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Kpt. Lehmann 07-01-09 12:26 AM


Originally Posted by Pohl (Post 1126638)
Still September 1, 1940, 5:28 pm

Not a single contact so far, took a power nap to go up with the crew on the night, until 2-3 AM then we go in periscope depth and we will test our batteries how long they can last @ 5 knots :arrgh!: .

Decided to plot another course near the english channel and british coast, passing through Ireland into Grid AM 41, hopefully we will get to see some ships.

Can't complain the sky is beatiful out there (attempt of panoramic view)

Very cool, Pohl! You are a 1xTC sailor! I wish I had that kind of time. There's NO TIME like REAL TIME!!! :up::up::up:

Kpt. Lehmann 07-01-09 12:36 AM

May 27th 1942. U-153 Type IXC. Homeward bound.

Have just entered the southwestern corner of the Bay of Biscay. Have ordered the flak guns to be cleared and serviced.

Burned much fuel over last three days... pushing through massive storm 1400 km west of Portugal. The last remaining diesel is sloshing around in the tanks, and the boat is pitching and rolling more now that it is much lighter. For a short moment we considered a night visit to the Max Albrecht... but it would be just our luck to end up being detained in a neutral port.

The crew is tired, but in good spirits. The food is now barely tolerable.

One and a half days to HOME!

No time to be complacent though.

Sockeye 07-01-09 12:50 AM

The Inshore Campaign continues for me. This time, the Bristol Channel beckoned after reaching the staging point off the western coast of Ireland (AM73).

About 36,700 tons in the drink off Hartland Point. Also damaged a Captain class destroyer and a second Liberty ship in the days leading up to the map below, and although the rough seas wouldn't have been good to them, I couldn't tell you of their fate. The seas weren't good, though, to the cluster of wrecks off of Lundy. All torpedo boats.

Sorry about the lines all over the place, but if you're heading this way, that's what the patrol routes generally look like :up:

Task Force 07-01-09 12:51 AM

well... u 45 is in shop after its last patrol... due to a issue with the periscope... will be back out too sea soon.:yep:

Pohl 07-01-09 02:21 AM


Originally Posted by Kpt. Lehmann (Post 1126790)
Very cool, Pohl! You are a 1xTC sailor! I wish I had that kind of time. There's NO TIME like REAL TIME!!! :up::up::up:

But it's really stressful to achieve least 12+ hours without a single contact on map, sure I was able to alt tab but I'm used to just go TCx1024 until I get :arrgh!: ship spotted sir!!!

I have 3 potential careers that I might do in real time since I have vacations and I feel it's better to play SH3 than some MMO =/

First Career is set in October 1942, black sea campaign in a Type IID
Second Career is set in December 1940, Type VIIC
Third Career is set in October 1944, Type XXI

Most dangerous to go RLT will be the type XXI but I've only done 3 patrols with it, with the VIIC is my most advanced career with 13 patrols and the little IID is only at her first patrol :haha:

I might move a little the XXI career :arrgh!: of course with TCx1 and I'll attempt 100% realism, hopefully I won't die outside port lol....just need to set clocks and I'm ready to go :P

As expected no less than 500 meters away when I left sub-pen a comboy of B-24 liberators raids Bergen, sinking my escort, I've decided to go and say hello to the russians at Arkangel'sk, 5800 km away, Navigator officer estimates 365 hours until we reach the port, even when I'm still in norwegian waters I can't give the luxury to sleep and stay surfaced, this will also serve to test the endurance of the batteries of the XXI, current time is 2:44 AM.

PavelKirilovich 07-02-09 12:07 AM

U-180 reports that mysteriously, she was renamed to U-198. Makes sense; as U-180 was a IXD1 and the boat in question is a IXD2... but very odd for this to happen in the middle of a patrol.

Just attacked Port Elizabeth. Will post log entry later. Enroute to Durban.

It's not that I don't like Afrikaaners, it's just that I'm a dirty soutjie. :D

Task Force 07-02-09 01:48 AM

well, after getting sh3 fixed... the patrol reports for my whole carear.

