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Werner von Schmidt 01-31-17 04:22 AM

Edit reload times

Originally Posted by Shiklgroober (Post 2462199)
Hello! Could you tell me which folders can be corrected recharge time gun and anti-aircraft guns? In Silent Hunter 3, it could be easy to do! Sincerely. I wish all the best.

data → Objects → Guns → xxx.sim

How to edit .sim files ...

Haydino 01-31-17 10:26 AM

Hi all,

I did a fresh install of SH5 and then downloaded the mega mod and installed it all correctly etc. etc.

Whenever I boot the game there are always these boxes and I can't close them? does anyone know how to get rid of these or what is causing it?

Aktungbby 01-31-17 10:55 AM

Welcome aboard!

THEBERBSTER 01-31-17 11:06 AM

A Warm Welcome To The Subsim Community > Haydino
Subsim <> How To Donate <> See The Benefits <> Support The Community
Please don't discuss in this thread any potential issues caused by your own custom modlists and unsupported mods.
Also, make sure to pay special attention to FAQ and Tips section and feel free to ask in this thread for any additional elucidation.

Your problem points to the GPU or more likely Direct X.
Make sure you have Direct X installed from the game.
SH5 has to use the game version and not the latest Direct X version.
Post #7 Changing The GPU Settings

Haydino 01-31-17 11:18 AM

I downloaded SH5 from Uplay, how to I download the directx it needs?

scissors 01-31-17 10:12 PM

direct x

Originally Posted by Haydino (Post 2462272)
I downloaded SH5 from Uplay, how to I download the directx it needs?

You probably already have a dx 9 or over so you should be good ..

Editeding this because i just scrolled down and saw Berbs Post about SH needing dx that comes with the game ..

Could go into the reasons why i thought different but suffice to say i am no expert on DX , i assumed that dx 10 would cover anything that used dx9 and so on ..
I think the older guys already know but you have to take most things i post with a grain of salt , I do mean well but i am frequently incorrect and in this case it could cost someone a bit of time .. apologies .. I do hope you get it worked out .

elder_gutknecht 02-01-17 01:53 AM

Test this if you don't mind, try to start the game with "connection on" in the uplay settings
A question for Vecko, the Haydino pop up box is for the patrol log of KSDCommander?
I remenber to click No, and restart, but not sure

Daisai 02-01-17 02:10 PM

Does this mod do anything to do maxium operating depth of a sub?
Because it seems that my submarine now all the sudden cant even pass 50 meters before its being crushed.

Bojanpopovic 02-01-17 02:12 PM

HI everyone. I have one question: Is it possible to refuel somwhere on the open sea by radio request? I am on mission near Cape Town, so i am running out of fuel...i calculated distance with apropriate speed, but its really tight, so i must go with gear 2 or 1 to make it, and at least i'm not sure will i make it...I started from St.Nazarie, refuel at Dakar but this will not be enough maybe. Is wolfs of steel adedd this posibility to refuel other way than only at ports? Thanks. ;)

Roninthecow 02-01-17 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by Haydino (Post 2462272)
I downloaded SH5 from Uplay, how to I download the directx it needs?

Downloading a new Directx 9 worked for me, to get rid of those boxes.

You can download directx 9 from official microsoft support webpage. (Google Directx 9) Should come up. That solved that issue for me.

Shiklgroober 02-03-17 09:34 AM

Time reload guns
Hello to all fans of the game! Does anyone know of note! If possible, it is impossible if my editor Goblineditor indicate steps how to change the time recharge guns and anti-aircraft guns? Editor goblin I started, but there are many different options. For some reason I can not open files with the extension "sim". Someone changed the recharge time and it is in this editor is it done? Thank you in advance. Sincerely.

Bojanpopovic 02-04-17 06:08 PM

I am on first mission of Drumbeat. Can somebody tell me how to succesfuly resupply? I receiving coordinates with "x" on map, but when i come there, there is no resupply ship or u boat...I tried many times with resupply and everytime other position? Sorry for my bad english. Thank you...

THEBERBSTER 02-04-17 06:34 PM

Hi B
IIRC you have to request re-supply through the radio man.

Bojanpopovic 02-04-17 06:39 PM

Hi Peter. I did it, call for resupply, but when i came to position on the map "x", there is no ship...I tried so call resupply again, than on map shows up other "x" on other location, and when i came to this new location, there is no ship again...

Bojanpopovic 02-04-17 07:26 PM

Update... I find uboat and chased her, and came so close to hit her, but no refit screen apeared... sorry for my english What to do?

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