Left Bergen
Orders to patrol russian arctic waters.

21NOV44: 2 ships convoy 200miles east of Murmansk. 4 escorts. Heavy sea with good visibility
09:14 Small russian merchant sunk SS Stalingrad (sic). Detected by escorts, after 3 hours of depth charges and extensive damages (forward batteries destroyed) we eventually managed to escape. Boat no longer combat worthy
Orders to resume patrol and reach Narvik for reparations.

12:15 Docked at Narvik

HI 66%
1 ship sunk 2066 tons

Total: 9 patrols 18 ships sunk for 91.764 tons

VONHARRIS 01-25-11 01:45 AM

U-108 update
U-108 IXB
Kapitanleutnant von Harris
Patrols : 11
Days at sea : 260
Merchants sunk : 76
Tonnage : 370680
Warships sunk : 9 (4 x Cl 4 x Aux 1 x small depot ship)
Tonnage : 104550
Planes downed : 4 (Swordfish)

Last patrol was strange
I attacked a convoy at AL 25 with exellent results
All 6 tubes fired.
But the escorts were not happy about it.
4 Flowers dropped their DCs causing damages beyond repairs : Stb propeller destroyed , flak guns destroyed , both periscopes and radio antenna destoyed. The damage control crew managed to contain the flooding in the agt torpedo room . I was then able to dive at 140m and slowly escaped.
Of course I returned to Lorient. This was my first patrol of the newly build base.
Can it be considered succesful? (100% realism)

Gargamel 01-26-11 01:24 AM

22 days at sea.

First contact via Radio report.

Moving to investigate.

Watch officer about had a stroke when he heard it. He didn't believe there were any other ships on the sea.

Gargamel 01-26-11 01:31 AM


Originally Posted by Gargamel (Post 1582803)
22 days at sea.

First contact via Radio report.

Moving to investigate.

Watch officer about had a stroke when he heard it. He didn't believe there were any other ships on the sea.

And she was a darkened neutral. :nope:

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