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Zedwardson 07-27-12 09:57 PM

I just died, Was hunting a convoy when suddenly out of a storm a Hunt Class DD was 700 meters off my port bow. I didn't even have enough time to crash dive before i was killed. :/\\!!

Well, survived from the start of the war to 6/40, So I will start a guy on 6/40 and see how many guys it takes to finish the war. :|\\

Sailor Steve 07-28-12 12:40 AM


Originally Posted by Zedwardson (Post 1915095)
Well, survived from the start of the war to 6/40, So I will start a guy on 6/40 and see how many guys it takes to finish the war. :|\\

That's the way I always do it. :sunny:

sublynx 07-29-12 10:18 AM

U-29 patrol 5

Pappy55 07-30-12 05:53 PM

It's now Feb 1940 on my 5th Patrol in new campaign

I am at CG79 and all on route from scotland down to near Gibralta the weather has been foul. 15meters a second winds and 10 meter waves with heavy rain.. (Must be British summer time again:O:)

I can't hunt in this:Kaleun_Mad:
I can't even see ships till im right next to them.
I want to try and put a few fish into a Battleship or Carrier as I am close to a major navel traffic route and base but the weather is making that impossible.

Buhring 07-30-12 06:23 PM

I just stumbled in a TF of three unsescorted Southampton class cruises off Aberdeen. They were going slow (8 kts) and dumb, without even a zigzag pattern. Too confident for being close home, I guess. I got in the middle of the two columns, without being noticed -- dumb they were, really dumb.

First salvo: 2 eels on the head ship of the column ahead of me, two on the aft one, the aft tube on the cruiser behind me. I get one hit on the first and third, two on the second. Two ship stop still in the water, the third limps away

After a while, one of the two stopped ships capsizes; I finish the other after reloading -- and then off to chase the last one, steaming toward the coast at reduced speed.

I bag the third one at night, after some hours of pursuit.

March 11, 1940 - 90% realism - GWX 3.0

Maceaciadh 07-31-12 09:25 PM

Just finished my 14th patrol of my 1st career. i am based in lorient after recently switching flotilla's and boats. i find the recent upgrade to the type 4 great! the extra room for torpedo's and crew is very pleasing as well as the increased range and flak gun. although i do miss the extra ammunition for the deck gun carried by the type 7.

Anyway i am sent out to patrol the eastern Atlantic with little results. only a single merchant is spotted(C2) so i position myself parallel to it, match speeds and then blow ballast! the sub flies up out of the water like a salmon with my men quickly mounting the deck gun and taking out the opposing ships guns with just 3 shots. i sink her with ease and continue up towards Britain and Ireland hoping to catch a convoy of ships that regularly pass through the Irish sea but before i get there i am spotted by bombers. i quickly order to dive but they have have already lined up into their attack runs. i take a hit it the stern whilst partially submerged which is easily repaired and continue on sinking a few ships along the way.

on the way the weather takes a turn for the worse with huge waves and heavy fog all around. i take this opportunity to sneak into the welsh harbour of merthyr. with visibility down to 300M or so nothing could spot me without blind luck. unfortunately i cannot spot my targets without the same. once i arrive there is nothing in the docks at all so i search the area nearby and find another C2 anchored just outside the harbour. i line my shot up being careful not to be to far that i cannot see the target nor too close that the safeties do not disengage. A gift of a kill really with the ship exploding into a fireball, i quickly get out of there before any destroyers arrive however i am spotted by a PT boat moments later which i swiftly destroy and set flank speed after my position is given away

i make it back to the irish sea and he weather is brightening up, i head northwards and again am spotted by planes! i dive quickly again i hear to bombs go off, then again a second round comes in. but oddly my event camera turns on and shows a plane going down :hmmm: . i stick up my observation periscope to see what happened and at either side of my boat there are 2 huge fires. i guess 2 bombers flew into each other :haha:. with luck like that who needs a periscope to shoot.

