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Snestorm 03-30-10 07:12 PM

U502 IXC. 2. Flotilla. Patrol 1.
d. 29.sep.41.
04.14. Underway from Kiel for Western North Atlantic patrol, enrout to Lorient.

d. 19.okt.41.
08.17. Destroyer sighted. Periscope depth. Convoy approaching.
08.54. Fire 1, 2, 4. (T2 Tanker)(G7E x 3). Fire 3. (Coastal Merchant)(G7A x 1).
08.54. T2 Tanker (10.871 GRT) Sunk. Course 109T. 7 Knots.

12.16. Surface.
14.20. Sound Check.
16.00. Corvette sighted at 4600 meters.
17.12. Sound Check. Periscope Depth.
17.37. Destroyer sighted.
18.04. Fire 5 (Coastal Merchant)(G7A). Fire 6 (Coastal Merchant)(G7A).
18.06. Coastal Merchant (2.045 GRT) Sunk.

20.31. Surface.
22.53. Sound Check.

d. 20.okt.41.
00.07. Destroyer! 2.000 Meters. Coming fast, bow on. (Dive! 102 Meters. 45 degree twist.)
00.10. Sound. Warship. Medium Speed. Closing. 158R. Short Range.
00.12. U502 gets her Depth Charge initiation. Destroyer audable in control room.
00.17. Depth Charges astern.
00.23. Final Depth Charges distant astern.

03.00. Surface.
06.00. Sound Check. Periscope Depth.
06.57. Fire 1, 2, 4 (C2 Cargo)(G7E x 3). Fire 4 (Little Merchant)(G7A).
06.57. Double impact followed by single impact heard.
06.57. Little Merchant (2.335 GRT) Sunk. Course 109T. 7 Knots.
06.59. C2 Cargo (6.448 GRT) Sunk. Course 109T. 7 Knots.

09.50. Surface
13.00. Sound Check.
15.09. Tubes 5 & 6 (G7A x 2) fired on distant targets, without results.

16.10. Surface.
18.08. Sound Check. Periscope Depth.
18.33. Fire 2, 3 (G7A & G7E) on T2 Tanker.
18.35. 2 hits heard.
19.14. Surface. Tanker observed burning, but making way.
23.59. Status Report sent. All torpedoes (14) expended.

d. 29.okt.41.
01.51. "We're under attack, sir!" ASW vessel in medium fog. Dive.
02.15. He's giving up. No damage. He should have rammed instead of gunning with Radar.

d. 1.nov.41.
07.57. Docked at Lorient in Heavy Fog & Rain. 300 meter visibility.

Patrol Report:
4 ships sunk for 21.699 GRT. 100% Hull Integrity. No crew casualties.

Fozzy22 03-30-10 07:51 PM

Patrol #3 for U-28 of 2nd flotilla. Patrol from 26th September to 26th October - 1 month with no ship contacts and no sinkings :wah: Even around grid BF17. :dead:

Snestorm 03-30-10 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by Fozzy22 (Post 1341498)
Patrol #3 for U-28 of 2nd flotilla. Patrol from 26th September to 26th October - 1 month with no ship contacts and no sinkings :wah: Even around grid BF17. :dead:

Hmmm. U28? That's a Type VII "A".
One non-reloadable, external stern tube.

Easy conversion from a VIIB.
Just waste a stern torpedo at the start of each patrol.

Type VII(A): U27-U36.
Type VIIB: U45-U55, U73-U76, U83-U87, U99-U102.

pickinthebanjo 03-31-10 12:43 AM


Originally Posted by Fozzy22 (Post 1341498)
Patrol #3 for U-28 of 2nd flotilla. Patrol from 26th September to 26th October - 1 month with no ship contacts and no sinkings :wah: Even around grid BF17. :dead:

I remember when I left port england was still neutral, so I sailed strait through the English channel. I sailed within 100m of a couple destroyers (pretty much waived at them) seen a convoy bound for england, and seen at least twenty lone merchants by the time the war started.
That first ship always feels good after that long..

Lt. Cobra 03-31-10 11:24 AM

My First Career
Ahoy all!

I want to take this time to reintroduce myself to this forum after a few years of my being away. What a great group of guys with such a ton of knowledge that this group has! I want to especially thank you publically, Jimbuna, for all of your recent help!

Now that I have the new GWX3 Gold and SH3 Commander on my rig, I have started my first career in SH3 although I have actually had this sim on my computer for several years now. I played single player in the past and a few multiplayer sessions but never set up a career until now.

On my fourth patrol last night, I did my dastardly deed and through a surface attack using a salvo of two torpedoes, I sank the S.S. Nyholt (Ore Carrier) that was 8083 tons in the North Sea off the coast of Norway. This I did on my way to patrol the North Sea that is north of Great Britain. What a spectacular event this sinking was! I made every effort to rescue some survivors but all are, believed to have perished during that dreadful night.