Name: Task Force
Date of Birth: 26DEC14
Place of Birth: HAMBURG
Date of Intake: 01APR35 (CREW 35)




U-Bootwaffe Postings
07NOV38 U-Boat Flotilla Weddigen (Commander training)
02AUG39 2nd Flotilla (23 patrols)

U-Boat Commands
02AUG39 U-45, Type VIIB (23 patrols)

TOTALS:23 patrols (186 days)146 (108/38) 646510 (532755/113755) 0 enemy planes downed
0 crew lost

DaveU186 07-02-09 04:23 AM

U-2548 leaving on its 11th patrol, and it's last from Wilhelshaven before transferring to Lorient.

Via DT73. :o

meduza 07-02-09 03:49 PM

U-419 was patroling around Sardinia in June 1943, when the BdU informed us that there's a concentration of Allied shipping around islands of Pantelleria and Lampedusa. After arriving at that area we found no enemy ships, and headed towards the Italian port of Pantelleria.

Upon arrival, we were surprised to see that the port was captured by the Allies, and it was full of Allied transport ships. There was also one Auxilari cruiser. The port was under attack from Italian aircrafts, but they were shot down one by one.

The conditions around the port was perfect for penetration: deep water and no destroyer patrols in sight. I sank one troop ship and damage another. Unfortunately, the torpedoes aimed at the Auxilary cruiser didn't hit. I assume that the magnetic detonators failed. Im preparing another attack from north, to be able to use the impact detonators.

lostsm 07-02-09 03:56 PM

resuming a game where i just sunk the 2nd and last escort of a 20 ship convoy!!!! :yeah:

ddiplock 07-02-09 05:24 PM

U559 currently on patrol in the Med. Encountered a British Task Force consisting of two Nelson battleships and a KG-V class battleship. Few cruisers present too.

Made parallel course to run alongside task force in an effort to get ahead, night was falling and was already pretty dark. An outlying destroyer must've spotted me though as they opened fire and began heading towards me, Task Force began taking evasive action.

Made to dive deep, went down to 190mtrs before the two harrying destroyer's lost my trail. They switched to passive hunting, going around in circles, throwing down DC's and listening for me on hydrophones. After 20 minutes or so, they gave up and returned to the task force. No damage sustained in DC attack.

Surfaced shortly thereafter and made flank speed to try and catch up. Dove down after two hours to try and get a fix on their location, no success. They slipped me and my boat and an oppertunity has been lost.

Continuing patrol. :arrgh!:

grislyatoms 07-03-09 11:12 AM

Okay, I'm not fooling around with trips through the Enlish Channel anymore.

Destroyer alley, indeed.:haha: The tommies sure have learned a lot in the month since my first patrol...

Now I'm hunting the deep water "holes" just off the English east coast. (Pockets of water just off the coast with good depths.) Fuel on this patrol just won't support a trip around the Shetlands, I'm suspecting a leak.

Also just happened to check whether the L.I. was charging batteries by using external view.

********Possible Spoiler***********************************

The Channel is mined between Dover and Calais (not that my Kaleu would know that, but still.)

Splash1 07-03-09 05:41 PM

On 23 June, 1942, U-124 (IXB) is about 500 km SW of Halifax, making best speed toward home. We've been out since 4 May, and without a working radio since the night of 27 May when we were strafed on the surface east of the Grand Banks while transferring external torpedoes. As a result, I suppose BdU and everyone in Lorient suspects us to be lost with all hands. In addition to the radio we lost one of our flak guns, and its gunner was killed in the attack.

The patrol nevertheless has been productive, with several cargo steamers and a tanker in the logbook, along with a lone destroyer that crossed our path in our assigned grid off the coast of Nova Scotia. The weather has been mostly calm.

meduza 07-03-09 07:06 PM

Aug 11 1943. I was in CH93, chasing a convoy. The first two attacks were not very sucessfull . in first I was detected before launching torpedoes, in second I sank an ore carrier and damaged a liberty cargo.

I was still behind the convoy when my lookouts spoted a ship. I looked through my binoculars, thinking it's a rear escort who wondered away. Surprise! There were two Aquitanias and a Southampton, escorted by single destroyer.

I sank all three ships, and the escort couldn't pass between sinking ships to get after me :rotfl:. When they finaly went down, I was far away.


lynard 07-03-09 10:37 PM

15 days in to patrol 7 AM97.
Headed towards the channel thinking might be able to slip through, June 1940. Spotted on the surface by aircraft and then began 3 hours of hell.
Chased by an Armed Trawler and Destroyer. Used every trick in the book to try and get past. Had to head back west to shake them off, luckily with only minor damage.
Looks like it is up past Scarpa for me.

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