i continue north again and receive a message about a convoy entering between Ireland and Scotland. just what i have been waiting for! :Kaleun_Salivating: i get myself into position and lie in wait for my sonar man to to start shouting out contacts. i wait for them patiently beneath the surface and line up my shots for the largest ships, 3 C2's and a T2. as always the biggest ships belong to the Americans and i dont want to lose any renown now. i fire my first torpedo at the T2! dud :shifty: A second! dud :wah: A third! thankfully this one goes off blowing the ship sky high but now i am tightly pressed for time having to reload. i sink the first C2 with ease and just about get a reload in to disable the second with the forward tubes. i then set slow speed in order to get ahead of the last C2 and sink her as well. i quickly mark the position of the disabled ship and crash dive going right down to 140 M outside of listening range. i dodge a few DCs and wait around for them to leave, then up to periscope depth to reload and finish off the last C2.

at this point i have a single torpedo left in the aft tube and decide to call it a day. i set course homewards around the north of Ireland and down to France. but not until more fighters spot me just at the northern tip of Ireland. i dive but take a hit again to stern which forces a leak. Thankfully it is only minor and so is all other damage to the electrics and diesels. i then make it back to port without much else happening only to discover in my report that my remaining hull was 9.72%!:o i cant wait until someone invents a damm snorkel for these things

|feb 26th-mar 8th 1941: 62% realism |

Pappy55 08-01-12 06:04 AM

Finally after two weeks the storm subsided to a flat ocean..

I decided to take the boat closer to Gibraltar and listen.

Soon enough I had 3 contacts 2 merchant and one warship i got in close for the intercept at periscope depth..

Fired off 1 torp at each merchant both hit one sunk and one was crippled..

The patrol craft was at a nice 90 degree at my stern so i decided to snap shot him from the aft.. it was a hit big explosion and he sunk instantly..

Then I surfaced and but 2-3 rounds from the deck gun into the limping freighter and she soon sunk..:rock:

I think i will dive again and wait till nightfall as that work will surly bring out the RAF or Patrols to play with me.

TwoGamers 08-02-12 01:39 AM

First Patrol October 1st
7th flotilla
While sailing north to grid AM17 two british aircraft attacked me. They turned back out to sea and so I went hunting for a Carrier. I didn't find my carrier but instead because of my adjusted course sunk about 30000 tons before reaching my grid. Then i got over 40000 while heading home. Had 4 torpedoes left. Better amp up the diffuculty:hmmm: I will put on DUD eels. P.S due to install problems and me still getting use to the game I dont have any mods:Kaleun_Sleep:

VONHARRIS 08-03-12 01:45 AM

U-124 IXB
100% realism - GWX - Hsie V16B1 patch

Still struggling to properly install the Stiebler 4B addon

Patrol 4 log page 1 of 2

Patrol 4 log page 2 of 2

Patrol 5 log page 1 of 2

Patrol 5 log page 2 of 2

Patrol 6 log page 1 of 2

Patrol 6 log page 2 of 2

Patrol 7 page 1 of 2

Patrol 7 log page 2 of 2

That's it for now!

Zedwardson 08-03-12 11:45 AM

Had a odd, fun patrol.

6/40 new guy, in a IX.

I am off the North east coast of Britain, getting out of the North Sea to the North Atlantic (Note to self, soon I will be forced more to the east as patrols are picking up off the coast. Might not be able to do the Shetland/Orkney passage runs anymore.)

I find a 5000 ton freighter, reported it in to HQ, and since it is calm, man the deck gun and head flank speed to it, thinking I can pound the ship to bits and save my torpedoes. I have started to manually shell the ship when suddenly I get a call "We are being engaged!" I look to my watch officer, a Hunt class DD is 16000 meters away flying with a Bone in is teeth. So I pound the freighter with the deck gun till shells start to fly around me. I curse, the ship is down to two knots and burning, but I play DiD, so I order a change in course and dive. Then run silently and wait for the Hunt Class. The Hunt class starts depth charging, but is well away. after a while, the depth charging stops, and the Hunt class is is going away, so I pop up to Scope depth to find out whats going on.