I am looking forward to getting more back into this as time allows. Cheers to the crew here at this forum and to the GWX developers! My hat is off to you! I hope to see some of you at sea sometime.


Dutch 03-31-10 12:19 PM

Currently just returned to SH3 after a good many years away.

Mods Running: GWX 3.0 of course.

Station: Kiel 1st Flotilla
Sub: U-7 Type IIa
# of Patrols: 1 (Pre War Training)
Current Status: Adjusting Sub Personnel after Training.
Next Mission: Pre War Training
Date: August 5th, 1939

Good Hunting!:arrgh!:

unterseemann 03-31-10 02:55 PM

23 Oct 1941: After 44 days at sea U-125 ( Kptlt Konrad Tietz) is back to Lorient.
Patrol info: 7 ships sunk for 59574 tons, no damage, no casualties.

Total tonnage after 9 patrols: 55 ships for 349512 tons

Next patrol will be the last for the kaptain, 1wo Dieter Hagenau will be the next kaptain of U-125 (if everything goes well...).

This is a photo of the 55 sinkings locations so far
in blue U-46 type VIIC 7 patrols (39 ships)
in red U-125 type IXC 2 patrols (16 ships)[IMG...251024x768.jpg

KL-alfman 03-31-10 04:04 PM

after Kaleu Friedrich Mohr (U-578) was assigned to the Baltics as an instructor, I started a new career:

Leutnant Alfred Hackel
U-599 (VIIC)
1.Flotilla, Brest

patrol grid was ET57, an area SW of Freetown with a lot of air-traffic. they returned 62days later on April, 7th and had sunk 8ships with 42k tons.
four times convoy-attacks were attempted to conduct but only once the approach was successful (and led to sinking of 2ships).
the outer screen of DDs in now unpredictable when they former just were side escorts they now swarm out to 4,000m and scan the area constantly with ASDIC.
due to the cautious approach we could dive and evade all DD-runs but it gets tougher by the day.
so we concentrated on loners or two-ship convoys.
the allies covers the air nearly everywhere (will get worse when the Azores will turn into an air-base too).

hope will not sink but every ton must be earned the hard way, it seems.

Stavros 04-01-10 09:55 AM

Hi everyone :salute:

Its my first post here :)

I start new campaign some days ago with GWX 3.0 at 90% realism settings , only external camera enabled. 7th flottila VIIB U-47. Today i finished my secound patrol (first combat patrol), after one month at sea (8 September 1939 to 8 October 1939) i sunk 15 ships, total ~35000 tons (12 merchant and 3 DD) and head back to Kiel. I scored +1300 renown, 2 promotions, Iron Cross second class and 26 x U-Boat War Badges... it was very successful patrol ;) Can't wait to start another...

Stavros :salute:

KL-alfman 04-01-10 10:03 AM

welcome aboard, Stavros! :salute:

keep up the good hunting.

frau kaleun 04-01-10 10:05 AM

That's some nice shootin' there, Stavros.

Welcome to Subsim. I'd say "Fette Beute" but you already got that covered. :up:

pickinthebanjo 04-01-10 10:07 AM

yeah well done. I always like to get at least one destroyer on my patrols.
thats the same settings I use, with just the external cam enabled (for screenshots)

xance 04-01-10 11:03 AM

August 12th, 1942
On my 5th patrol out of Brest I was assigned to patrol BE 57. As I had 30000 tons under my belt from my last patrol I was quite confident of a repeat performance. I completed patroling my square in horrendus weather and decided to visit and old hunting ground, Rockall banks. About 8 days later the weather had not stopped and the crew were a bit restless when all of a sudden I notice that my TC had gone from 128 to 1. Apparantly some B24's decided to pay a visit and forgot to alert the watch crew :down:. Luckily nothing hit and I dive immediantly. This was repeated through out the entire jounrny to Rockall. There we were set upon by some P38's who simply dived into the see, much to the crews amusment. By this time my batteries were low so I decided to surface. Literaly 30 seconds later some PBY's and P38's appeared and started to attack. I decided to give them a fight. My senior petty officer and No1 managed to deter the PBY's and shot down 1 of the P38's but his partner managed to hit the forward deck and basicly screwed up the ship. I dived, evaded and repaired.

That little action cost 2 men killed, 1 wounded (radio operator) and destroyed the batteries, radar, radio, deck gun, flak guns and bow torpedo's. I decided to return home, no eels fired with only 22% hull integrity.

After that Bdu "retired" me to a nice desk job. :damn:

frau kaleun 04-01-10 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by xance (Post 1343650)
After that Bdu "retired" me to a nice desk job. :damn:

Coulda been worse.

Fozzy22 04-01-10 11:32 AM


Originally Posted by frau kaleun (Post 1343677)


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