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Hubert Mensch 10-22-21 06:46 PM

type 9D2 speed
I have GWX 3.0
I just upgraded to type 9D2 from 9B, and the speed of the boat is not the expected 19.3knots, but a max 18 knots at flank speed. It's a little slower than my 9b ! Is this a bug ?
thxs in advance

Jeff-Groves 10-23-21 12:35 PM

Any Mods added?
SH3 Commander used?

Hubert Mensch 10-23-21 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by Jeff-Groves (Post 2775625)
Any Mods added?
SH3 Commander used?

no mod other than GWX, and no SH3 commander. I remember when I played vanillia sh3 that the IXD2 was faster so i wonder is it a bug in GWX3.0

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