The freighter is dead in the water, and the Hunt Class is going in a line. So I launch two Eels at the freighter, and a tight spread to the Hunt class.

Both eels to the freighter are duds, blowing up before they reach it. After a few german cuss words, then i see the Hunt class change direction due to the blasts. Dang it. I get my crews to reload. and as soon as I have a Eel ready, I launch again at the freighter.

ANOTHER dud. :/\\!!

I was waiting for the next Eel to load as the Hunt Class changes directions. Suddenly the Merchant explodes, and the DD goes nuts, firing away. And I am going "What the HECK?"

The German air-force finished off the merchant (I guess it was Norway based) and claimed my kill.

Then I had the exciting time of being bombed north of Britain while putting the externals eels into the main racks on on the surface so I couldn't dive (I play that I can only load externals on the surface in calm weather, and can't dive while doing that). Lucky I was not sunk.

However, not all was lost. I was off Portugal when I get a notice to hunt down two cruse ships/transports. In a dark and stormy night, I came across two RMS Aquitania class ships only going 12 knots. (I though they would be faster, but I didn't gripe) I got ahead of the rear one, Turned towards it, and fired a spread of four torpedoes. 3 hit and it sunk quickly. So I quickly caught up with the other one, same tactic, and it was put on the bottom as well. Suddenly a Escort cam screaming down to find out what was going on. I dived and found a long range contact with what appeared to be a Odd, single line convoy, but they got the slip over the night.

Still, 80k tons on the first patrol for my new commander is a good day.

Zedwardson 08-03-12 09:36 PM


Just lost my 2nd commander of the war. Died in the same failure of tactics. Was heading to a convoy contact, and ran headlong into a Escort, and was shot up badly before I could Crash drive, then I was badly depth charged. My men where brave, and despretly tried to do repairs, but the ship slowly sunk lower and lower, and the damaged hull just didn't like 164 meters under the water, and it was crushed.


3 patrols (39 days) 11 (11/0) 118903 (118903/0)
Think I am going with a VII and not a IX, as the IX get me killed since i can't crash drive fast enough.

VONHARRIS 08-05-12 05:36 AM

U-124 IXB
100% realism - GWX - Hsie V16B1 patch

Patrol 8 log page 1 of 3

Patrol 8 log page 2 of 3

Patrol 8 log page 3 of 3

More to follow!

BootsmanBoof 08-05-12 12:15 PM

2nd patrol in my IIa, U-12, less than 100kms off the English coast. The weather was quite poor at around 10am, spotted a tramp, decided to go in hard and fast in a surface attack and fire at around 500m (I don't need bad sea prematures). Due to rough seas and the fact my watch officer is also torpedo trained, I had him down below looking after the torps while I held the tower with 2 rates.

So I was around 600m away from the target and charging in at 11knots when I heard the sudden roar of aircraft engines and got the fright of my life when a bomb exploded probably 20m off the port side and showered my boat with water. Verdammt!!!!!

Luckily I had pinged for depth prior to my attack run, so a sharp turn to starboard to avoid collision and a crash dive saved my skin.

Currently at 60m wondering whether to stick around for another shot or just retreat submerged with my tail between my legs.

VONHARRIS 08-06-12 06:12 AM

U-124 IXB
100% realism - GWX - Hsie V16B1 patch

Patrol 9 page 1 of 2

Patrol 9 page 2 of 2

Patrol 10 page 1 of 3

Patrol 10 page 2 of 3

Patrol 10 page 3 of 3

Summer time = end of teaching period = lots of time to play.

Harald_Lange 08-06-12 09:42 AM

@VONHARRIS, I'm using NYGM and the Hsie V16B1 patch, with SH3 commander. Could you tell me how you get such detailed patrol logs? Thanks.

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